TCS announces Q4 results – No VA hikes for promoted associates

announced yet another stellar in terms of numbers showing  59.69% growth in Q4 in YoY basis and 9.69% profit growth from Q3 of FY 2010. For the year ending April 2010 TCS has 29% net profit over last year. With such a nice performance would have expected a reasonable hike, but was not to be.

Apart from the anticipated 5-15% hike in basic component (same percentage in HRA etc), the VA hike for the associates promoted in Jul 2009 and Jan 2010 was not announced, instead they will receive their due only after completing 1 year in current role.

But another statistic might point why they aren't bothered about promoted associates as TCS has hired 16851 associates in just last 3 months, with a net addition of 10775 associates in-spite of very high attrition.

………………….. Letter from TCS ……………………

Dear TCSers,

This has been an excellent year for where we have delivered revenue growth with significant uptake in margins despite a challenging business environment. We managed the dynamic demand environment well by controlled recruitment, increased talent rotation and higher offshore leverage. I would like to thank you for your hard work, dedication and tremendous effort for this excellent overall performance.

I am pleased to announce that the management has decided to pay 125% of the potential quarterly component of the variable pay (QVA) for the quarter ended March 31, 2010. This will apply to all eligible employees on payroll. The bonus and sales incentives for other regions, where applicable, will also be paid out as per plan.

The annual appraisal process for FY10 has been completed on time. This has been a significant achievement considering the scale and the geographic spread of our operations. I would like to thank you and all the units for completing this exercise on time.

I am very pleased to inform you about the annual increment for FY11. The average increment at offshore i.e. for employees on India payroll would be 10%. In addition, those who were promoted would see a revision in their variable pay as the variable for new grade would be effective post completion of one year in the new grade. Including , the average annual increment would be 13%. For other regions, the increment would be country specific and range from 2 to 4% for the Major Markets and 2 to 10% for Emerging Markets. The individual increments would vary based on individual performance as per our annual appraisal process.

If our business are better than the base plan for FY11 then, we can expect to be rewarded through the quarterly variable (QVA) route as has been the practice in the past. Considering the growth in demand and the opportunities ahead of us, I am sure with the right focus, rigour and collaborative effort we can deliver results that are better than the base plan.

I look forward to your continued support for TCS to deliver superior performance across all parameters and provide the “Experience of Certainty” to our clients globally.

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488 Replies to “TCS announces Q4 results – No VA hikes for promoted associates”

  1. Hi All,
    This seems to be new policy in which TCS management can save 1 year of employees VA even after there promotions. this policy would be applicable to all future promotions, hence wait for 1 more year to get VA hike…wow

    1. I feel , after having a career of 15 years in tcs , I have learned a lot –how to cope up with this situation. I had never expected any hike at any point of time Instead i was worried of possible deduction. Reason is very simple — My performance. I definitely feel If I would have been an excellent performer I won’t have wasted my life of dry breads of TCS. But I can not accept that openly As I am GL.And being a GL , its my responsibility not to expect anything and make others like you. I am being provided regress training to create to replicas of myself in TCS.
      This year it has been the toughest to stick to the rules and I saw so many resources who were belligerent enough to corrie. So to all of them I would advice forget about IT union . Don’t waste your time in TCS if you really have great aspirations. Aspirants are not going to be successful here. We are running a factory od 160000 employees so doesn’t matter If 20 or 30 thousands of you resign today , we will recruit new at less salary , doesn’t matter they would less experienced and not skillful , anyway we don’t get the assignments where we need the experts of subject matter. The type of work we get can be done even by a panchvi fail. So we know the tricks to achieve and display the better statistics in newspapers , you guys work with your tricks.
      Now I am enjoying my work as I do not what is work . At least in last few years I have forgot what IT industry do . I can’t change my job . The reason is simple again. Other companies look for talent. So great luck to all of you . Take your decision meticulously. If you want to be the Best , as i am , stay here else take care

      1. if you were in US or any other European country, would you dare to say like this so boldly that ” I will exploit you .. do wat ever you want to do”.
        No, there the govt. laws and unions are strict and you will skin you alive.

        But, this is India. We can not do anything except to cry for some time and then go ahead & accept the fact. Some times technically incompetent middle man(agers) bark irresponsibly. who cares ? Do not be happy for being a middle man(ager) and you would get your own day.

        Jain Indian Software Engineer !!

        1. Hey Pandu,

          Don’t blame the country esp. our own country. You are whatever now because of this country. We don’t do anything for the country, but keep blaming everything on the country we live-in. If you think you have the potential, go to those countries which you feel better suited for you.

          If you are talking about US, UK & Australia, I am sorry to say my friend where a bunch of investment bankers can cause a recession (where ordinary people became homeless), where a bunch of muggers can rob you and kill you for a dollar or for no reason whatsoever. If you are talking about European countries, you better take my word since I have lived there for almost 6 years.

          If you feel you are being exploited, do something about it so that it won’t happen again or leave the place quietly and look for better opportunities.

          Please stop blaming your own country in the process of expressing your anguish, desperation, anger, frustation. I am also against TCS employee policies (esp. Appraisal, Compensation etc), but not against my country.

      2. Nice to hear that. I think TCS is trying to change its line of business. We all know its more profitable to run a support shop than a dev shop …. below average resources, less salary, steady business thus more profit. Remember TCS jumped into BPO business much later than Wipro (thru Spectramind) or Infosys (thru Progeon) and tasted the real blood 🙂 …. TCS to TSS (Tata Support Services) thats how I see the transformation.

      3. Mark your words ” We will hire ..” .. One thing one should always remember that employees are the real assets of the company. I know how TCS retain people like you when guys like you resign, they just offer one on-site opportunity. I don’t think that TCS can every achieve a target of top 10 IT companies in this century if they still continue with the people like like you who are actually liability to the company and don’t come with the news ideas, just afraid of breaking traditions. Remember by the time when you come with change, the world around you would change in a big big way.

      4. If you have guts put whatever u said in a notice paper and circulate it to new freshers who are joining the company. And count the number of heads who are actually joining. Don’t fell urself in to ur prey.

        If most of the unwanted GLs not telling u please dont mistake and middle level managers are thrown out, TCS can give good pay to its employees. TCS is close to satyam in showing the profits.

    2. this tcs higher management is shit. dey only knw to suck ur blood bt whn it comes to salary wt u ll get is peanut.fuckoff chandra & fuckoff all bloddy tcs mother fucker mgmnt

  2. After such a good performance if TCS is giving so poor Hike definately HR should ready for the Bundles of Resignation Letter.
    Now these Blood Suckers will share employee Salary to Share Holders(as Top management are having good amount of Shares in their Bucket).

    1. Please Fool employess(Those who still waiting for 1 year to get Promotion Hike) read below comment from Ajay Mukharji

      “I am very pleased to inform you about the annual increment for FY11. The average increment at offshore i.e. for employees on India payroll would be 10%. In addition, those who were promoted would see a revision in their variable pay as the variable for new grade would be effective post completion of one year in the new grade. Including promotions, the average annual increment would be 13%. For other regions, the increment would be country specific and range from 2 to 4% for the Major Markets and 2 to 10% for Emerging Markets. The individual increments would vary based on individual performance as per our annual appraisal process”.

      As per my Understanding employees will get 10% Average hike including Promoted guys. After one year in Grade you will get 13% Total Increment including 10% Average hike means after 1 year you will get average 3% increase in VA.
      So get ready for QUIT TCS Movement.
      So Senior please guide me if my understanding is wrong.

      1. All lies.
        People have not got hikes of more than 5-6%.
        All lies by upper management, they know , noone can verify.

  3. Shame on you Chandra, Ajoy and other blood sucking vampires…
    You first delayed my promotion from Jul 2008 to Sep 2008; Then announced in Sep 2008 that promotions are frozen for one year. Then announced promotions in Jul 2009 effective immediately but did not mention anything about VAs. Then unofficially announced that our VA will be effective Apr 2010, and now you’ve said Jul 2010. Don’t know what will happen in July2010…

    Enough of your management bullshit. You can definitely expect me in front of one of your pathetic mouthpieces aka HRs tomorrow with my resignation. May your Souls NOT rest in peace.

  4. WTF!!! This is just too much. We should get together and do something like a mass movement against these pathetic policies. These ppl are giving such good packages to laterals and just paying peanuts to their own employees.

  5. history repeats itself…. TCS has done it again… VA of new grade will be given after 1 year – this is not the first time TCS has adopted this policy… Somewhere between 2005-2006 they implemented this policy once… So they have done it again…. great going…. Special Dividend of Rs 10 per share to all share holders and peanuts for all employees…. Wow…

  6. There is no use to stay in this Stupid company. Best option prepare your Resume and start giving interviews.
    Please request to all of you don’t refer any of your Buddy and spoil his Career.
    “SHAME on TCS Management”.
    I am already start preparing my Resure and today only update my CV in all the Job portal

  7. TCS Management fools you again…

    They have created a difference of three years in terms of salary with my colleagues who were just lucky to get promoted on time.

    Any of my college batchmate if joins TCS laterally gets much better salary then me and that inspite of me proving myself in the co. for the past 5 years.

    Now this salary hike won’t even compensate for the inflation of past 2 years..

    Time to say GoodBye….
    They have fooled us for long.. for not any longer…


  8. Dexter, Can you suggest the best way to handle this crisis. The announcement today may not be a big pain today for onsite associates but what about our friends sitting ay offshore from a long time. Do you have a suggestion on how to forward a complaint to the top management. Its quite evident in TCS that the middle management, senior management and HR are just puppets in the top guys hands and can really cannot bring any change. I think TCS fate will remain the same till the next 17 years till the moment Chandrs resigns as CEO. TCS has given stellar performance many times in this financial year but yet they are giving peanuts to the employees. If you look at last years financial statment, the Top management and the board memebers will be getting fat bonuses close to 500 crores but these Ass….. are just warming their benches by making the people below them work.

    This has to be strongly revolted against but we need some good guidance from some seniors.

    Come on guys….its high time that TCS Top management should realize their mistake.

    What should be done now????????

    1. @Test

      Mass attrition is the only way out of this, with losing so much talent in the middle tier TCS will definitely sit back and take notice. Even if they hire more people from Tier 2 and Tier 3 companies, there was a reason why many TCSers were hired in the first place (especially as freshers).

      There definitely is a difference in lateral hires from Tier 1 or other companies .. Its easier for TCS to hire laterals from Tier 2 and Tier 3 as package and benefits by TCS easily beats these small companies.

  9. This mo**** f***** company does not care abt their existing employees rather they prefer to take laterals with higher pay package…….shame on TCS management and atleast in near future will be in no 2 position in S/W market in India

  10. You are right buddy. Spending time with this ruthless blood sucking vampires is mere waste. They will be going worse year by year. When a company adopts this kinds of policies , their motive changes to filling up the pockets of higher management , then that company can never succeed. I am damn sure this is going to happen soon. Save your future Leave TCS. Never recommend it to anybody earnest request….

  11. TCS basically ” The Chutiya Services “…….so don’t waste ur time by writing mail to top bitch or raising grievance……TCS is not going to change this…..If you really want to teach a lesson to tcs, start the mass resignation process project wise unitedly so that TCS loose all its existing clients…..

    Tcs cheated and insulted us…TCS needs to be paid by its own coin….

  12. friends…its time to join up our hands..n oppose this bull shit going in the company..despite of all our hard work and commitments they have not even gave us peanuts…..plz lets join our hands together and start a massive movement…stop working n encourage every one for same…then only they will come to know…wen they will loose somethinf than only they will realise what we have lost…please any one who has some contacts in media..involve them and tell no one in the organisation is satisfied….

  13. Disappointing to hear a 1 year delay in VA after promotion. Why did’nt they announce this earlier. This is going to cot them dear, its going to be worse than iRace impact on Infy. Its time for me to say good bye. Let them enjoy paying more to laterals.

  14. Guys.. start a mail chain with your comments and pass it on to as many people as u can.. we can later forward that mails to Media channels (NDTV, aaj tak ) helpline.. Atleast they will highlight this issue. Such a reputed company have so much frustrated employees..

    1. Can someone send teh dexter link to any news site. They can see the comments and make out how frustrated majority of TCSr are.

  15. right now @onsite. as soon as i come to offshore, definitly going to quit this BLOODY company after being with them for 6 yrs.

  16. why to start a mail chain.. you can forward the link of this website itself… that should give them enough info and masala..

    1. But this does not contain real persons identity. I am something talking about real people identity. Then only meadia people will believe something bullshit is really happening.

  17. So.. this a cunning way to disappoint of people who has planned to put their papers after the Hike announcements… but what a foolish way to think that people will wait for another 1 year to get few more peanuts….. what bout those who eagerly waited for some good changes especially the fresh hires who joined the company during the crisis, they are left just like that frustrated again and again. TCS Sucks !!!!

    1. Basically TCS is indirectly showing the Doors to low-middle tier… They need only freshers who can work like labor…

      1. Please no one should take my previous comments as otherwise.. I said labor – they work hard and get easily exploited…

      2. Yep 1000% correct. i have seen this . they make exp. persons to train the freshers, which was hard earned fighting with onsite guys. Fresher acquires the process and technical stuff with BIG ZERO basic understanding and start supporting the so call BIG DEAL Customers who will pay in Millions.

        1. Guys there is no point in cursing the TCS management. We won’t get any benifit out of this. Atleast we need to plan something big that should hit the higher management with a bang. Please share your ideas how can we achieve that…

          1. Simple !!!

            1. Whatever salary has been declared will remain the same for 1 yr. Draw your salaries and do minimal work.
            2. Let the SLAs breach …. (client will fuck tcs’ mgmt’s ass)
            3. Donot train freshers and or new joinees who are replacing the our iterate friends
            4.Donot do night shifts …. get medical certificates that u cant do night shifts for health reason (that costs Rs 50-150) from any govt hospital or doctor (no night shift means …. NA clients will take a hit ….. that will be a hit under the belt for TCS)

  18. Exactly, This website link is more than enough for media to understand whats going on in TCS.. Lets tear their face in front of all.

