Modified Curve Fitting in TCS for H2 appraisal (2010)

The post title has been modified after many have raised issues that band D % is not increased this time around.

Here is the new breakup as suggested by commenters :

A 10%, B 32%, C 43% , D&E – 15%

Old post —

Tata Consultancy Services will be announcing its annual hikes next month, but not everyone will rejoice the news, TCS generally tries to keep its overall employee costs same and predictable irrespective of the performance of the company. TCS has been under tremendous pressure due to increasing attrition rate over the past 3-4 months, unlike anytime TCS senior management have spoken about proposed hikes from last quarter just to hold on to the employees planning to quit.

Typically TCS fixes the share of each bands every year typically following is the Division (very sure abt B and C)

A – 5% B – 30% C – 40% D -20% E -5%
A – 10% B – 30% C – 40% D -19% E -1%

The above are normal scenarios but these values are kept as confidential and never shown outside, but this year the management seems to focused on making sure the band D is increased, several project GL’s have been conducting sessions explaining how Band D is not that bad.

And the hike is expected to be in range of 7-15% (highest in higher levels of management). Most employees will see a hike of around 10% max.