Preorder for apple ipad available at online stores : A cost review

Most of the consumers eagerly wait for the release of and many have already started to book in advance for .So as a first thing find below the link for

Technical of Apple iPad is available at

Apart from normal users who look in to Apple iPad mainly for entertainment,business people  form the major percentage in preorders.For them Apple iPad will be boon as they can demonstrate their products with the help of this small device if proper additional accessories like dock,power adapter,etc are available with them

You will be not satisfied if you just buy the iPad.One should defintely go for the accessories of iPad to experience its feature to the full extent.Some of the mandatory accessories could be

iPad Case                                            – 39$

In-Ear headphones                       – 79$

with remote and Mic

iPad 10W PowerAdapter   – 29$

iPad Dock                                          – 29$

So the total cost of 16GB iPad for the normal end user is not just 499$

but around 675$

For all the business users, cost and the need for accessories will definitely increase apart from the connection.Some of the additional accessories which they require are below

iPad keyboard Dock                                        69$ 

iPad Dock Connector to Adapter    29$

Thus the sum up cost of 16GB iPad for business users with all the additional accessories would come around 874$ and its also not just 629$

Apple also have the Protection plan for two years at the cost of 99$.Since the device itself is new to the its better to go for protection plan as they have replacement/repair options for iPad,battery,USB cable, and Power Adapter

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