  19. Guys, if there is anyone who has contacts in Media, pls….help us all…by spreading this news in Media. I am sure TCS would have already hired some corrupted reporters to hype this bull shit as some big thing…but I am also sure there are still some honest reporters left in media who want to publish the facts and figures. So please use ur contacts in media and ask them to publish the facts to TCS and let the world know, what a brand like TATA is doing behind the screens to its employees

    1. My Sister work for alpha Punjabi but she is having friends in NDTV, etc, I will make sure this is broad casted on Indian News channel at least once.

      I really can’t understand why Chandra has done this, was he out of his mind!

      1. Thanks a lot. Please make sure that the news is published at least once. I am with TCS for almost 7 years and got screwed at all level. Rating, Banding, Salary hike etc.

      2. gandu punjabi delhi ppl are worst backstabbers bloodsucking creatures, kana to barbad pm hain barbad kamina

  20. Best Policy ..resign and quit this shit of load…as i know i’m working in “T”otal “C”heap “S”ociety…which is full of losers like quit and screw ur project

  21. today when u all go to office plz try to spread this link to every one u can… fwd this link to media n expose the mangement….

    1. bhad me spread karna, sab khun chusne baithe hain khudki salary lene ke liye bhi idher fight karni padti hain, pehle appraisal me kaminapanti fir aur reh gaya to highermanagement ne pura kar diya, koi sunne vala nahi, takat hain to dal grievances aur close hi mat hone de, kar va lo competing survey sompany se survey and bharbhar ke galiyan do

  22. April 19, 2010 – 9:39 pm | Permalink WTF… TCS giving special dividend for Rs. 14 to its share holders… and all Senior Mgmt ppl holding good amoutn of shares… So They are securing their amount of remuneration via share dividend or Share market price… and they are giving shit to promoted employes… TCS lost all TATA’s ethics…
    Let’s start “Leave TCS” motion….

    1. kamine tu to pehle nikal tu bhi sala koi manager hian logo ko bhadka raha hain

      employee resign karvane ka paisa liya hain kyan

      buddy bhagao incentives ——–salo maine 10 sal me 10 company badli, koi hi company me pehle 2 mahine induction aur resignation ke akhri 2 mahine aaram, kam to kuch kiya nahi, tcs me package lekar aagya PM ban gaya aur logo ki marli

  23. TCS giving special dividend for Rs. 14 to its share holders… and all Senior Mgmt ppl holding good amoutn of shares… So They are securing their amount of remuneration via share dividend or Share market price… and they are giving shit to promoted employes… TCS lost all TATA’s ethics… Let’s start
    “Leave TCS” motion….

  24. I can say the company has the rught to decide the increment. They can have it as 5% or 25% as their wish.

    !!BUT!!, holding back the VAs of people who got promoted is too much. These people have worked hard to get the promotion. They have suffered the most in the company already. No promtions from last 3 years. No increments!! At the experience level where have 6+ years now. Its a SHAME on any company to do this to them. And to top it there is never any clear idea of what is going to happend. They make people wait till April and in April announce that pls wait for some more time!!!! Only someone crazy can think of staying bak in a company which has lost all its morality.

    TCS SUCKS big time now!! May the Chandra’s and Ajoy’s of the world go to hell and may that happen THIS year itself!!!! Amen.

  25. Though i am leaving TCS this month, I really felt “Shameful,” for TCS to treat its employees like this.

    Whatever said and done, TCS should realize now (before its too late) you cant work with unhappy employees. They are your really Assets!

    PS: And, Mr. Ajoy please wipe the smirk out of your face.

    1. know wat… i see ajoy mukherjee daily…
      dat dead man walkin, cigratte choosta rehta he…

      I feel more respect for the security gaurds out der than him

  26. Its high time ,the policy of TCS to have profits from employees pocket and rewarding just shareholders needs to dealt with seriousness . So lets join the same. TCS disappoints!!

  27. I am totally distracted. Why the hell I sat for TCS in the campus interviews 6 years ago. I have been telling my parents since last 1/1.5 years that I’ll be getting major hike in 2009-10, as I would be promoted to ITA. It’s really very painful to inform them, that the hike has been delayed for another 1 year.

  28. I agree there is no point bitching over here…its useless….secondly i don think any one will revel his/her identity until and unless he/she feels there is no harm on his/her job…plz appreciate the fact that no one wants to loose their job with out second in hand…..if we have to do something we all have to stand all together…senoiors also have to be with us joinng hands together….there are only 10-20 key persons in a project if they are with us yes we can do something but all have to be together…whether it be freshers ,2-3 years expirienced or a long runner in the company…

    1. Yes you are right buddy. This needs cooperation of all employees joing hands in hands. then only we can achieve some thing.. It’s not a one man job.. If we really feel we are badly hit then we should join the mass movement..

  29. A Big Dissapointment again!!! Feel Betrayed and cheated….
    What about wrting mail to Ratan Tata.. To check ethics in his own company!

    1. i think we can start mass mailing to Mr.Ratan Tata … atleast we can bring notice to him that TATA employess are not satisfied…and TCS lost TATA’s ethics.
      Senior management like N. Chandra and Ajoy Mukherjee are securing their remunaration via share dividend and shares market price……
      Such a sucking managment… Actually they are exploiting us.. ane we fool r getting exploited

      1. I think this is gud idea we should be sending the mass email to Ratan Tata giving the facts and showing how they are sucking us… Also I feel there wont be any issue for revealing the identity with Mr. Ratan Tata.

          1. I am sorry… I shouldn’t use any slang language against him..admin plz delete my previous comments….

  30. the real hidden reason – TCS does want to reduce the so far accumulated headache headcount first, particularly the headcount of the people who have 4 – 6 yrs experience as they are the ones whose promotions are pending/due/promoted..reducing them favours in reducing the cost of salary very much and hence recruiting few lateral hires at higher hikes and freshers at a higher hike (compared to what others like you , me everyone have joined years back..)these experienced lateral hires(doman+tech knowledge) + freshers(techinical knowledge) is the current equation to sustain the business keeping in mind company’s favoured forced attrition i say(by disappointing the 4 – 6 yrs ones)… so the realization is : TCS does want you to get out of the company by yourself

  31. its the hight of exploitation
    1)Gave promotin after one year ==>july 2008(no promotion) to July 2009 2)NoVA hike for one year
    3)No salary hike for tw year
    4)salary hike of 10% though the inflation is around 18%
    5)Increased transportaion and meal price by more than 100%
    6)Stop all benefits like all kind of loans
    7)Increased working hours from 8 to 9
    8)No promotion on “D” Band
    9) reduce onsite staff to increase margin so less opportunity of onsite
    10)If tcs is giving such a stellar performance than it’s doing all that then what will happen if in any quarter it won’t be able to do so@@No VA for that quarter

    Pls feel free to add more points

  32. Hope this would burst somehow soon or later causing big issue or worst case people would agree to the promise of made by tcs after 1 yr and continue to do their work.

    1. Nothing would happen. I see all you guys writing such frustrated comments as if the world was going to come to an end. We in our country have no unity, we are good at talking from behind the scenes and never want to come out in the open. When there are so many terrorist attacks every day and there is no response to it we still do not question the politicians after so many years are we going to question the management. Go get back to your work and work another year so you will get enough peanuts from TCS to start cribbing again.

  33. “Including promotions, the average annual increment would be 13%.””
    Can someone explain this statement seems meaningless to me!

    Also can someone confirm when will we get the letters ?

    1. its means if you got basic hike at the time of promotion u will not get basic hike now..
      Promotion is just illusion created by TCS management to slower down attrition rate till the time they got our backup..

  34. This is Shame that we have been cheated this way. I feel duped here…
    from last 2 years i have been i have been waiting to see a salary rise.
    And we get this!!! shame.
    Don’t the management has simple sense that if your experienced guy leaves then how come a company grow.
    This is the right time we switch and let this company to rot..

  35. Beware…

    TCS is snooping IP address of all the people commenting on this blog & appropriate actions may be taken based on your comment & language, don’t forget dexternights servers are hosted with godaddy who is a TCS Gold customer.

    1. @Dexter: is this correct? i dont care as i am no longer an employee with tcs. but for benefit of others pls clairfy if the details of the poster can be snooped by someone and the posters are vulnerable thereby!

    2. @IP Snooping

      You are such a joker buddy.. dont rate TCS so highly. And no ip addresses can be taken from here.This site is run on one of the world’s most secure open source platform over SSL.

    3. TCS want to have my IP ??

      If somone approaches me and ask have you commented on Dexter, I will gladly and proudly show them what All i have written ….

      I don;t care if they fire me…

  36. Had Jamsetji Tata was alive , he would have sacked whole top management from TCS. TCS is gonna sink.Dont waste time by thinking.Go and save your selves.

      1. Received it on the tcs email.No Fooling.The email states that it can be viewed in ultimatix after 2 days.A pdf is attached with the compensation details in the email.

  37. Could somebody confirm whats the nature of hike?
    Have you guyz seen hike in basic only or is there any hike in varriable component too..

    Thanks in advance..

    — One More TCSer

  38. its a basic and variable hike both. Mine is 7 % overall including both. Long Live TCS, back to era of Mai Baap. whatever it gives we should be happy and satisfied with.

  39. Letter is out guys. I am an ITA and got promoted in JAN 2010.
    Here is the brk up-
    VA- 14,000
    Total CTC- 5,74,415

    Its one of my worst days in TCS.

  40. Thanks guyz, I am yet to get any mail though ..
    But ‘something(however small it may look)’ is better than nothing(As had been the case since last two years)..

    To continue with TCS or not, should be personal agenda ..
    Wish you all good luck ..

    Thanks once again..

  41. I think TCS is making fool of us by saying 10% hike and 13% with promotion. I got 5% hike and total 10% with promotion. Most guys got 7% overall. Then who got the 10%-13%? just fooling us and media.

  42. Did you guys come across this email which a Capgemini Guy wrote to his management after the Bonus announcement by Capgemini mangement? Guys, I think we should do something like this. I dont know whether he had resigned and then got the guts to do this or he did this out of frustration. But this is a true story.
    “I can understand that FY 2009 was very difficult for our Organization to meet its financial goals.
    So I would like to contribute to some extent to ease the difficulty faced by our organization in monetary terms.
    My humble request is that please keep this Bonus amount for any future crisis.
    Thanks for your great efforts, which you have put in during the recession period for our unexpected benefits.”

  43. So here in the US ( local hire ) the observation for 2 people

    Band A 4.13%
    Band B 3.96%

    Increase in annual compensation.

    So how does this compare to others?

    Do share.

    1. This is one major area where TCS management should pay attention that the local hires (primarliy on H1B) already getting 16000-25000 USD more than corresponding people on L1 and to top this there is a hike of 4% for US people which feels like injustice to me…becoz people on L1 are not going to get anything

      Though people skills are same or less and they earn (take home salary) more by 1000-1500 USD more ….All these hurt to our saving

      I understand H1 people will be behind me but I am posting this becoz I feel bad that though being more experienced but earning less and to top this fact H1 people are always looking for better job outside TCS so am I wrong.

  44. I am wondering if at some point of time the IT employees falling in white color job bucket are going to need in a defined and organized strong employee union.I firmly beleive that probably this is the only best possible way to get voice of employee really acyted than of having these waste yearly PULSE/PEEP and other CMMI level 5 processes.I think atleast this software consultancy definately going to demand in and needs the union like oxygen to start breathing well.We can never get a defined career path way with TCS as it seems that the topmost senior management it appears most of them have lost the management skill or I wonder they ever had the management skills but now they only have this balance sheet management skill to meet the targets and put the revenue either in their pocket or to the best benefit of share holders.This is total insane increasing the offshore working hours from 8 to 9 hours no,no reward to employee in either of bad or good times.Just declaring the results sitting in board room in ACs.Dont know how and when it will be regularized.
    Even I am wondering if TCS is sitting on another BIG IT scam like Satyam!!!!!no comments on this but tcs middle level folks might be getting the frquency I am trying to transform.
    Its really a big shame for all of us and definately I think we have lost the meaning of unity!!this problem is obviously has got multiple dimesions every has got its own ravana face and got know how many Rams we need and yes we would need Vibhishanana also in this Kalyug.Oh we already had one Ram retired and joining our share market.No comments on our exceptionally un-talented top maanagement!!!

  45. Guys who are in US on deputation also getting US allowance letter with a annual hike of USD 1700 to, not -2200, not sure it’s due to increase in Indian salary or promoted earlier in Jan 2010.

  46. Guys who are in US on deputation also getting US allowance letter with a annual hike of USD 1700 to, not -2200, not sure it’s due to increase in Indian salary or promoted earlier in Jan 2010.Any Comment on this?

  47. got a hike of 10% on gross….. And in effect means its a flat hike across the board….

    For e.g. i was getting gross as X. I got a hike of 10% of X. I was promoted last year, which at that time there was no VA hike. But the VA hike has been done now but that has been arranged within the 10% of X. So in effect the Basic has been increased by maybe 2 or 3%.

    And they announce Rs 14 dividend, where there are 80% of shares are held by the TATA Sons and TCS top management….. Till consultant level, they get the profit margins of the account. And from ASOC till ASE everybody gets peanuts….
    TCS mission says they want to make a JOY for the stakeholders, should be changed to JOY for shareholders !!!!!

    Very disappointed……

  48. kutto, jab tumhain sab pata hai to yaha kyu mara rahe ho.

