Hats off and many thanks to Charles P.Thacker Turing Award Winner

is not only the winner of ACM A.M. Turing Award but all has many like IEEE John von Neumann medal,a Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery,Distinguished Alumnus in Computer Science at U.C. Berkeley,Charles Stark Draper Prize,and the most important IEEE John von Neumann Medal to his credit

He is given the most prestigious technical award for his invention of first modern personal computer.He is also the co-founder of Ethernet LAN and he takes the credit for designing the prototype of Networked modern computers.

He was also been part of other major invention “Laser Printer” which is really a boon for people who rely on printing.

He is now being part of Silicon Valley and Bill Gates has said that “Chuck played a pivotal role at Microsoft in the development of the PC”

Bill Gates has given him the term “PC Pioneer”
So now we could realise the person who is behind our joy with modern computers.

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