Attrition in all time high among IT companies,Wipro leads the pack

The Whims of Economic slowdown had a telling effect on the Indian majors like , and last year but the signs of recovery and the current quarter have shown a progression for all the companies.

Returning to Normalcy not only means recovering sales but also a return to the stage of high staff attrition and wage pressures.Wipro saw the attrition rate upto 17.1 percent in the current quarter up from 8.4 percent in the April to June 2009.The company added a net 5325 in the current quarter bringing the headcount to 108,071 and said wage hikes have cut into margins
Wipro quarterly jumped 21 percent to Rs 12.1 billion,8 percent higher than the earlier year.Even the Scramble for talent is back in ,Yearly revenue growth has not returned to the boomtime rate of 30 percent plus.And the problem of attrition and Wage hike is taking a pie of the Company balance sheets in all the IT majors

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5 Replies to “Attrition in all time high among IT companies,Wipro leads the pack”

  1. I have seen more comments frm TCS associates….but those r not getting converted to attrition %…why ?…..Its way less than Infy and Wipro…Is our friends @ TCS satisfied a lot?

  2. The reason why many didnt see people quiting in TCS is bcoz the management always kept mum and the associates felt something is coming. Be it be promotions, hikes. Now TCS has come to a stage whr they will promote employees today and pay them the new pay package a year later !!!!! so effectively for the first promotion in TCS one needs to wait 4.5- 5 yrs and his pay will increase after 5.5 – 6 yrs. People have started realising this now.. so u will see a bigger no of people quiting… Also the nos given out by TCS in the reports n media arent convincing.. somebody needs to ask them the definition of attrition !!!!

  3. Its not ki.. attrition rate in TCS is low, as the company has more than 160000 employees, the %age it self goes down, If u campare with total number of ppl, it’ll be higher than others. Top management is not in a posiotion to present actual attrition rates, though they are worried abt that. Few days back I got a call from the TCS HR, and he was working on the internal analysis of the attrition in TCS. Actully TCS’s condition is not good, though they can not utter a single word, for thair reputations (which has no values and ethics)….

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