    Bhago yahan se aur lo naukri jaha milti hai.

    Mera bonus to mota aa raha hai 😀

  49. Hello guys, i am from MFG group and i got the letter in my mail.
    One more interesting thing here that they increase Health Insurance by 100% means 1400 to 2800.
    So get ready for Health insurance price hike for other feature also like parents.
    Food in our canteen is already increased with 15% to 25%.
    Thanks to TCS for every thing.

  50. Lets teach a lesson to Chandra and Team. I am doing this. I will send a ‘Get Well Soon” flower boquet to them. We are generously donating for Flood relief and other natural calamities. Why don’t we donate one day basic salary to TCS and ask them to give good hike and promotions to atleast few candidates.

    Also, it would be good if we pick a day and all send the flowers on the same day. Let’s pick a day. Any idea?

    1. I like this idea…lets pick a day and send flowers to Chandra & Team. People who are concerned don’t have to reveal their identity!!

  51. Hi All,

    What is the meaning of this increment, since last may TCS BPO has increased working hours from 8 to 9, so if we calculate TCS should give all associate 12.5% hike + 25Inflation+Incemenrt according to grades.

    12.5% is what we are working more 1 hours for TCS and unfortunately they are not billing this from cleint, and we are being force to live here, sick people.

    Moreover TCS is rerady to pay double salary to new associates but giving increment to existing associate.
    TCS is in overconfidnece that people will never live, the day processer s will start living company they will come to know how process can be run according to client expectation.

    There is promotion but slary will change next year, you are promoted by role but slary will not change.They just want employee to keep working but they will not pay more.

    Associates are promoted as Team leader and processs leader and they are working in this role but TCS is not givng sinfle more ruppess for their higher role.

    This is secure company where you do work or not it is not going to make any differecne to your salary , you will be always in loss if you will count the your purchase value according to inflation.

    We can not do anything apart from crying or leave all senior processor so they realised our value.

  52. TCS annual compensation letters are released. The people who got less rating
    compare to last year all those people salary decreased by almost 1%.

    this blood sucking company will give financial results very good every time
    and coming to the employees salary always they try to manage with less increase. I doubt these people are also manipulating like satyam.

    If the profit is real why the share is not going to employee?

    This is the time people have to think about forming a union like UAW. They have to negotiate employee salaries on behalf of the employee. If this will continue all middle level and high level managers will rule like kings and other people work like donkeys. The IT minister should step in and take some appropriate action. Othewise definately CHANDRA will send this company to the ocean. All middle level and high level management people get good rating
    and good bonus + they recruit consultants and take commisions from the consulting company.

    Is chandra any time checked how many consultants are working in onsite or offshore with the same compentency tcs people are in bench. They are continuing consultants for years and taking commision money and if any body
    argue they will send TCSER to offshore and consultant continues like asusual without appraisal pressures.

    If chandra or any high level management see my comments if you have guts take the action against these top level BRM’s who are earning crores of money
    by putting consultant and screwing the members rating.

    Coming to the Curve fitting it should across all levels. Not only in ISU level.

    My final conclution is when you are in onsite work and by the time you return resign and happily join in any good company where you can get peace.

    TCS (True Consultants Screwed)

  53. Hi,

    TCS is giving 3 times more salaries to Language resource who are not making any value to process but just for showcase that we have some one who can speak client language. These language resource are burden for the team as their grasping power related to process is very less as they are technically very weak and grasping power is very low because they have never though of such work and not pepared. These guys are burden for team as they are not working and his or her work is being distributed to other team members who are being paid 10 the part of language resopurce.

    TCS is not knowing that till the date process has been run by processor not language expert. I am not against of Language resource recuitment or new resource recruitment but treat all people equally, I had leaned somewhere compesnsation should be equitable and competetive but TCS is not following this rule which is unfortunate for all TCSers.

    Guys please put your commnet here which may bring senior managers here to read his and I hope God will give them sesnse to understand our problems.

  54. ase bhagao-5000Rs
    ita bhagao-10000rs
    ast bhagao-25000 Rs
    asoc bhagao-75000Rs
    mere ko contact do mass contract pe 2% discount

    i got outsourcing deal from tcs worth 5Million$, contact will span over period of 5 yrs , minimum targets-10000 ase,5000 ita, 2000 ast, 1000 asoc.

    1. i also got such contract worth 25M$ for 10yrs.But I have additional clause of onsite employees bhagao.

      for any onsite employee i get 10000Usd.

      minimum target 1000

      they will also appoint my chamchaz in onsite 1 chamcha per 10 employee who quit because of me. I will fill tcs with Delhi chodus

          1. hum batai davat hain baki kam hum kare na kare sirjee, humne apka chata hain , 2-4 to hummbhi bhagva denge isme kon badi bat hovat hain. kam na karne pe aap humka rewaaard devat na to hum kuchu to kam karat

  55. TCS result are not good becauise they are performing well but because they are not paying salaries to their employess, theyare not giving increments to their employees. They are giving role promotions but without slary changes, they are giving grade promotion but without slary changes.

    So these good result is your money , my money not of TCS and they are paying to whom their share holders, have they worked 9 hour official and 11 hours non officially?????????????

  56. Guys!!!

    Compensation letters are out !! Check ur TCS mailbox. 5.98 lacs per annum for ITA ‘A’ band !! Njoy !!! Keet f***ing urself !!!

  57. Hi dexter,

    What is news about July 2010 promotion cycle have management gobbled that also. By the way July was normal cycle and January is extra cycle.Please let me know this, i need this information before resigning.

    Seriously I want my promotion.

    I am getting married in may 2010 and I need extra money from july 2010.

    please inform me

    1. Even if you get promoted in July 2010, the salary change would not occur unless July 2011. So in effect you need to spend 1 year in the new promoted role.

      So Beg, Borrow or Steal… 🙂

      1. As per my understanding you will get 3% hike as a promotion hike after completion of one year in your current grade. (13% – 10%=3%)

        Read Ajay Mukharji Comments carefully.

  58. Assocaites in US on deputation getting mails of US allowance letter with increament of $ 1700 to $2200 per anum , not sure it’s due to hike in indian Salary or got promotion in Jan 2010, any idea?

  59. Guys!!! Compensation letter is out !!! Check ur mail ID. Its 5.98 lacs per annum fir ITA A band. Keep fu**ing utself!

  60. We’re not sure why employees should be given salary, they should be given work, Since employees are given work so we’ll give money to the shareholders, so next qtr we’ve decided to given Rs 7882.43 crores (employees salaries) as dividend to the shareholders. Great news “Solid first quarter crowns strong quarter performance “, advanced dividend to the shareholders have been announced. Employees will get additional benefits (responsibilities) as there are promotions and role based opportunities.

  61. I think TCS is making fool of us by saying 10% hike and 13% with promotion. I got 5% hike and total 10% with promotion. Most guys got 7% overall. Then who got the 10%-13%? just fooling us and media. Current score: 0 (to vote for this comment, please visit the site) ….high management people are gaining more ..they are getting hikes every year in terms of lakhs and crores…and coming to employees they are giving in terms of 100’s…idiots..fools…looferss..mother fuckers…All employees become one unity and bring down the company to down position…TCS haa no right to say top 1company in india…They are beating on employee’s stomach…..

  62. Hello guys,

    Compensation letter released. Mine increased from 3.4 to 4.2. My juniors are getting 4.44 with one year less experience.

    I had an offer in IBM with 5.2LPA. Folks, tell me would it be good if i join IBM now?

    1. Hi Friend…

      My suggestion join for IBM…if you stay back will never get salary…atleast u r getting 40% hike in IBM..better join…

    2. Hi Friend,
      When did you appear for the interview and how long IBM took to give you the offier letter. I appeared for their interview 2 weeks back and got selected but haven’t got my letter yet. It was in mainframe technologies.

  63. Please start Quit TCS Movement.
    I have been in tcs for more than 3 years now and to the horror my current salary package is just 1 lac more that what i joined for.
    A person of same 5.5 years exp is being given 7.7 lacs package when my stand at 5.3 lacs. And i guess this is same for everyone here.
    We should not waste time now. Just grab opportunity and leave this company.

    1. Resign and Join Back TCS, you will get more 🙂 . our management is not interesteded to pay more to existing employees.
      I think their startegy would be for every 4 persons resigned from TCS they will hire 1 Lateral with higher pay and 3 Freshers. To save the cost and show excellent result in next quarter and also they will claim Attrition is well within control ( They might claim 11% attrition even if half of the employees resign).

  64. Really Shame on senior management. They are trying to be a good Public limited company but a very bad employer. If they are able to sustain this high growth rate by doing this (cutting the VA for an year) then it shows their incompetency.
    These growth rates are cooked and highly inflated and not real.

  65. Also, how did these guys managed to show the attrition rate as stable at 11.8% when we see lots and lots of people shifting the company:o

    1. Read in detail, The attrition is 11.8% on LTM (Last twelve month) Basis…

      This is again manipulation of figures and words, which TCS management knows very w ell

  66. I see that I have received my annual compensation letter in mail(Though I have disagreed to my band and the rationlisation process is with my GL).
    My VA has come down and fixed has increased a bit.Considering myself LUCKY to have 1% expected…will use it for peanuts…and serve to the upper mgmt guys as well…God…this company is seriously a public company and not an employee’s company…but again…I guess, there won’t be much difference in other biggies…guess..I should look forward to work in a mid size company or an MNC…at least they give a grand initial offer and then(if no increment is give) donot reduce salary unlike TCS.

  67. Does anyone know that how long IBM takes to release the offier letter? I appeared for their interview 2 weeks back and got selected but haven’t got my letter yet. It was in mainframe technologies

    1. Chase up with their HR. They might have slowed down the process to allow all companies to release their Q4 results, so they can negotiate on the hikes.

  68. Guys….to all of you…Please log a grievance today itself for not getting VA. This can be done in ultimatix. Loads of grievance will definitely make them answer officially.

  69. TCS – huh. I have million words to describe how bad this company is. It looks very good and neat from outside and is the most pathetic place to work. Everything i know here is not upto the mark and very bad if compared to other companies in the same category. As i told.. this company is not worth being loyal to as it is not going to be even close to loyal to you. Please dont join this company you will repent and will be wasting your skills and money.

  70. Chandra’s salary has gone up by 19.5% and also, he got 2000 shares of TCS based on performance.

    May be that is why average comes out to be 13%.

  71. Forgot to mention TCS figures are Jhol figures.. Not getting an increment for 2 yrs and working officially an hour extra and around an hour more unofficially I got band B and have got around 7.5 % increment. Yes its true, im working for peanuts. The attrition level is very high in TCS as well.. The figures are not correct as HR tries to play with it by trying to keep the employees waiting. This is a full Jholler company and will also flick ur assets. We have hundreds of other small companies which can beat TCS in quality without the use of IQMS/IPMS “bullshit”. TCS is all on papers and nothing in reality.

  72. Mass attrition
    Quit TCS
    better go to chota companies which offer even a couple of lakhs more than the current salary. That should be enough. This company is showing its true color time and again.

    spread this link to everyone…

    1. kyon khali aise bakvas kar rahe ho , tum humra DEKHO NA vaise bhi koi nahi dekhta, mere pass koi kam nahi fir bhi main client se kamai karva deta hu oniste pe hu, band bhi A leliya manager se uska lauda muh me lekar ab promotion bhi karva liya aur 10% hike bhi mila, aur kya chiaye jindagi em aaram aur paisa vah badhiya ho gaya mera to tu tera lauda pakad ke nach

  73. Hi All,
    Guys, being in the company and cribbing is not good. either we need to stay in the company or exit from the company. But on the reality side, it is not so easy to keep the work and personal life balance so easy. Even the small companies are also demanding too much from the employees. At the same time keep in mind that you will get some additional income to pocket for the work you have done. So either Quit or stay. But if you try to leave the comp TCS now, then even the smaller companies also will take advantage of this thinking that he will join now as frustrate with TCS. So wait for the right time and right opportunity and then quit TCS. as some one was mentioning that TCS was already prepared for the back plans for the potential customers quitting, so that absolutely does not matter to TCS in that case. So make sure that you are one of the dependent and then quit in the surprise time and also give your value feedback to TCS management at that time, so it could be heard at the highest levels. In the hasty you quit, it does not really bother TCS

    1. Dis sounds interesting mate…
      Dimaag wali baat kahi he…

      I appreciate…

      Its easy to get out and finish up, but difficult to stay in and clean up…

      May b it sounds a bit unrealistic, but lets give a try atleast..

  74. Guys
    I got an offer from tcs hyderabad. They r offering me 6.15 for my 3.8 yrs of exp.
    How is tcs hyderabad ? Is it a good place to work for ? They didnt mention anything on leave policy and also nothing mentioned about working hrs. They said u should be ready to work in extended working hrs without extra pay.
    They r saying onsite opp is very good here . Is that true ?

    I am in Infy and current sal is 4.14 and expecting a 17% hike next month. Also I has a similar offer from CSC india . What do u suggest?

    1. Offer is good….but did they mention that this salary can get reduced next year? Check your VA component…It is high in case of TCS…They will reduce your band next year and your ctc will come down…check on this with hr before joining..I am a victim myself..

      1. Process of recruitment was pathetic. I had a very bad impression on hr folks on that day only. Until prev week, It was almost decided that I ll be joining tcs. But after getting several feedbacks I am rethinking ,one thing most of the guys said is that the offer is good. Dont know if they are going to reduce it after my joining.

        1. sale tere ko malum nahi padta TCS me mere jaise log survive karte hain sale idher aakar tu meri position lena chahta hain ek gal sunle tcs me paisa kamana hian to manager ka har kam karo, loda khujlao,gandgilli karo ,uski pant ke piche sab saff karo bahut kam karna padta hian

      1. VA is around 12500 p/m. It is mentioned that 100oo will paid on monthly basis nd rest will be paid on quarterly basis. Nothing is mentioned about salary reduction , they said u r eligible for a promotion next year. Going by the threads it seems a story. Is it same for onsite also ?

