Wipro not bothered about Infosys says Premji

The recent ' announcement of giving an average salary hike of 14-17% is widely
believed to put pressure on other giants to go for aggressive salary hikes and
compensations.However, the country's third-biggest IT company Technologies does not believe so. Nor the company sees any threat of a rise in attrition rate due to the recent salary hikes given by its rivals.

According to a news report, Premji said that we are not bothered about Infosys and that the company does not see the hikes as a huge concern. He added that when it comes to , they are announcing hikes after a gap of 24 months, while we are only 18 months delayed.The company also said that it would give in next two months. This is said to be in sync with the normal appraisal and season which happened in June and July.

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26 Replies to “Wipro not bothered about Infosys says Premji”

  1. Well.. the second hike in a year (that too by 14%) has defenitely made Wipro Defenisve. Wipro has announced only 1 hike that too at 8%. Incidently attrition rate at Wipro has climbed this year

  2. Rightly said… Wipro should be under pressure with the high attrition rate it has seen in last few month..
    It surely do something else the situation can go seriously Bad… As In general employees are not happy…

    Also considering companies like Infosys and CTS are hiring at some pace… Wipro might feel the Heat…

  3. No matter what hike the management decides, they r not bothered nor will be bothered abt the employees.Frankly they want their bootom line to be in place. even during reccesion when other companies were making sure they have thinks in place ( manpower) WIPRO was firing, making sure they target and get the people out.

    It certainly havent seen a more people friendly comapany and i guess will not see also in my life time….touch wood.

    Actually speaking WIPRO needs Good Senior management in place.

    When you roin the Wipro you will get used to the word QPLC which is quaterly performance linked incentive.You get your Bonus evey three months depending on your performance.

    Take my word for granted and its a thumb rule. Once the process or your project goes live, count your days and within 7 -9 Mnths you will start getting only half of what you are entitled to.

    and more over the they have reduced the bands as well….
    on a whole …Wish you all the best ..if your joing WIPRO.

  4. I am a Wipro guy…I received a salary hike of 6%. You journalists don’t have exact information.

    1. are you a Tech Lead or a GL OR GM, or really licking hard to get promoted.

      Keep sucking like this and in couples of years you will be something better in wipro even if you are a peice of shit.

  5. It is true that Wipro does not care about Infosys. They don’t Even care about their own employees how can they care damn about infosys policies.
    I still wonder how people work in Wipro for 10 to 15 years, I had enough in 3 years.
    plz take it as a suggestion don not join Wipro.

  6. Wipro doesn’t even care for their own employees. Most of the employees seek out for new job after 2-3 years at Wipro. As of me, joined Wipro as a fresher, got all the trainings & experience from them, and happily got out of Wipro to get a hike of 85%. That indicates how underrated Wipro employees are. The work culture might be just like any Govt. job. All you have to do is to “oil” your managers and be present at office for 24×7, whether u work or not that’s not a question. Wipro definitely needs huge policy change and changes in higher management.

  7. mdarchod log sirf profit dekhate hai saale Premji baal safed ho gaye madarchod employees ko bhi salary diya karo kamate to unse hi ho.

  8. As the comments say… Premji/Wipro is not bothered about what Infy and other leading companies are doing. They are lease bothered about the employees. All that matters is how much they could milk the customers and they use SUNFLOWER with different colors to indicate their values (???). Now the state is that average people are not even turning for interviews at Wipro, forget about joining. Only below average people are joining Wipro, they are made to work like donkeys by the senior people (5+ yrs in Wipro)… who themselves can’t get anything better outside. I guess only those people can survive in Wipro… who can’t get better jobs outside / who are good at politics / can take sh*t from top and pass it to subordinates. No true professional can survive more than 6 months there.

  9. I worked there for 7 years and now feeling that my time and money was lost in Wipro. It has never been an employee friendly company, hence attrition is high.Stupid company to work with.

  10. people who are working in wipro as project engg for less then 1 year
    Monthly learning is Apprx. 14,000/-
    people who are working for more then 2.9 years monthly learning is 14,350/- for the same position

    This is wipro……….

  11. Koi samje log jis thali main kaathe hain usi thaali main ched kyun karenge , kyunki woh thali khaane layak hi nahi raha. Ab samjo Jo wipro main kaam karthe hain uski burayi kyun karthe hain, kyunki wipro kisi kaam ka nahi hain…………..

  12. First thing there are no good girls recruited in wipro, there is good employee entertainment…..How do you expect people like us to work with uncles and aunties…. (Enna macha joll udarthake matter ee ille)

  13. Reason for Attrition @ Wipro and less Pay:
    Wipro is like a learning centre for people with average skills, so they come into wipro train themselves well and join a better company with high salaries.
    And we know better whenever u aquire to learn or to get trained you only get paid a styphend whihc is equal to peanuts…….So dont expect much from Wipro 🙂

  14. Wipro is one tat comp which hires u for some big desgn…by the time u land up in the comp..u get the house keeping work…and ur paid jus as they are!!!!

  15. Hey Guys ,

    Wipro Gave you a Disclaimer already , They “Applying Thoughts”

    So When it comes Giving Salary They Again Start “Applying Thoughts” again and again ……..

  16. “we are only 18 months delayed” and how long the delay will be you will not know, but chatu and suckers will suck and be proud of Wipro.

    Last year [2010] wipro made a profit of 1200 crores and what hike the employees got “Baba ji ka ghanta” . Which they are still ringing and will have to ring till the next PMS cycle.

  17. i worked in Wipro for 7 years and still regret spending my good years there. Salary increments were minimal, HR was not at all friendly also its policies. Please keep away from this company. Premji will come down automatically with his bad HR policies.It’s his family business, better stay away.

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