Microsoft’s new employee bus!!!

Microsoft is a veteran software company, best known for its Microsoft Windows operating system and the Microsoft Office suite of productivity software. Microsoft operates in 139 countries with a  manpower of 135,000 employees (2010). Hence Microsoft did not want to waste their manpower in cheap traffics. Hence it has come up with an excellent idea to save both time and manpower. Microsoft recently started bus service for employees. Employees can start work from the bus itself and their office hour’s counts from the time they start work in the bus. Traffic jam in cities is quite normal and company do not want to waste the time of the employees in roads. This is an initiative by Microsoft. The employees are satisfied with this work from bus program. Take a look at the bus!!!!

The bus looks cool and luxurious however the bus inside looks like a typical workplace.

Take a look at the infrastructure of the bus!!!

Chennai MTC Bus routes, timings , AC Bus timings and Fare List

I was quite amazed when I found the Chennai Metropolitan Transport Corporations Bus website with lots of useful information. This will be of great help for those looking for Bus Routes, connections, AC Bus timings, frequencies and various stagewise bus information of Chennai’s Local Bus service ie MTC.

In the stagewise route information you can select any starting (or boarding ) point and Destination and the site gives all the Buses covering the routes (even if your boarding point is in middle of a route). Also the expected time of journey, frequencies and map (under construction as of now).

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Time table Time List of All Chennai  MTC buses :  All Chennai MTC Bus Timings

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Route List of All Chennai MTC buses :

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