        Any point on Tcs Hyderabad in particular ?

    2. Bro …..

      Do not rtust TCS HR. Things u should know

      1. There is no OT / Incentive plan in TCS.
      2. Whats ur VA that is offered ? The second VA component will be paid after 3 month. (last Yr Jan-Mar it was not paid)
      3. Onsite promise …. bull shit ….. tell that u want to speak with GL regarding on site. I was hired with onsite promise 3 yrs back ….. but nothing happened.
      4. TCS has a paid CAB / Transport service . Rs 1900 a month
      5. Cheap food is provided
      6. No transparent leave policy …. no national holiday …. some times no sat n sunday.

      Its your call mate !!! Good luck

  75. Anybody interested in .NET opening with my current organization in Mumbai? Min. experience of 6yrs required. Role as solution architect. Excellent package will be offered. I’m just taking my chances, guys.
    I have gone through the same when my promotion was delayed and then given with only 1.8k hike that too in food coupons.

  76. I don’t see a person who have got 10% hike, I find peoples who have max 7.5% hike. Please let me know who are the peoples which ISU’s who have 10% hike, or I think the Head HR is lying.

    1. My ISU has 10% flat hike for all associates… does not matter which band – A, B, C etc… D i am not sure….

      And resignations started as soon as receiving of the “hike” letter…

      1. You are lucky that you got at least 10%. If the ratings are flat then what is the meaning of getting band.

  77. TCS salary slip is phd problem statement .. i requested for Roti but they offered stone .. in stead of Roti

    I think they are making fool TCS employee

  78. Amidst of all the hell that has come upon me with 7% hike, I heard a nice news too. Guys who were stuck with 3.3 lakhs for 2.5 years now were given 30-40% hike. Few are my team mates. Its a mixed feeling here in my account. The one’s who were promoted in July still keeping having patience to wait till july. Hmm..guys like me alas who got promoted in Jan, this is the most horrible day in my life. Feeling good for the colleagues who are happy today though.

  79. TCS Top Management knows how to make a BIG news without any solid act.
    Earlier they did it with “150% VA” news whose ground reality was to get 1000 bucks extra.
    This time they did it with “10% salary hike” which is not at all true….. I m in MFG ISU and I got 4% hike….. i want to know who took 6% of my increased salary 😉

    I m still not able to understand.. How can TCS Top Management lie in written?
    This is totally BullSh*t.
    I guess TCS dont need us anymore.. so giving us a hint… so we should read this signal and act accordingly.

  80. Now I think TCS should disclose stakeholders details…. Who is having how much stake????

    This will give all idea why 70% devidend by cutting employee pockets…

  81. Guys

    Never Forget Grass is Greener on the other side!

    Go to Cap Gemini and you will come to know how they screw you up…
    Check out iRACE from Infosys…
    IBM is a famous hire and fire company…

    I agree with all the comments, and I am also one of the sufferer with a measly percent increase of 4.5.

    However, let us understand that the problem is basically of plenty.

    Someone had commented in this section that TCS is taking associates from Tier 2 and Tier 3 Companies, which I definitely agree. If you have the guts then just put in your papers. I am sure out of 100s blogging around and taking their frustration out, there would be less 10 who would actually resign.

    Mind you bloggers, TCS is a big ship with 150 thousand employees. They will care a damn if you leave. You are just one amongst this ocean of people.

    As far as Shareholders are concerned, they want to them extremely happy and raise their Market Capitalisation. The After Tax Profit that they are carrying with them, if they just keep it in any Bank Account FD, will get them a return that will give all of us a Healthy Increment. But not sure what they are upto…

    Anyways I am frustrated but at the same time, a healthy thought is a must before you leave.

    Anyone with the guts???

    1. Ask local HR how many people are resigned….

      Its not like earlier. Do not show the management tactics in the blogs also…

      I know from which batch of TCS you belongs to…. Days are gone people
      upfront going out of the project. In my project already out 12 offshore resouurces 7 people put the papers….

    2. To get good increment(at least the increment you deserve), quitting TCS is the best option. Peoples those who are happy with 4.5 % hike can continue..

      1. Ppl..will u please stop cribbing about TCS? TCS has indeed given at least 10% hike. Can u please check ur old CTC and compare it with the new CTC?

        1. Do you think ppls here are joking. I think majority of ppls have got below 10% of increment. TCS have not given the hike as he have mentioned.

          1. Ppl who have had a decrease in band would have got a lesser % of hike…10% hike is a reality…there are ppl who got even a 20% hike if they had an increase in band.

          2. They really fooled employees. It is 5% for me and due to promotion it is <10%. I heard the same from many people. Most of them got 7%. Either Chandra and his team got a fat hike to make it 10% average or they are lying to us. Same with the onsite hike, it is not in 2-4%. I got 1%. Where is TATA ethics.

  82. yes this is tcs….. this is a real service company to serve their people beter way as they did now…… no 1 private held india it company with rs 1 pay hike…. great job tcs….. keep it up…..

  83. Please ware black dress on Friday and show your disappointed .we are doing same
    at our ISU. Please circulate massage two all .

  84. Letters out on ultimatix as well———i got 7.5% exactly on CTC

    where is remaining 2.5%???? TCS taxes

  85. Again fooling people. They annouced that for onsite, they have a hike from 2-4%. I got 1.01 % hike. Why to lie in the media?

  86. Chandra’s salary has gone up by 19.5% and also, he got 2000 shares of TCS based on performance.

    May be that is why average comes out to be 13%.

  87. hi,

    one of my friend has been charged with 498a dowry case. can anyone help him . whether he should go to HR and tell or what should he do .

  88. The policy adopted by TCS has been very disappointing , but for one thing most of us can think of moving out , let TCS be happy with its lateral hires and freshers ….

  89. ask ur friend to tell the truth abt 498a..i faced the situation recently TCS will co-operate wid him..he ain’t gonna loose the job… give me any contact number or mail id of him..will explain him if he wants…

  90. Descent way to say “Quit the comapny” for 3-12 exp employees….we can do this same job with 0-3 yrs exp…

  91. Band Matrix
    Band ==> OLD VA ==> NEW VA
    A = 13800 ==>16000(2200)
    B = 12600 ==>14000(1400)
    C = 10800 ==>11700(900)
    D = 8200 ==>??

    Band ==> OLD VA ==> NEW VA
    A = 26600 ==>??
    B = 24000 ==>??
    C = 18000 ==>21000(3000)
    D = 12700 ==>??

    1. I am an ITA in f*… TCS, and My VA got changed from 10800 to 14000 for B band… 🙁 what a f*…hike is it????

    2. I am AST and got promotion from ITA to AST in Jan cycle.
      Now my VA is 21000 from 180000 means still i am getting Increased VA of ITA

    3. ITA
      Band ==> OLD VA ==> NEW VA
      A = 26600 ==>31000 (got this news from my friend)
      B = 24000 ==>??
      C = 18000 ==>21000(3000)
      D = 12700 ==>??

      Quick question:
      Is the BoB different for ASE and ITA? (may be a dumb question… yet pls let me know)

      1. ITA
        Band ==> OLD VA ==> NEW VA
        A = 26600 ==>31000 (got this news from my friend)
        B = 24000 ==> 26000
        C = 18000 ==>21000(3000)
        D = 12700 ==>??

  92. Tata Consultancy Services Ltd has informed BSE that the Board of Directors of the Company at its meeting held on April 19, 2010, inter alia, have recommended a Final Dividend of Rs. 4/- and a Special Dividend of Rs. 10/- on Equity Share of Re. 1/- each of the Company for approval by the shareholders of the Company.

  93. I am an ITA in f*… TCS, and My VA got changed from 10800 to 14000 for B band… 🙁 what a f*…hike is it????

  94. Boys, in the end its not about showing someone what we can do or critizing or protesting someone. Its about our need or necessity. if we can live with what we get, we have to look for the options for our wife, children and whole family. Forget luxury, think if we are justifying our qualifications with the salary and are really performing duty towards our family. And then we will realise that we werent asking for luxury but renumeration after the inflation has swept us all in last two years. Its not about awaking some company anymore its about moving on to a different one instead of complaining. Take a deep breath and take the decision calmly. Nothing’s gonna change here till next year. All the best guys. Wish me luck too.

  95. Guys, I see why chandu is so despearte to become CEO. This is the reason. He is sucking the blood of his own employees in order to tuck into his big fat belly. It’s time to blow chandu’s A** with big bamboo..

  96. got a promotion after a delay of 2 years and a annual increment of 6 % so promotion and annual hike total comes to around 9% .

    feels like pasting the photo of chandra on all the urinals. and ajoy’s picture will look good in my toilet. so that atleast i can pee with pleasure

  97. Its going to becomes global top 10 soon
    Specializing in chutiya services !!! chandra will rename it to Tata Chutia Services

    where all Bsc and graduates will be managers
    ssc and Hssc and drop outs will work very hard to give the cheapest solutions possible in the market .
    The solutions will be like chinese products no warranty !!!!

  98. Dear TCSER,
    I also faced 498A aaround 3 years back. I just informed HR and went to leave. TCS helped me in that… I was on leave for around 6 months till I get bail. ONce i get bail then I joined office.
    Dont joing your office til u get bail as police may come to office to arrest you. Just try to get mail somehow.
    If you need any more help then mail me at
    I understand what are you passing through… Be bold and face it bravely….All the best…

  99. Let me put an interesting fact before you. By asking us to work for 1 hour more TCS has earned approximately 500 dollars per months per a T&M resource (25 dollars multiplied by 20 days) and ultimately they have not given us even 20% of what they have gained on us

    Next year they may propose 10 hour workday and show more profits without giving us a hike…so think and act against TCS at the earliest

    1. Following are VA for ASC


      Around 10 -20 % higher than last year. Don’t know about other bands

  100. Someone in HR from mumbai told the hike for PCONs and above management is appx 20%
    I don’t blame them we are all living in democratic country where everyone does what they think is best suited for them and if we make a choice of TCS then we should be ready.
    People who don’t like should change and who cannot change can keep writing for TCS management but it is not going to help….everyone needs to help themself. Lets face it

    1. No idea about PCONs hike, but I know three SCONs, on of them got B this year his hike is 6.3% and for other two who got C it around 5.7%

  101. Quick question:
    Is the BoB different for ASE and ITA? (may be a dumb question… yet pls let me know)

    1. Yes you can resign but notice period is 3 month. Even after return upto 6 month your notice period will be 3 months.

    1. Brother ….

      I resigned the day TCS declared rating …. and 20th Apr …. the day TCS declared much hypes increment … was my LAST day in TCS

      I am releaved …..
      But i know , things will remain the same in the other company as well. But atleast i will get some good money

      Good luck to all TCSers

      1. Dear Nabarun,
        You might have made a wise decision.
        Well.. reading thru I could see lots of ppl threatening to resign etc.. But im sure that 90% of them wont do. You are in 10% 🙂

        Best of luck in the new one.

  102. Guys this is another hell news, We got promoted by JAN 2010, per all such policy we will be paid only on JAN 2011. We received a compensation letter at Jan as ASE with out any changes in sal. and now we received paperin APR 2010 saying we are ASET????? how is it possible to DEPROMOTE or DEGRADE us? where it is coming in TCS policy.??? How do they do it wit out a pil of knowledge from emp?? we are just made APRIL FOOLS… when we are looknig frd for promotion hikes we have been DEGRADED…… am sure even SATAYAM wud have not done this doing their recession time. BS

  103. Hey All,
    Dont crib, nothing will change. This IT industry created economic division in our society. How many of u really think, u r worth for ur hefty pay packet? All the IT guys are overpaid. If u dare, go ahead and put ur papers. Within one week u will know ur worth. Just learn to be happy with whatever u r getting. FYI.. I am a retired Professor, whose last drawn salary was Rs.12000/-

    1. Hey Professor saab, bhakwas bandh kar!!
      You dont interfere in our affairs… Your time is over.. Now its Gen X time…
      So plz keep out of this matter.. and mind ur own business…

      1. Hello prof, if you are retired then shut your mouth and sit there. No one called you for any help or advice. If you dont have any work , just cover yourself and sleep.

  104. Guys,

    Needs to at least show that we are not happy eventhough they are know we are not happy with this chillar increment.

    Blak shirt/T-shirt /Trouser/Jeans on Friday , let’s showe them yougistan ka wow.

    I hear some talks that onece it is been declared, from that I can say that nothing is going to change but if we wil not show our diappointment then they will kepp giving pappu incrment every year and our life or TCSers will become worse.

    This company is not understanding the value of their employees, tehy are recruting new joinees with 3-time higher package than the existing employees but when comes to incrment they see us as pappus and giving us lolly pop.

    Balck colour is dress code for this friday, let us show them our unity at least on this matter.

  105. I seen yesterday all Baroda center was disappointed with chillar increment.
    I am sure 80% TCser would be demotivated as rest 20%higher mangement have good hike.
    Even seen Middel managment was laso disappointed.

    Can anybody from mangment let us know how we can motivate ourselves?

    How can be motivated others after result of 3-years waiting?
    I don’t thnk people will work for more working hours without ask as they are doing right now.

  106. wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!BLOODY GUYS do ur work or get out!!!!!!!!!u r not needed anymore I am managing 200 resources waht the hell will u do? go out

    1. @NRAND

      Exactly what you just wrote…

      It is very evident from your statement that what is the level of your maturity….

