HP,IBM and Dell launches new server with Intel Xeon 5600

,IBM and have released new servers today with the new 5600 which is said to have high with low power consumption.There are two important compoenets in the xeoon 5600 microprocessor.They are,

  • Intel® Intelligent Power Technology
  • Intel® Turbo Boost Technology

Intel® Intelligent Power Technology totally controls the power state and intelligently  adjusts and shifts to lowest available power state whereas Intel® Turbo Boost Technology intelligently adjusts performance according to the request received

Following are the features of Intel Xeon Quad and Six cor microprocessor

  • Intel's new 32nm Microarchitecture Nehalem built with
    second-generation high-k and metal gate transistor technology.
  • Intelligent Performance that automatically optimizes
    performance to fit business and application requirements
    and delivers up to 40 percent more performance per watt
    than Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 series.3
  • Automated Energy Efficiency that scales energy usage to
    the workload to achieve optimal performance/watt and with
    new 40 Watt options and lower power DDR3 memory, you
    can lower your energy costs even further.
  • Flexible virtualization that best-in-class performance
    and manageability in virtualized environments to improve
    infrastructure and enable up to 15:1 consolidation over two
    socket, single-core servers.

Apart from the above features Intel processor also has the new provision for . deployments can be secure with the help of Advanced Standard New Instructions.

With this new processor,all the servers shipped today are expected to have 60% performance increase when compared to the latest released last year.

I think it is very much necessary for all the industries to release their products with a very high performance compared to the existing one as already people have started to look for and also is on the way to reduce the investments on hardware.

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