What is US B1 Visa validity , duration and requirements

What is a ?
is given to foreign nationals who are travelling to on a business purpose or pleasure (Tour). Typically business purposes are like visiting clients to have discussions, Participate in seminars, Business meetings or negotiations. Anyone who would like to visit as a tourist can also apply B1.

What is the maximum validity of B1 VISA ? – What is B1 VISA validity
B1 Visa is valid for upto a maximum of 10 years, but a foreign national cannot stay for more than 6 months at a stretch with a B1.I-94 is a form which will be filled while entering US and the a end date will be marked on that.Single Maximum stay is determined as the lower of either 6 months from date of US entry or date marked in I-94.

How long can I stay in US with B1 ? – What is B1 VISA duration
But is strongly advised that B1 holders should return within 3 months of entry, as those staying upto the maximum allowed limit are seen as abusing the B1 Visa system. In many cases companies send B1 candidates to do a technical work, this limitation is there to prevent this type of abuse.

How long does it take to get a B1 Visa?
B1 VISA is the fastest type to get, as it usually takes less than 2 weeks from application to stamping.

What are the requirements for B1 Visa – B1 VISA requirements
Apart from filling the form, you need a and supporting documents like Bank statements,company details, purpose of visit etc. You should not be given any Salary in US under B1 VISA agreement (living allowance is allowed).

What are B1 VISA interview questions and answers?
The staff at the consulate try to find out if you are going to abuse the system of B1 VISAS. Questions are aimed at finding about validity of your documents and communication.If you do not have enough experience or do not have valid reasons for your visit your VISA could be rejected.If you are a low level employee, and expecting to work with B1 then its a bad choice, you can try L1B or instead.

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  1. B1 visa is also given to people who just want to visit the USA for touristic reasons. I recently got the B1 visa for USA for 10 yrs and I did not have any business reason. I had only said that I want to go to visit friends and family. They did ask me few questions but otherwise the process was very smooth. I had gone to the USA embassy in Paris. May be they are stricter in New Delhi!

  2. I would like to apply for a B1 Visa

    The reason is training at Summer Peacebuilding (SPI) in May-June 2011
    and my name is inluded among those who will participate.

    I need to book for an appointment and don’ t forget to attach application visa form

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