      I really wonder do you really manage 200 resources ..gimme a break

      I will tell you the real story there will be 10-20 PLs/PMs managing 20-10 people each and SINCE you are in the SAME ACCOUNT for last 10 years and 15 years in company you MIGHT have been made a GL..What do you say abt my guesstimate from your statements.

      1. same yelling fellow dont u understand you are not required in tcs go away………….i will remove you this is my commitment to u

        1. Well I never yelled…May be you need to read my post again..

          I am fine in TCS and have no complaints as have already seen other companies and matured enough to understand the things. I am here and in TCS and not going anywhere…I have joined TCS to stay here as long as I feel that way

          If you feel thrilled by challenging people on the public blogs then please continue doing the same.I am not worried about this so far as my removal is concerned.

        2. abe bhenchod….tu kya nikalega…maan ke lode dum hai to mujhe nikaal ke bata…bhoonsdi ke language dekh apni…madatrchod 200 log kaam karte hain or tu gaand marata hai….ye bechara darr gaya to bhi kya…baki yahan koi darne wala nahin apni maan chuda or jo 200 liog tere liye kaam karte hain unka lund gaand main daal le…

        3. To NRAND: he he…I feel like laughing on your you moron. Just cut the crap…ukhaad kya ukhadega tu hamara…

          1. Kamino tumhari chaddi gilly ho jayege mera nam janoge to , salo apna kam karo aur yeh bolg me bakvas karna bandh karo , 9 hours working hain usme se 8 ghante tum idher apni bakvas karte ho aur salary hike chiaye , sab janta hu main, kaun kitna kam karta hian

          2. @N(RAND)

            we would love to know your name N(Rand-I) so that we can beat you up in TCS premises itself …BTW, what the heck you are doing on this blog ? it seems you are also doing “your bakwas” 8 hrs a day on this blog

  107. నుడే పర్సన్ ఇస్ లికెద్ బి మేనేజర్ మోతేర్ఫుకెర్ సిస్తేర్ఫుకెర్ మదర్చిడ్మదర్చోడ్ భేన్చోడ్ సుక్ మేనేజర్ పెనిస్ డ్రింక్ హిస్ ఉరినే పుట్ సం ఎయిర్ ఐ హిస్ హోల్ ఐ దిద సమె గొట్ ఎక్ష్కెలెన్త రతింగ్ అండ్ ప్రొమొతిఒన్ యు సుకెర్స్

    1. What the f#$%^? Which script is this? Can anyone tell? Looks like some South Indian madrasi … LOL .These South Indians are making our life hell…
      Then was Ram now its Chandra’ turn. All South Indians… Remove them and make some North Indian CEO….

      1. Hey phirangi,

        Tu apan sambhar it doesnt matter whether ceo is n or s all i want is to make money by buttering managers i am very good aT THAT

      1. haramio tum apni sambhalo shit karo aur bakvas karo muje to paisa milta rahega , kyonki manager bhi kabhi ASE tha, usne kiski chati aur main uski chatta hu aur kal tum mera chatoge, idli sambhar ke saath, murakh logo yeh tamil nahi telangana hain, telangana jindabad

      2. are fucker telangana vaasi..tum saale logonko idar kya kaam, jaake telangana lowda districts may maro..this not the space to discuss about telangana fucking issue

  108. chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso chuso

  109. Hey guys keep cool!!!!!!!!! dont fight i love being in TCS for sure even if u jump elsewhere ther is no guarantee abt promotion and increment.only thing u get is jumping increment!!!!!

    gharki mulgi dal barabar

    grass is greener on other side

    1. Hey peacemaker: You seems to have an innate inclination towards submissiveness. C’mon grow up be a man…we are not asking for some charity here…it’s our right to get proper hike. It industry has the minds of it’s engineers as their prime assets, TCS gets huge profits because of the hard work we bloddy put in. It’s high time TCS should realise this fact and honour our efforts properly, otherwise it won’t be long when they will see talent exiting out and Chandra will be left shitting in his pants. TATA group and TCS have to review their policies and overhaul the TCS system of governance.

      1. Calm down baccha you will know the results, Chandra is a visionary he looks forward he is going on right path u are here to create cloud of confusion nothing else

        1. Oye peacemaker Uncle Ji, kal raat ki abhi tak utari nahi kya? Ghanta vision and ghanta path…Go get a life for yourself…Chandra ke chamche…

          1. It is people like you who dont show honesty which finally reduces profit of company and finally results have to be borne by people like me who are innocent.Finally common ppl like me gets frustrated why no hike …but ppl like u dont understand that real culprits r u who are dishonest…blood suckers of company…common man grow up….show ^$&^%*(&(*^(

  110. hey u all Nrand,Maanish Chutwa,SuSu….,Ash-hu-…, mind your language, what the drama is this.This is not forum for your personal enmity.Please keep shut and if u have any grievances raise grievance link is there in ultimatix

  111. a suit filed against Tata America International Corporation (TAIC) and its parent corporations – TCS and Tata Sons Ltd – on Tuesday, Gopi Vedachalam, contends he was instructed to sign over his federal and state tax refund checks to TCS, a media report said.

    US Citizens of the company, however, were not asked to sign over their returns, the lawsuit alleged. Vedachalam, who transferred to the bay area in 2000 from Bangalore, was assigned by TCS to work as a project manager at target, where he made USD 50,000 a year.

    From 2000 to 2005, the refunds he signed over to TCS totalled USD 25,000, according to the lawsuit filed in San Francisco’s federal district court. “As we understand it, that is his money,” his San Francisco-based lawyer Steven Tindall was quoted as saying by the ‘san Jose Mercury News”. An official with TCS, which has 9,500 workers in North America, told the paper he had not seen the lawsuit.

    “To the best of my knowledge, we have not been officially served with the legal papers,” TCS spokesman Mike Mccabe said, adding, “when we are, we will respond appropriately. We take this very seriously.” if certified as a class action case, the suit would be one of the first filed against a company engaged in bringing non-US Citizens to the United States to work in American corporations, Tindall said.

    Vedachalam, 37, received an L-1 visa, which permits foreign companies to transfer workers to their US subsidiaries, Tindall said. He still works for TCS and has been a project manager for 21st century insurance in southern California since 2003.

    While the exact number of non-US citizens working in California affected by the company’s practices is not known, the lawsuit said TCS employed hundreds of non-US citizens throughout the state at the end of 2005.

    Thousands of current and former TCS employees are believed to be affected by the practices, Tindall said. The lawsuit seeks to represent all non-US Citizen employees of TCS, who worked in US between February 14, 2000 and present. In a statement, Vedachalam said, “I work hard for Tata and the companies I have been assigned to. I should receive the full wages Tata agreed to pay me, as should all other Tata employees in America.”

    “I did not hand over my tax refund checks voluntarily. I tried to recover these wages through Tata’s internal procedures, but I was met with either silence or refusal.” TCS also kept non-US employees from being paid for vacation time they did not use and could not roll over to the following year, according to the lawsuit.

    While all TCS workers in the US received 15 vacation days and could carry over five unused days to the next year, US Citizens could get cash for any unused days, but non-citizens had to forfeit that pay, the suit alleged. Only-non-US citizens, who worked for TCS in California from February 2002 through the present, are eligible for the suit’s broader claim pertaining to lost vacation wages.

    State law entitles California workers to receive pay for vacation time earned but not taken.

    1. the gopi vedachalam guy is a simpleton. i too was asked to refund the taxes. i gave it back the old indian bureaucratic treatment. i first told them that i’ll cash the cheque and then refund. then 2 months later, i asked them to cut it from my salary. they didnt. (they cant). then the sent another reminder.i said, i will do it. its been 4 years now. i havent paid and they have conveniently forgotten.

      my advise: ignore it,till it goes away.

        1. sure scumbag.go ahead make my day. slaves like you make it worthwhile posting here.always another moron to whoop some asz

          1. It is people like you who dont show honesty which finally reduces profit of company and finally results have to be borne by people like me who are innocent.Finally common ppl like me gets frustrated why no hike …but ppl like u dont understand that real culprits r u who are dishonest…blood suckers of company…common man grow up….show ^$&^%*(&(*^(

  112. Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, LLP Announces Filing of Nationwide Class Action Lawsuit Against Tata America International Corporation For Requiring Workers to Hand Over Federal and State Tax Refunds
    Suit Is Against Subsidiary of One of India’s Largest Conglomerates By Non-U.S. Nationals Working in the U.S.

    San Francisco, CA, February 14, 2006 — Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, LLP announced that Gopi Vedachalam, an employee of Tata America International Corporation, filed today a nationwide class action lawsuit in U.S. District Court in San Francisco against Tata America International Corporation, and its parent corporations Tata Consultancy Services, Ltd., and Tata Sons, Ltd. (collectively referred to as “Tata”). Among other allegations, the suit charges that Tata has unjustly enriched itself by requiring all of its non-U.S.-citizen employees to endorse and sign over their federal and state tax refund checks to Tata.

    Tata is one of India’s largest business conglomerates, with revenues last fiscal year in excess of $17 billion. The proposed class consists of thousands of current non-U.S. citizen employees of Tata working in the United States, plus former Tata employees dating back to 2000.

    “Tata’s employees from India and other countries working legally in the United States, including thousands of technical support personnel and project managers, work hard to see that the American corporations they support and Tata are profitable,” stated a Lieff Cabraser partner. “These workers are entitled to any amount of taxes they overpaid federal and state tax agencies.”
    Tindall noted that this case constitutes one of the first class action lawsuits against a company engaged in “reverse outsourcing,” bringing non-U.S. citizens to the United States to work in U.S. corporations, for violation of labor laws.
    The complaint charges that most Tata employees in the United States are non-U.S. citizens. These employees are granted visas, which allow them to work and live in the United States. Tata requires each employee to sign an agreement which states that the employee’s gross amount of compensation will be includable as earnings in the United States and reported to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. The complaint alleges that these employees are not paid the amount promised them in these agreements.

    The complaint alleges further that, at least until July 2005, Tata required its non-U.S.-citizen employees to sign power of attorney agreements delegating an outside agency to calculate and submit each employee’s tax return to state and federal authorities. Tata then required its non-U.S.-citizen employees who received tax refunds from state and federal tax authorities to endorse the tax refund checks and send them back to Tata.
    Under California Labor Code Section 221, it is unlawful “for any employer to collect or receive from an employee any part of wages theretofore paid by said employer to said employee.” The complaint also charges that Tata’s conduct violates this Code section as well as the common law forbidding unjust enrichment and conversion.

    From 2000 to 2003, plaintiff Gopi Vedachalam worked in Hayward, California, as a Tata project manager assigned to Target. Since 2003, he has worked as a Tata project manager for 21st Century Insurance in Woodland Hills, California. “I work hard for Tata and the companies I have been assigned to. I should receive the full wages Tata agreed to pay me, as should all other Tata employees in America. I did not hand over my tax refund checks voluntarily. I tried to recover these wages through Tata’s internal procedures, but I was met with either silence or refusal.”
    Mr. Vedachalam is asking the federal court to certify the case as a class action and issue an injunction against Tata, preventing it from requiring its employees to endorse their tax refund checks to the company to the extent it is still doing so. The complaint also seeks compensation and damages for current and former employees who were not paid what they were promised and who were deprived of their tax refunds.

    Further Information
    Members of the media can obtain a copy of the complaint by contacting Stephen Cassidy of Lieff Cabraser by e-mail to
    Current and former Tata employees who wish to learn more about the lawsuit or to join the lawsuit should visit or call 1- 800 971-8881 (415 956-1253 for San Francisco local access) to contact Lieff Cabraser.
    Tel.: (415) 956-1000

  113. 10 to 13% hike is false statment given to media and public. every one has got only 7 to 10% hike. Look at the sitution two year back and now

    2 year back Rice is 22 to 25 , Today it is 38 to 44
    2year back sugar is 14 to 18, Today it is 34 to 38
    2 year back petrol is 44 to 48, Today it is 54 to 58
    2 year back 2 bed room house rent 4000 to 6000, Today it is 7000 to 9000

    All the essential commodities have risen around 60 to 80% and Tcs has given 7.5% hike for me after getting B banding in appriasal.

    All the three gentlemens on the top are spoiling our life. Those who gone for onsite they c and d banding saying they geting money in dollor and pound.
    In Off shore they give again c band for most of the team member and with held B and A band for mangers and senior managers.

    In our project, we all 4 team members are dicided to put papers as we are the core resoures to handle situations and client, definetly project will go back from TCS. If any one has dare to do so, pls form a group search job outside and put paper, remember not to transfer any knowledge gained to fresher or new joinee. when more people quit project at a same time, they will come to know the clients pressure and value of core / experienced resources in the organisation.

    1. This comparison is bullshit. TCS is not responsible for inflation and price rise. If you have such a problem with TCS, show guts and out papers. Everybody (including me) is disappointed with salary hikes. But know this, TCS mgmt just does not care about it. They have shown this through their actions time and time. Its not TCS mgmt, its you who is spoiling your life. Get life outside TCS.

      1. agree. only idiots can use inflation as a measure of what your salary should be. i dont like my hike either.neither do 99% of the rest of TCS. the ONLY solution is to leave the company.with dignity.leave like a professional. if your services are not being paid enough, get another company to pay enough.dont mope around and behave like morons.if possible,leave india.-try earning a dollar salary -oops.that cant be done, the cheap indians will force you to lose your job.isnt it?
        if black dal is double the price,blame the govt.
        also,you are NOT competing with the TCS shareholder.TCS shareholder is NOT obliged to give you the best pay in town.your competition is against the lakhs of other IT guys in india -many of whom are ready to work for less. so blame them.blame the new recruits who will work for peanuts.keep moping.thats what goras did when we took away their IT jobs.

        if you are really worth a higher salary,you should SIMPLY QUIT.DONT Make a noise about it.let the management be hit.if the shareprice goes down because of you leaving,the management also loses.

        i am astounded at the basic ignorance of finace and business amongst the people here.sheesh

        1. Guys it was never like Company was responsible for inflation, it was comparison of how prices of everything have rised and TCS as company not thinking how can an employee sustain with this high inflation scenario after getting peanut increment.Inflation rate has to monitored by govt.

