Beta version of Encrypted search in Google

Try browsing with just https instead of http and now you can see the beta version of through SSL.This is the full link that leads you to the encrypted versions

You could wonder how this encrypted version would be of great help. helps a lot of users from blocking the search contents visible to other websites or even to other .But still the search content will be visible to Google as it will be available in their database.Its obvious that Google will be having complete details on search but there is some good amount of trust on Google as the contents will not be shared and it will be kept secure.IT administrators can have good benefit through Google search since the search traffic is kept private between you and Google

There are also some more benefits for the business users.First and foremost benefit is that the Google search traffic cannot be intercepted.Searches that are done through google are not archived in the browser history.Autofill option is also disabled if the search is tried using SSL in Google

There are many features available in version 8 which acts as a support to the encrypted version of Google.IE secure features are available inside the InPrivate browser mode.If you are into the InPrivate browser mode then many contents like Web history, cookies, temporary files, or other data will not be traced and will not be available inside the browser.
But the only drawback is that it cannot protect the data crossing the Internet

Only drawback of Google's encrypted search is that the contents will be available inside browser History and other one is that the encrypted version is available only for contents but not for the images,maps etc.So to get the full benefit of its better to use InPrivate mode of along with Encrypted version of Google

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