Role of consultancies in IT Recruitment

Most of the recruitments today are happening only through consultancy services. are supposed to do a good job for seeking job and also for employers.They are to ease the job of 's in IT companies and some IT companies will be depending only on the for recruiting right kind of people.But unfortunately consultancies seems to be biased and they don't even care about getting the feed back from the employers on the result of interview process and sometimes they don't even have proper contact with Human resources team of the organisation.

Consultancies today give interview calls to most of the people seeking jobs and once the interview is completed and suppose if the employee has successfully completed the interview process then the next step is only to get an offer.But this doesn't happen in most of the cases.Consultancies donot even know for which grade or designation they have referred people and they will not have clear details on requirement.So who knows all the details on recruitment?Its one and only the HR of the organisation.

Now the papers of the employee after successful completion of the interview reaches HR table and there they realise there happened some mistake and now the consultancies don't even attempt to give a sorry call atleast to the candidate.

The above scenario is happening and has happened for many of the job seekers.So people who are searching for a job and if you get calls from consultancy do get full details on the kind of job and also the salary details.Otherwise it will finally end in a mess up

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  1. Good Post, some additional advices (based on my experience)
    1. Always ask the consultant to provide u the complete the Job / Role description, they tend to just skim the keywords and when u reach the interview you realize there is a gap in understanding.
    2. If you reach F2F , get a local HR contact so you can contact them directly for further progress.
    3. Do not ask consultants for CTC advices nor listen to them, if there is any negotiation do that directly with the HR (dont involve consultant, they tend to lower your expectations so they can win the deal and you end up getting a lesser package).

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