Microsoft launches Visual Studio 2010 across globe on April 12 2010

Its always a trend with to ease the development process and minimize the effort in coding and hence, whenever a new version of visual studio is released some features will get added to simplify the development process.Now its the turn of Visual studio 2010 to achieve the goals of .Various new tools are released in VS 2010 for prototyping, modeling, and designing applications.

And Now I am sure you will definitely be very much anxious to know more about visual studio 2010 and its release.

Launch of Visual Studio 2010 is going to happen on April 12 2010.Collection of products getting released in Visual studio 2010.Some of the products are Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate,Premium,Professional,Visual Studio 2010 Remote Debugger,Visual Studio Extensibility,Visual Studio 2010 SDK,Visual Studio 2010 Visualization & Modeling SDK,Visual Studio Test Professional,
Visual Studio Agents,Visual Studio Team Foundation Server,Visual Studio Lab Management,.NET Framework,
.NET Framework 4,Windows Azure Tools,
Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio

Find below some of the key features in Visual Studio 2010

Enhancements to Windows Presentation Foundation(WPF),Windows Workflow Foundation(WWF) and Windows Communication Foundation(WCF)

Major change in Silverlight is now there can be some interaction happening directly between silverlight and

A new Programming language Visual F# which enables testing to be done effectively and even before product code development test scenarios will be written.

Improved Microsoft office development functionality in VS 2010

Windows Azure and Windows Azure tools for cloud computing

Effective parallel computing and various libraries added for the same

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