Google supports cloud computing by introducing Virtual online shop

Almost all the companies today are driven by the word “”. Main reason is to have some serious cost cutting and low maintainance problem. Centralised repository servers will be used instead of many onsite servers and now is trying to act like a central repository for many business services. Integrated software business are hosted on the cloud.

So Google' Virtual online shop is now open for both IT business organisations to host their services and for the end users to consume the services without any seperate installation cost.

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  1. Generally,Internet will be pictorially represented in cloud shape and thus cloud computing is nothing but internet computing
    To explain in simple terms cloud computing is the concept similar to linux machine where in there will be one server and many virtual clients.Cloud computing provide options to the service providers to host all their business services and even software applications can be hosted on a single repository server and the end users will get the necessary access by connecting to the central repository server.Here the central server need not be one server it can also be many servers connected together.

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