Windows Mobile 7 creating waves in the mobile community

Im not sure whats with ,  could be the luck with version number 7 or Steve Ballmer suddenly found some secret Vault, all their recent products are getting positive reviews even from hardcore critics of Microsoft. After the success of Zune mediaplayer and 7 now its the turn of Microsoft's division to show off a completely rewritten code base and clutter free touch driven interface definitely promises something totally new.

Based on the limited look at the new OS through Developer Build Simulation and some videos, the Windows Mobile OS 7 looks to be driven by simplicity and a typical touch screen based Tiles interface from the Homescreen. No shadows, no unnecessary eye candy and only the intuitive access oriented design, afterall anything else is more than anything. Microsoft has taken the best features from its Zune Media player and embedded in the . All the appear to be completely redesigned (re written ?)  to fit the new OS.

Also Microsoft is going to set Minimum requirements for the Mobile manufacturers so that any device running the WinMo 7 will be as zippy as the devices running competing platforms, If WinMo can make a impact as it appears it would, you can definitely expect a price war benefitting the consumer.

had the advantage of writing 's code from the scratch but the likes of Microsoft and , included  the touch functionality as an extra feature and it involved tweaking their original design which wasnt as flexible as the Iphone OS. But with Nokia is catching up and with Windows Mobile 7, Microsoft is expected to do the same.

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