          It was our fault that we trusted this bastards and waited for good hike …and finally wasted 1-2 years of career.

        2. Well said, skeptic – This is the only sensible post that I could see in this whole list of 300+ comments.

          Pl. act professionally. If you want to leave TCS, do it with dignity. It’s pretty obvious now that TCS does not want loyalty/ long service from the associates – they are better off hiring trainees, using them for a couple of years and then discarding them.
          In the meanwhile, if you do manage an Onsite stint, good for you !!!

          Pl. move on & stop cribbing – all the best for all those who are looking for jobs outside of TCS !!!

        3. >skeptic said :
          >agree. only idiots can use inflation as a measure of what >your salary should be.

          Well salary hikes are given to enable employees keep pace with inflation.. Thats how it happens world over, so what else do you think is the motive of annual wage revision and hikes?

          1. salary hikes are not happening in the west since many years now. is it because their living costs have not gone away?.think again. salary hikes are required only if the employee is in danger of leaving the company. so my suggestion is,leave the company and let attrition scare the amount of abusing or appealing to the good senses of humanity will work.
            my maid gets more ore less the same salary since a couple of is because she knows that if she doesnt accept it,some other bai will. so we are all essentially software coolies in a race to the bottom.-UNLESS YOU HAVE SOME NICHE SKILL

        4. Skeptic: Before giving us lessons on finance and business…use some of your brains to understands the basics. As Dexter writes, salary hikes are given to emplyees so that they can address their expenses and maintain their standard of living. Why do you think TCS increases it’s biling rates year on year, do they justify that increase to the customer saying that our people want to eat Britanis biscuits and not Parge G anymore, they want to drive a i20 and not an i10 anymore, it’s pure inflationary pressures that form the core of billing rate increase/ wage hikes everywhere in the world. In the fifth pay comission the govt. gave it’s employees 40% hikes, was it done to increase the Honda Civic sales (I seem to be obsessed with cars), no it was done so that they can maintain their living expenses. If the Govt. of India can do that, mind it they seem to be the most mis-managed organization in the world, why can’t TCS, is the TCS higher management blind. They did not give a paisa of hike last year, though they themselves had it, in effect whatever hike they gave now, just divide it by half and that is the hike for the year.

          1. no you doofus. salary hikes are NOT GIVEN so that employees can address their expenses and maintain their standard of living. salary hikes are given only because the employer cannot stop you from leaving if the hike is not given. Govt babus and other tax parasites are not based on a market economy. those leeches can just steal from the taxpayers contribution.thats why they have stupid DA.inflation is caused by monetary policies of the govt and not business environment. it is truly astounding how socialist thinking has clouded the minds of the people of this country

          1. Skeptic: Well your usage of words totally potrays your lack of sanity and maturity…just go and grow some balls you cretin. And I must say WOW to your concept of salary hikes, companies give it so that you do not quit !!! (well some people just wait for a hike and then quit, how bout that ?). Just go and read some economics books (PS: The concept of Economics and business have been devised as tools to manage the requirement of human beings and IT IS NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND). Actually we understand why TCS policies are so absurd and screwed up, it’s because of morons like you sitting on the top, when you don’t even have a basic understanding of economics how the hell will you shape correct policies. And please don’t even talk about socialism, you don’t even have slight idea of what it is, shame on people like you.

  114. why we are not unitedly sue against TCS for giving wrong statement in media- 10% hike…actually they are giving 5% hike

  115. Dexter

    Why is a person idiot for comparing inflation with salary ? Do you know even Govt gives DA based on inflation and is it not part of the salary.
    But coming back to the topic of compensation I think we should write or give the link to the media and form a group like an IT union or association otherwise the management will take us for granted and Let wear Black on Friday to give a form of protest to the Management.

  116. Hi,
    Its a well laid out plan to insult our work . the dedication we showed by staying with the company during its tough times has been mocked by the management .

    I dont understand why TCS gave promotions if they cud not afford it ???

    I think we should donate one day’s salary to the Management so that it can give good increments to all its employees.

    1. Guys, I am writing this again: I have guts to do this but I also support a family and dont know the repercussions of doing this.
      But can we writing something like what a Capgemini guy wrote to his to higher management after getting a meagure hike/bonus?
      “I can understand that FY 2009 was very difficult for our Organization to meet its financial goals.
      So I would like to contribute to some extent to ease the difficulty faced by our organization in monetary terms.
      My humble request is that please keep this Bonus amount for any future crisis.
      Thanks for your great efforts, which you have put in during the recession period for our unexpected benefits.”

  117. Hi
    Please let me know the procedure for resignation and how many days it takes to complete the formalities. Also let me know whether the notice period is 1 month or 3 month, and if I have to pay the notice period then is it only the basic that is required to pay?

  118. I’ll just try to guide as per my recent experience (I just resigned before 3 months & will help u unless any policy changed recently…:-)
    Ur resignation would be applicable only from the date you shoot the mail to your supervisor..then ur supervisor will initiate separation process workflow alongwith notice period details..Notice period is always negotiable which depends in ur PL’s approach. I suppose that it’s 1 month for Offshore emp & 3 months for emp who returned from onsite..Basic salary component needs to be paid for shorter notice period..Once workflow starts, it will go to ur PL, GL/ISU owner & HR..HR will contact u for exit interview & a form to be filled up for feedback formalities..clearance from Library, IS, Admin will also come in workflow which is normally done in last 4-5 days before separation..

  119. Can any one answer these query regd onsite salary in TCS

    1) How much dollars in hand do an ITA get per month.Location:california
    2) Is there any advance given prior to visit
    3) Bond details on L1 visa.How long do he need to remain in TCS once back from onsite if he puts his paper

    1. 1) How much dollars in hand do an ITA get per month.Location:california
      Dude .. This should be $200-$300 more than what you earned as ASE. I dont know about California. I am guesssing $3900 to $4000
      2) Is there any advance given prior to visit
      Yes. $5000 is given to everyone
      3) Bond details on L1 visa.How long do he need to remain in TCS once back from onsite if he puts his paper
      2 months …. with one month notice period

  120. 2 things to note here
    1) All Indian IT companies reported sales growth by making the employees work for 1 or more hours apart from the normal working hours. This has resulted in reduced operating costs and nothing else
    2) If Infosys has announced a special bonus it makes sense as more than 80% of the shares are with public (including Infosys employees who received them through ESOPs). But for TCS it is different, TATA Sons has more than 70% of the shares (refer to the latest Q3 results sheet for the exact number) and so an additional divedend will help TCS “officially” direct funds to TATA sons and retail shareholders are not going to be gained by this move

    1. Do you indicate that if i was infy PM GL i would get more/ Here i come Infy……people under me are always going to get fool…i follow divide and rule policy still and will follow same everywhere…this is my secret of success…

    2. so do companies go IPO becuase they want to ‘share the wealth with the public'(as idiots at infy say) OR because they want to raise money cheaply and share the risk around?.

  121. Take your heads outta your asses and look at the world economy. If you were onsite and a client employee, the vast majority of you would be laid-off and replaced with someone offshore for less than 1/3 the price.

    Instead, you have a job. The general apathy and self-righteousness of the comments above is pathetic. If TCS looses customers because of your lameass-ness, where do you think they will go? The competitors, but they are not going to pay more.

    It is up to you to capitalize on the opportunities on your accounts and maximize your potential. Wake the fuck up to reality because you sound like a bunch of spoilt brats. And don’t expect the company to keep wiping your asses.

    1. @Outsider

      Do you think none of us has capitalized on any opportunities in our account ? Mr Outsider, After putting hard work for 4 years , making us wait for 23 more years – if TCS says that promotion hike will be applicable only if you complete one more year in current grade, that causes apathy and self righteousness – if company doesnt care abt you , why the f*** you need to care abt company ?

      Coming to your comments, you better keep your shut , if you cant speak abt exploitation TCS is doing. how much TCS has paid you to write a favourable comment abt TCS ?

      1. when the same category people near u are paid more than u and when u were asked to lick ur own A** u will know what we are speaking here. But close ur A** and watch..

  122. Hey Outsider’s View ,

    No one asked your opinion and I think you must have got 25% rise so you are saying such things. We know our responsibility.

  123. In reponse to Outsider’s View comments, you are one of them who wipe mgmt asses or your boss ass to get some good rating. Or are you the one who get milk/grocery for your boss?

  124. TCS policy is getting better by the day 🙂 First they delayed promotion and now giving peanuts as increament :-). On top of these, your manager expects you to work for 11 hours 🙂

    Have told my manager in simple hinglish that you will get same quality of work as I am getting salary (peanuts) :-). Best thing of all is increment letter is out so no one can change the salary now 🙂

    In total, pass your time for 6 months as paid holidays in TCS and then switch 🙂

  125. I know some who got A band this year, + promotion last Oct 09. They got whopping 25 – 36 % increase. and its 100 % true. I have seen the letters.

    1. Well this is not always true

      Take my case as of Mar 31 2009 my salary was X and after appraisal it went down to 0.78X(22% decreased due to Band D for the account movement.. yes this is the hard fact and you can not change it) and now my sary is 1.03X (current Band B ) so what you will say I got 31% hike or 3%….

      I consider it 3% an not 31% 🙂

  126. Hi,
    can someone tell me the current salary breakup for a ITA in band C…one of those who got lucky enough to get promoted before jul’09.
    I just want to know how much I can expect after few months and whether it will be worth waiting for.


  127. can someone tell me what is the real hike – I became ITA in Jan 201o. Difference in salary in my promotion letter issued in Jan 2o10 and new compensation letter is 5 percent hike – also my band has remained same for all past years – COMMON Band.

    5 percent hike after 2 years with same band for ITAs promoted in 2010 Jan., 6 months later then due and with No va hike.

    What the F**ck is this… and why does they say 10 percent or 13 percent hike. who the hell has got this much hike.

  128. Can anyone tell me whats the real hike for guys who got promoted to ITA in Jan 2010. What’s the difference between total package in Promotion Letter and new Compensation Letter.

  129. Can someone fill this out?

    Band ==> OLD VA ==> NEW VA
    A = 37500 ==>??
    B = 33000 ==>37500
    C = ?? ==>31000
    D = 19000 ==>??

    1. Is that right for B? new VA 37500? I thought ASC B is 37500.

      Can anyone give ASC VA also.

      Band ==> OLD VA ==> NEW VA
      A = 37500 ==>??
      B = 33000 ==>37500
      C = ?? ==>31000
      D = 19000 ==>??

      Band ==> OLD VA ==> NEW VA
      A = ?? ==>??
      B = ?? ==>??
      C = ?? ==>??
      D = ?? ==>??

  130. The management of India’s largest IT company TCS has more than made up for not giving out wage hikes or promotions last year. It has spent USD 193 million on increments this year, reports CNBC-TV18’s Kritika Saxena.

    2009 was a gloomy year for TCS employees with no wage hikes or promotions. But the company has more than made up for it in 2010. It has spent a whopping USD 193 million on giving out increments of 8% to 17% across the board. This, despite the fact that wage inflation could hit margins by 20-30 basis points.

    Ajoy Mukherjee, Global HR Head, TCS said, “I am aware that our numbers will be hit maybe even to the tune of 20-30 basis points. But we are trying to use other levers to cushion margins. However, attrition had become an issue and to combat it, a significant wage hike was the only solution.”$193mpay-hikes-_453170.html

      1. This news means that TCS is just like an elephant who has different teeth to show and eat 🙂

        I am yet to find a person who got 10% hike being in the same band (I am not talking about people who got their band change from D to B or C to A as that is bound to increse the VA) keep things simple I am yet to find out a person whose basic got increased by 10% as this VA is very fishy becoz 20% they keep at their disposal to decide whether to give or not …

        So let me find out at least one person who has got 10% then need to see what is the meaning of “Avergae” as it has been declared that average hike is 10%

        1. I got 10% and My band has been changed from A to B…

          Yes you read it right from A to B and also I am an ITA

  131. kanja karumaadhi naadhaari pasanga andha mgmnt naayunga. echa kai la kaakka otta maattanunga. client ku ass wash pannuvaanunga, employeees na goyyala kevalam avanungalukku. am trying to be decent, okka makka,,,, eppadiyo oliyattum indha naayunga. okkali inimel inga irukka koodathu…

    1. @Moderator : Request you to remove these messages where it is not in English, Having increased reputation this unnecessary message will promote regional war instead of united war against TCS about the apathy it has shown against the employees (resources).

  132. Hail Infy…Down with TCS
    Quit TCS Movement
    TCS Non-Co0peration Movement
    Buddy Bhagao Movement
    Ajoy Mukherjee…Go Back
    Chandra …Leave TCS
    We want Justice

  133. TCS’ers… 6 Years As ASE with recent promotion as ITA on paper, I have no other reason to blast and quit this F’d MF Blood sucking TATA’s Tatta Joint named TCS.
    We have already seen beyond the obvious with certainity since long but now time has come to rise from ashes and burn all Waste from Revolution names TCS that Kohli started… TCS Tamil Coffeee Sambar’s days are no doubt soon going to be over. lets quit this bhenchod company and let this ass’hole reaslize how deep the hole has been digged and let TCS Management do covering up unethically which surprisingly is the Brand Value for TATA Group and Ratan Tata.
    Kudos for TCS for making sincere efforts to ensure Employees experience this certainity that is always beyond the obvious..

