First 32 GB Memory Card and upcoming 64 GB by SANDISK

has started shipping its highest capacity 32 GB cards for . is the first highest capacity removal memory card device.
SanDisk has said that “The highly-versatile 32GB SanDisk microSDHC card delivers immediate memory expansion that lets consumers enjoy the -intensive features of their advanced handsets”.

Memory card comes with 5 year warranty which is really a good offer from sandisk.Price of the device is around $199.
With the high end mobile phones available today in the memory capacity has always been a concern.With all provisions to store videos,,, etc whatever memory capacity available in will really be not enough for storage.So SanDisk after shipping its 32 GB memory card it will also be releasing in a short period.
So now its our turn to make sure that the mobile devices that we buy now on has the facility to support such a memory cards with huge storage capacity

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