Intel Pentium T4500 vs Intel Celeron 900 Processor Comparison and Review

: This processor has a of 2.3 GHz and FSB speed of 800 MHz (Front Side – FSB – is the bus that carries data between the CPU and the one of the two chips in the core logic present on a motherboard). has 64 – bit , number of cores – 2, number of – 2, 45 nm , 1MB , 35 W max TDP (Thermal Design Power/ Thermal Design Point – TDP – it is the maximum amount of power required by the cooling system to dissipate).

Intel Pentium T4500 and Intel Celeron 900 Review and

The advanced technologies present in the processor are  (technology which allows the processor to meet its required for its operation during minimal power draw and heat dissipation), , , and Execute Disable Bit.

Intel Celeron 900 Processor : The processor has CPU speed of 2.2 GHz and FSB speed of 800 MHz. It has 64 – bit instruction set, number of cores – 1, number of threads – 1, 45 nm Lithography, 1 MB L2 Cache, max TDP of 35 W. The advanced technologies present in the processor are Intel 64 and Execute Disable Bit.

While looking at the price and performance Intel Pentium T4500 has better performance and also has new architectural features therefore choosing Intel Pentium T4500 will be a better choice for buying.

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