Gizmo Tablet – lookalike of iPad

Many companies are trying to hit the with their own computers aiming to give a tough to .But the real question is why does everyone aims to produce a very similar lookalike of iPad?May be they have something in mind that people would buy their products only if its similar to iPad.But this itself shows the victory of iPad. Ok but apart from the look and feel the competent products are also coming out with different features inside their tablet computers.Following Slate, and all its now the turn of Gizmo giving out a new looks like a sibling of iPad but with a difference.

Difference is obviously not going to be the look and feel but with the touch system and also with the price.This tablet computer is pricing just $120 compared to iPad which is almost four times the price.If you remember price of iPad ranges from $499 to $699.A much lower price with Gizmo is dependent on the products they use to construct the like sans cheap and plasticky imitation of the aluminum bezel.

Gizmo also provides smooth up to 1080p. has many features like audio jacks, a single mini- port, and an SD card reader, could be added at a later stage.

Price of Gizmo Tablet Computer is just $120

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