Portable Flexible external hard drives from Seagate

has announced a new innovative portal flexible external hard drives which consists of replaceble end piece easily portable with another interface.Seagate has many variety of products like Ultraportable drive , GoFlex Pro UltraPortable drive and GoFlex External Drive.Ultra portable drive also supports ultra upgradable option where in its easy to from 2.0 connectivity to or FireWire 800 or eSATA.Another feature is allows you to access content by connecting to and also with other networks.

So how the disk is going to support all these connectivity and ?
Seems to be very simple.External is designed with two parts.One part is dedicated for storage and other part is the cable adapter.First part is the hard disk storage itself which is usual in all the hard drives.Other part contains the circuit board which is designed to support other interface and features

External harddisk also comes with different .One is with 2.5 inch and other is with 3.5 inch.GoFlex ProUltra includes a fast 7200 RPM internal drive, which delivers up to 40% faster file transfer speeds than the standard GoFlex drives when paired with a GoFlex upgrade cable.

Price of UltraProtableDrive with 500GB is around $171

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