  134. Guys,
    Please log a grievance if not done already. Thats the only official way to tell tcs that you are dissatisfied (apart from resigning of course). Writing on Justask and here is fine, but we must log the protest in Ultimatix. I have already done it. Those who have not. DO it TODAY!!

  135. You all fools all shut up since 3-4 days….this is called management tactics ….give time and all frustrated employees return to normalcy….hahaha…i deserve to lead team of 500-1000 donkeys like you all.

  136. Working with TCS for the last 11 years.
    Managed projects and have been a solution architect in few projects

    1. Loyalties work more than your actual work content.
    2. You are just another scape goat. If you don’t listen they can get easily hire someone like you.
    3. You never are human. You are a robot
    4. Manage people – give them false commitments.
    5. Client is GOD. Project team are idiots. Your boss knows GOD and you never know who he is.
    6. Don’t ever think the project has to be successful. You have to be successful with your boss first.
    7. You do or die, but senior management is never going to lend a helping hand.
    8. HR – When you ASK for a technical/solution architect you will get a B.Sc graduate just passed out from college. If you ask more you will get one more project manager.

    Employees like me don’t deserve to be in TCS.
    Better quit or you will get in to SHIT sooner or later.

  137. According to Ajoy Mukharji we will be getting our VA’s after post completion of one year in that promoted grade. In my case : I have been promoted in Jan 2010 to ITA and B band in H2, can any one tell me whether the VA (ITA slab) will change in Jan 2011 OR will be effective from April 2011???

    1. still u trust will be effective from april 2011 and they are coming up with metric system ur VA will never be at Par with previous ITA

      1. Ideally it should be effective Jan 2011 where you will get the current ITA slab of your band. But you never know TCS. When they reach January they may decide to come up with some funkylogic. They anyhow delayed the VA by 2 years by delaying the promotion by an year. They go to any cheap extent to save some money and give big hike to Chandra.

          1. Example of metric system:

            Suppose VA is supposed to be 28K for ITA and currently it is 16K(New Namesake ITA)
            then after 1 year it will be 20k(Jan 2011)
            then 24k in jan 2012
            then 28K in jan 2013
            and then we get due for some other promtion if we are a big loser to stay back till that time.

  138. this metric system may be related with the ajoy’s comment that those are promoted will get 13% hike…on average
    so around 10% is already given..and the remaining 3% will be given in July 1o for those promoted in July 09…

    its just an effort to interprete the managements language…but reality dont know what’s going on…
    if it is so..then it is very very cheap….and by the Jan11 they may come up with some new modified metric system

  139. After announcing Rs 10 special divident TCS Management thought that its share value will increase but it has not happened so (Share price has come down to Rs 770 from Rs 800+ existing on the day of Q4 results announcement). So, investor is more intelligent than TCS Management

  140. TCS touches new low. They have started to recruit DIPLOMA freshers. That’s because Engineering graduates don’t want to join this company because of its hopeless salary package. Maybe, after few months they will start recruiting 8th fail or 10th fail students.

  141. The news from Ajoy on increment in Emerging markets “…2 to 10% for Emerging Markets.” is bogus……

    1. Yes. TCS is lying. It did not give 2% in USA. I got 1.01% and I checked with many others. All of them got the $100 hike per month, which will turn to $66 after taxes. TCS didn’t change anything for 5 years and after that they give hike of $66?? what a Shame. Now they will take 5 more year for the next hike. So in 10 years one will get $122 hike=Rs.6000 for 10 years.. hehehe..LIARS where is the TATA ETHICS in lying???

      1. Hey man don’t expect hikes in onsite salary. Already you are enjoying onsite since more than 5 years. Here offshore people has to cry for hikes not onsite guys like you….you are already savings lacks and here people are working for thousands….

        Be Happy at onsite

        1. Who told I was there for 5 years. I said they didnt change salary for 5 years. Do you know what pressure we have at onsite. For you guys it is okay if you don’t come to work, don’t own anything. We need to answer for everything. I have seen both onsite and offshore side. There is good and bad about both. Let’s not discuss this here. I was mentioning about how TCS behaves in media about hike and the amount of hike they actually give.

        2. @DON ; Grow up man, you sure you work for TCS? makes me wonder who in TCS hired a muddle head you! Your comments very well show the kind of IQ and analytical skills you have. Poor TCS with poor people like you.
          No one would have stopped you from going onsite but the kind of comment you have written above very well answers it all.

  142. Check my reply above for Metric System details..this cud be rumor but this what id doing rounds in our group from long time..came to know about it from a colleague who had some HR links also

    1. Thanks for Metric System….
      Seems very irritating right? How do you come to know about this Metric System?

  143. Guys,

    Those who are still waiting for better opportunities outside of TCS, Management has opened PULSE 2010-11 today. Please participate in the same and show your dis-satisfaction, frustation, anger by rating everything Low, so that the ASI falls don drsatically this year. Don’t think about the consequence/use of this, but let the Management know your opinion

    All the best for your trials!!!

      1. PULSE will not make any difference..they will manipulate these figures..put 4-7 year band ppl with 3 year band ppl which are supposedly satisfies and will show some good figures….PULSE is just a formality and after that Ajoy will again give that smirk from his monkey thing could be to boycott it….
        Don’t spend time in PULSE..spend time in preparing for interviews to leave this Total Shit Hole
        To hell with TCS and to hell with PULSE

        1. Yeah buddy… I went through PULSE questioner, but no use, they have asked such a limited questions e.g. in Performance Management area, only SINGLE question and that too useless, where most of the ppl will answer as Satisfied!! which is pathetic. This is how they will show % of satisfaction as +ve in this area.. its hopeless…

          1. Why don’t u answer everything as dissatisfied. You are sure nothing will happen in the area of Performance Management.

        2. Hi Friends,
          Not participating in PULSE will be the best idea. Management only wants our participation, nothing else. Even if you dissatisfy everything, that increases participation, and they are anyways going to manipulate what you will be inputting.

          Moreover this is just a survey, there will not be any consequences cause you band will be be going to change with this. This is not reflected anywhere else.

  144. I have decided to ignore Pulse this year. No point in participating. I have participated in 5 pulse surveys till now and have lost my trust in it.
    do hell with it. everyone here should ignore it.

  145. Silence is better than words..but i think we can fill pulse in two ways
    1) boycott pulse
    2) if filling plz put dissatisfied in everything ..(hope i’m not the only one 😉 ? )

  146. Guys,

    Infor is a good company which has openings for .Net and Jave stream candidates.

    Position : Technical Consultant
    (Position Code: TC-01-0510(VB))

    Experience: 3-4 Yrs

    Qualification: B.Tech / M.Tech /MCA
    Skills: Technical knowledge required
    Minimum 3 years experience with Microsoft Tools and Technologies like Visual Studio 6.0, Visual Studio 2008
    .NET 3.5 frameworks with AJAX, ASP and web programming,
    Configuration of servers (IIS, etc), COM/DCOM, .Net framework security,
    Good knowledge of web session management and handling session transfer between classis ASP and .NET
    Design Knowledge
    UML, Dot net architectural design
    Microsoft legacy product design (VB and related products)
    Other Skills
    Should be good at SQL performance tuning
    Should have experience in n-Tier programming
    Should be good in technical analytical skills
    Data migrations knowledge would be an added advantage
    Soft skills
    Should be willing /able to guide a team of software engineers on all aspects
    Should have good communication skills (written/verbal)

    Additional Parameters: Added Advantage
    Experience in
    XML, XSLT, SQL server/SQL 2005/SQL 2008
    SQL FTS – Full Text Search knowledge
    Exposure to Server products like BizTalk, Windows Server environment, etc.
    Exposure to Public Sector Domain and products like Hansen / Pathway or other competing products will be preferred
    This position is based in Hyderabad

    Date Posted: 4/30/2010
    Closing Date: 5/10/2010

    Position : Technical Consultant
    (Position Code: TC-01-0510(Java))

    Experience: 3-5 Yrs

    Qualification: B.Tech- Degree/diploma in Computer Science, Engineering and/or Mathematics.
    Skills: Good IT consulting experience and exposure to all phases of software development including Analysis and Design, Implementation, Testing, and Deployment
    3 to 5 years of experience with Java-based technologies: J2SE, J2EE, JSP, JDBC.
    2 to 3 years of experience with at least one of the RDBMS’s: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2.
    Should have a grasp of basic database concepts and should be strong in SQL and be able to code complex queries. Any DBA experience is an added advantage.
    Experience with application servers: BEA Web logic, Oracle 9iAS, IBM Web Sphere will be an added advantage
    Ability to grasp concepts quickly and learn predefined methods for extending the Work brain application functions and customizing the environment to meet specific client’s needs
    Ability to analyze problems and provide innovative solutions
    Knowledge of Human Capital Management solutions is an asset
    Willingness to travel to the client site (if necessary).

    Additional Parameters: This position is based in Hyderabad.

    Date Posted: 5/3/2010
    Closing Date: 5/14/2010

  147. Thanks God I didn’t wait for the salary hike before putting the papers.
    It would have been just a waste of time and opportunity. anyway after 3.5 years of working with tcs i have joined a new organisation with 50 % hike…
    Its a time to teach lesson to the blood sucking hire management that they cannot fool everytime..
    Good luck to them who are looking outside.

  148. Not sure if you guys know, but for BFS3 there is a mail sent by the HR to everyone regarding a new retention plan INVOLVE for associates up C2 grade. This clearly gives a indication that the resignations are on high and the corporate is coming up with this retention schemes.

    1. Can you elaborate on the mail received by the BFS3 team please? If possible, can you post the mail that has been sent in this forum?

  149. hi all,

    i work in tcs in delhi and got mail that they are applying for my h1b visa are they aplying or is it some gimmick to control attrition…..i work in a domestic project

    1. TCS applies for bulk H1B visas every year. Selection process is random based on certain criteria like 1. should not be comp sc graduate 2. Should have less then 3 years of exp. So don’t get surprised if you got.

  150. Infy hike letters are out..ppl are getting flat 20% hike and high performeers are getting arnd 25% hike…..

  151. Can anyone tell me the basic salary of an AST? Or may be the nett salary without the VA…as there will be no increase in the VA,so whats the use of asking. Thanks.

      1. Thanks. With no variable pay increase thats the only thing to look upto. Hope they dont decrease the basic pay also. In the first promotion, i.e from ASE to ITA, the increase in basic was just 2200.

      2. Basic Salary of AST 21500?? in what part of world? Its 17000 Rs Flat as per the promotions last year and this year.

        1. Oh, may be 21500 is after 3 yrs being an AST. So thn what was the increase in basic salary from an ITA to AST? Coz as I mentioned, from ASE to ITA it was 2200 in 2007.

  152. WHAT IS YD/YG GRADE IN TCS? policy says people joining TCS in YD/YG grade will have to spend 4 yrs in grade and 5 yrs in experience…what hell is this stupid things to get promotion even without hike…….

  153. for those promoted in july09, the one year..time line for getting the new per the current just about to finish…so can those people expect some letter about this new VA in this month….or should be mentally prepared for the roll-out of some new policy…….

  154. A word of caution:
    Those aspiring for increased VA after 1 year of completion. I want to write a word of caution. According to the cost theory of TCS(i.e. the total salary cost should remain constant), there will be a huge additional cost burden from the 2nd quarter of the current fiscal(remember , promotions have been given at all levels not only ASE to ITA and the proposed increase in VA is much more as you move to higher grades). Now, TCS will try to tackle the problem as of now by trying to delay the joining dates of the trainees as they normally would join from the 2nd quarter. This will lessen the cost of the new joinees from the total cost. But the trainees have to join latest by quarter 4. Hence there is a possibility of layoff/sacking from the 3rd quarter onwards, anticipating a rise in salary cost in the near future. I do not know from which level will the layoffs take place. I can only say if the associates promoted after 6 years are made the target, it will be very unfortunate. Hence the word of caution.

  155. @ ADMIN,

    Can you please create a new thread on the new promotion policy released by TCS. The crux of the matter is irrespective of whether u r a lateral hired resource or a TCS resource from the beginning, you have to serve 3 years in the grade to be eligible for promiton if rating is either B/C and if you have 2 consecutive As, you wil have to serve in the grade for 2 years.your comments please…

  156. Dear All,

    I am also among those who have contributed a lot for this organization but now regret why the hell i rejoined it back. In my case case the did not accept my promotion in Jan 2009 because as per HR’s calculation my experience till July 2009 was coming out to be 3.996 years. Though i proved her wrong but she said this is the way we calculate and now it is very difficult to backdate anything in system. I believe the biggest problem with this organization its third class HR. MATC and Admin .. since our things gets in their workflow, they expect us to bow down to them and beg for the corrections.
    I had never thought that i would in to such a traumatic state in my professional life but whatever in general too TCS is not taking a right policy and not reaching to any objective. These cheap policy would not let good breed of people to stay and at the end of the day TCS will have to hire not to equivalent laterals at a higher cost only. I believe TCS mgmt is being very short term.

    Anyways.. lets hope for the best.

  157. Dear All,

    I am also among those who have contributed a lot for this organization but now I sincerely regret why the hell i rejoined it back. In my case, corp HR did not accept my promotion in Jan 2009 because as per HR’s calculation my experience till July 2009 was coming out to be 3.996 years. Though i proved her wrong but she said this is the way we calculate and now it is very difficult to backdate anything in system. I believe the biggest problem with this organization its third class HR. MATC and Admin .. since our things gets in their workflow, they expect us to bow down to them and beg for the corrections.
    I had never thought that i would in to such a traumatic state in my professional life but whatever in general too TCS is not taking a right policy and not reaching to any objective. These cheap policy would not let good breed of people to stay and at the end of the day TCS will have to hire not to equivalent laterals at a higher cost only. I believe TCS mgmt is being very short term.

    Anyways.. lets hope for the best.

  158. Is there any news of the hike for associates promoted in Jul,2009. Is it going to be a meagre 2-4K hike p.m?

  159. now there talk of the twon is Q2 is not that promising and europe headwinds are hitting business and volatile currency market making us difficult to make business.. I have seen 8 year expr person they are ready to offer 12.5 lakhs but the people who are already there with more then 8 -9 years expr they are paying 7-8 lakhs and at the the time of goving hikes they are coming with shit policy of 1 yr work in that rol. Top of that Top mgt salary had grown 25% and higesh paid peopl in desi IT industry. they can pay 4000 cr as dividend but they can’t pay 500 cr to deserving employee who are promoted after 4-5 years and they have smell utter policy shit of high leve mgt.

  160. VA hike letters will be out around the 3rd week of July, very close to the release of the Q1 results. It seems those wwho got promoted in july 2009 will get their revised VA as per the promoted grade starting from july 2010

    1. VA letter will be released one day before and after before the results gets announced. Julys’ salary VA will be as per the new the new hike

    1. May I know from you is there any mention of new VA figure for you in the recent hike letter that would be effective from August?

  161. Guyz, there is nothin like matrix system in the VA.. as it was earlier mentioned in this thread?

    1. Is this a question? or you are saying there is nothin like matrix system in the VA.. as it was earlier mentioned in this thread.

  162. Hi Friends,
    Someone told me that the policy of giving VA hike after 1 Year will be revised to 6 Months. Is it true????
    If it is so then even I can get a VA hike as I was promoted in Jan 2010.
    Please update………

    1. I wish and pray this rumour is true.. but Top Mgt don’t care about low to mid level mgt associates (ASE to ASSOC). Otherwise what gain they made with last change of policy. Already people wee left TCS due to there f@ucking shit policy.

      No one know even Ajoy, whats there in mind of Chandra.

  163. 18 months from LDP as per the news from HR. This change is due to the fact that lot of associates are getting promotion and there needs to be a check on VA as infiormed by a senior HR resouirce here in Air India

    1. This cannot be the case..policy states its 12 months from the last date of promotion. so ideally those who got promoted ni july 2009 should get thier kitty.

  164. New update on VA…Looks like VA2 this time is going to be less than 75%….as EVA not met as targeted. Source of this news is Branch HR who daily interacts with Cor HR Team….Any one has similar news

  165. Frustration Personified – Kis duniya mei ho…Policy and in TCS…agar letter aana hoto to ab tak aa jata …..poor TCSers still hoping new va letter…
    mai to kahta hu va choro…even agar salary aadhi bhi kar di jaye tab bhi koi farakh nahi padega

  166. with infosys results i m sure tcs also may not show good results…that means impact on VA2 and no va hike for promoted associates last year…that way management can provide Rs 3 as divident to all share holders….let me know ur thoughts

  167. Can someone pl let me know what is the basic pay for AST & VA as one of my friend has got an offer with approx. 20,000 Basic pay + 34,000 VA PM

  168. Do not join because:

    (1) Next yr he will get C/D/E Band then his VA will come down between 0-25K.
    (2) He will be AST for another 4-6 yrs, might be kicked out after getting D band once or twice depend on current market situation.
    (3) Anyone anytime may get D band in TCS. (All we know about TCS poor supervisors). Reasons may be: Telgu reporting Tamil. You are better than your supervisor etc etc.
    (4) You may have to report to ASE/ITA. You will be totally frustrated.
    (5) If you are B Tech/M Tech from IIT/NIT/Named State Engineering College, you may have to report to MCA/B Tech from some 3rd class institutes. (80-90% Chance)
    (6) Do not believe offered VA you will not get this VA from April 2011 onward, if you don’t maintain at least ‘B’ Band. (Please consider Point 3).
    (7) If you have 8+years of good Experience.
    (8) People speak in native language in front of you and you will never know what they are talking about you. Same happen at onsite too even in TCS internal meetings or sometime in front of client at onsite. BRMs/RMs speaks in native language.

    List is long………

    You should join if you are:

    (1) Incompetent.
    (2) Passed out from some private Engineering college and ready to report BSc after few years.
    (3) Kicked out from some good company
    (4) No one ever has seen this Offered amount in your family and you got better than expected.
    (5) Willing to work 14-15 hr at Onsite like slave without any benefit.
    (6) Ready to meet HRs who are MBA from some local college/universities.
    (7) Do not know who select MATC/Librarian/Admin people in TCS. They are the worst in the industry.

    1. I agree with BRM except the point no 5. I know lot of guys from top level institutes who are good for nothing… To be frank a zero supported by the institute name acting as a 1 before zero. At the same time I know guys who are much much talented coming from a third class college. Its not about the college; it is about the commitment, hard work and capacity. Final word is that do not think that a guy is good because he is from big institute and the reverse is also true that the guy may be very talented even though he is from some local college.

  169. I agree with BRM. Anything can happen in this organization.

    Absolutely right about MATC/Librarian /Admin people and Human Admins (supposedly called HRs in TCS) too, who the hell recruits them. They are worst in the industry.

  170. Finally i resigned from TCS today after a long duration of exploitation…i’m damn happy and at the top of the world 😀

  171. Guys, TCS Q1 2011 results today at 08:00 pm to 09:pm IST. What are your expectations? What do you think will come as additional announcements apart from the usual net profit, revenue, etc.,? My guesses:

    1) The VA-2 will be less than 100% as we would have not met the EVA target.
    2) There will be a generic mesage on promotions that we are going ahead, not anything related to the grade’s VA for the promoted employees.
    3) They will showcase that attrition has slightly increased but that also includes cleansing of non-performing associates (involuntary attrition), though this is not the case.

    Come up with more points………………

  172. News from Ultimatix

    The quarterly component of the variable pay (QVA) will be paid in full (100%) for the quarter ended June 30, 2010. This will apply to all eligible employees on India payroll covered under this scheme.
    As communicated earlier, the variable pay of all employees promoted in July 2009 will be revised as per their new grade effective July 1, 2010.
    We have considered the feedback received from all of you regarding the variable pay on promotion. After careful analysis we have decided to revise the variable pay of those who got promoted in Jan 2010. The variable pay will be revised in two stages. The first raise will be effective July 1, 2010 and the second from Jan 1, 2011.
    We have also decided to go ahead with the 2010 promotion cycle, globally, effective July 1, 2010. The variable pay for employees being promoted (India payroll) will be revised after 6 and 12 months as being done for Jan 2010 cycle.

  173. Hi Dexter/Admin

    Any news on when the promotion letters will be out?

    Will it come as a link in Ultimatix HR Management or as a mail or both?

    Has anyone got their Promotion letters?

    Please reply

  174. Where can we see whether promotion approved by corporate or this will happen in coming days??pls reply… mine is pending with corporate when will it get approved…thanks

  175. My VA is just 16K with C band. I got promoted in Jan 2010. Can anyone who got promoted in July 2009 disclose their VA figures after the “Revised Compensation”

  176. Promotion letters are out.. why the hell there is not increase in salary. In my case only a change of meagre 2% change 🙁

    1. Hi,

      I think you might have received RS. 2000 increase in your food coupons.

      If you are promoted now, you will receive your half your VA from Jan 11 and remaining half in Jul 11.


    2. Thats true, jst an increase of mere 500 rupees in basic salary for promotion from ITA to AST, I think the office boy or peon also gets more thn tht whn he is promoted. And they say retention is our main focus…..and tht how u reatain employee..seriously man, is this a joke or what? From ASE to ITA the increase in basic was 2200, and now even without VA its 500…promotion jst for the name sake and yes ofcourse, also for adding 20 more goals to the goalsheet so tht u dnt get the ratings.

  177. For your information.
    Look at the increase in sal of the person who got promoted in Jul 09. From 6.4 to 8.4. Thats for ITA A band ofcourse. Yes ITA VA for A band is around 31.8.
    For Jan 10 promotions, what ever you see in the revised letter is around half of what you will get in Jan 11.
    Just wanted to know, whats the VA for ITA B band?

    1. Hi,
      The VA for ITA band B promoted in Jan’10 is 20k.

      For July’09 promotions I think its around 26k.

      Guys, correct if wrong

      1. das,
        you r absolutely correct!!!

        For those promoted in Jan 2010, remaining 6k will be paid from Jan 2011.

  178. In my case, my basic sal is 15,500 and VA is 20K for ITA promoted in Jan 2010 having 6+ yrs of Exp.
    Can any one tell me, whether my basic salary is upto mark? or should be more?
    Becasue I found that ASE’s also have equal basic as ITA.
    What is the funda behind this?

    1. No use of comparing, it happens all the time in TCS. In my team two of us got promoted to AST wef 1st july’10 and guess what…the third member which I hired for the team laterally as an ITA a year back is getting more salary thn us, more as in 1.5 lacs more even after we got our promotion. And the promotion is jst for namesake with an increase of 500 in basic, and thts it.

      1. Did you get 500 increase in basic or BOB. I too got promoted to AST w.e.f July 2010…No change in basic..just 500 increase in food coupons (from 2000 to 2500).

  179. Dear all
    i got promoted from ita to ast in july 2010… hike of 2k per month…. 500 in BOB and vehicle allowances…. as 1500 …that makes my package at 7,70,745…. i am just abt to complete 8 yrs….. feel like i am a waste fellow…and have developed myself a junk it professional…now decided to quit finally…after long comfortable…reluxing culture of TCS…where managers doesn’t like smart work…they just need donkey work… do as they say policy…i nice lollypop… of 6 months another hike….they have given.. now…. very sad//very sad

  180. This is gross injustice to the people who got promoted in July 09. We had to wait 1 yr for VA hike. But the guys who got promoted in Jan 10 got VA hike in just 6 months. Atleast, they could have given us the same revision after we had completed 6 months. Will they give us arrears? No point expecting anything from TCS. Experience certainity in this regard.
    I just read their annual report. These top management bastards took a salary hike in 2009-10 when we didn’t get any (forget about VA hike) in the name of recession. It was minimum of 20% for them and the CEO getting 55% (why couldn’t he wait 1 yr for a hike aftr getting promoted as CEO???). To top it all, they gave share dividends to the tune of more than 4500 crore to the shareholders. Ramadorai (Ex-CEO) got a retirement benefit of more than 14 crores.

  181. This is gross injustice to the people who got promoted in July 09. We had to wait 1 yr for VA hike. But the guys who got promoted in Jan 10 got VA hike in just 6 months. Atleast, they could have given us the same revision after we had completed 6 months. Will they give us arrears? No point expecting anything from TCS. Experience certainity in this regard.
    I just read their annual report. These top management bastards took a salary hike in 2009-10 when we didn’t get any (forget about VA hike) in the name of recession. It was minimum of 20% for them and the CEO getting 55% (why couldn’t he wait 1 yr for a hike aftr getting promoted as CEO???). To top it all, they gave share dividends to the tune of more than 4500 crore to the shareholders. Ramadorai (Ex-CEO) got a retirement benefit of more than 14 crores.

  182. I just did some maths. The impact to TCS on giving 6 months arrears to the guys who got promoted in July 09 would be in the range of 10-20 crore. This is nothing compared to the 1970 crore they paid as special dividend to its shareholders. What made TCS pay so much to them and didn’t bother to pay us anything??? Did the shareholders bail out TCS during recession? A large chunk of shares are held by the management itself. These greedy bastrds have all dirty tricks to make money so that most of that money goes to themselves. This company will be in shit if it run by such greedy stingy assholes.

  183. Admin
    Why the fuck you didn’t publish my comment when I refered to an article rgdg the show off by TCS for giving VA2 as if they were paying out bonus??
    What was wrong in it?

    1. @frusto

      Any comment with link will be held for moderation, it is how spam happens in Blogs, first understand that. Your comment was held in spam box jus like 1000 others. I have approved it anyway.

  184. @ Frusto,

    Fist of all, mind your words you idiot. YOu could have mailed to admin separately and go a reply. Now we understand why your comments were not published..

  185. @Admin / Dexter,

    Whenever there is any news abt TCS, we would know the first hand information only from this site. This has been going well for the past 3 to 4 quarters. BUt this is the first time (apr to jun) there is no news from admin/dexter on news related to Q1 reults.

    Is there any threat from anyone from the company?

    Any idea guys?

    1. AFAIK, Dexter has left TCS for good. He has moved to a better place and we still are in TCS 🙂 I miss the TCS news and updates here. Wish dexter can do something to make this site active for TCS news 🙂

  186. I’m a fresher and I have got selected in TCS off campus held recently in Techno India, Kolkata. So, can anyone help me about an information that this off campus procedure is for recruiting freshers for IT or ITIS ?
    Thanks in advance.

  187. Its ITIS. For installing softwares, changing machines, movement of machines and othe rhouse keeping works …thats what new recruits will be doing

  188. If you have been deputed to the US for TCS, you are entitled to know that Tata is being sued by its employees for certain practices regarding employee pay. To find out if you qualify to participate, please call 800-971-8881 for a recorded message about your rights from the law firm that has brought forth the suit on behalf of current and former employees. If you wish to be contacted about the matter, you will have an opportunity to leave a message and someone will call you back and let you know more about this suit and what claims the employees are making and what funds they are working to recover.

  189. plz dont come to tcs…its worst than a goverment job…dnt waste ut time and talent…money will alwsya be a concern in tcs…the health insurance is only made to exploit us…we dont get our salaries credited to our a.c on time…the H.R sucks they donthave any answers to our questions…our managers play with the policy…my higer managers hide the new policy set by the company.. deductions from slary without notifications…and they treat u like their personalslaves….Its the FACTORY WORKER feeling here..ive just quit from tcs..
    the pacakage u get thats it….ur growth and salary is stagnant once u come here..

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