TCS announces Q3, Stellar performance, No Salary Hikes ,Promotions – yes

announced its 2009-10 Q3 today and produced better than expected numbers.

Q3 Revenues at $1.64 Billion up 10.3% YoY and 6.3% QoQ
Q3 Net profit at $364 billion up 38.9% YoY ; up 14.2% QoQ

TCS also added 10 major clients.
Able to maintain margins by leveraging offshore movements.
Overall growth in All verticals.
BFSI also grew considerably.

Also Ashok Mukherjee announced there wont be any wage hikes this year, they might decide on the hikes after April 2010.

Given the excellent of the company in this quarter, I am happy to share with you that management has decided to pay once again 1.5 times of the quarterly component of the variable pay (QVA) for the quarter ended December 31, 2009. This will apply to all eligible on payroll.

Additionally, we have decided to go ahead with the 2009 cycle globally with effect from January 1, 2010. This will apply to all associates recommended as per our process and guidelines.

For this Quarter there is a 50% hike in VA.

More updates as information is available

See the GAAP presentation here

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  1. I wonder how long we must wait till they decide to do the promotions that have been announced. If it is like the last promotion cyle, then we have a wait of about 1.5 months

  2. Waoo…

    What a great company? Why dont they remove the TATA brand name?
    It’s simply not following the TATA code of conduct.

    NO SALARY HIKE…. what a great idea sir jeee…

  3. Good company Attrition figures are 21% but they cliamed only 11.5%. What to do with promotions when there is no hike? Who ever received promotions in last quarter they only got hike of 2000 that is the reason they are fine to give promotions but not hike. Great Company and we are also great because we are still working working here.

  4. Must be something really wrong with us that we still continue to work here… What the hell !!! how long are we supposed to wait for a salary hike .. I got promoted last year, but just that .. no salary hike . Amazing, batchmates who joined other companies are earning almost double .. Damn It !! I am screwed working here !!

    1. I Agree with Finished_With_TCS…it’s 34% rise on Y-o-Y and they are giving Rs 3800 to us. Shame on you Ajoy and Chandra.

    1. Unfortunately no. It appears that only people whose requests were raiseb before 31st July 2009 will get promotions.

      1. It doesnt matter when the promotion was initiated, many people’s promotions were initiated only last week, despite they being eligible from Jan 2009 or so.

    2. @Rahul

      It doesnt matter when your promotion was initiated, What matters is when are you completing 3 years in your current role? If it falls before Jul 31 2009, then you will get promotion.

      Say if you are a ASE then if you were confirmed before Jul 31 2006 then you will be eligible now (if you dont have any Band D rating in tha last 3 years).

      1. That is bad , I completed 4 yrs on Aug 24 , Does it mean i will not have my promotion as i joined one month later , which was also not my decision .

  5. @admin
    where does it say that there is no hike in the msg from Ajoy? Is this internal news ?

    afaik, for jul 09 promotions, the basic was fixed at 14k. so, someone who had 12k before promotion could see the “hike” but those who already had 14k basic couldnt see any “hike”.
    Most of the employees who joined tcs as freshers get low sal than ep who would join as ASE but with higher pay pack and have to pay the price for being loyal.
    Even a 1yr ASE guy gets the same as 5yr ASE 🙁 ….. shame !!!

    Lesson learnt: Jumping is all that matters. Jump Jump and get a fat pay pack !!!

    1. @ASE till doom

      This was announced in the press conference after the Q3 Results, a reporter asked the question if there will any Pay Hikes and Mukherjee replied saying, we will try to compensate with Variable Allowance and due to dollar appreciation they dont have any plan for Pay hikes in this financial year (ie Till Apr 2010). He also mentioned that they will decide later, if there will be a hike in next financial.

      1. @admin
        Thanks much for clarifying. I seemed to have missed some details of the press conference.

        God help us then !!

  6. Hi,
    I got last promotion in Jan 2007. My prmoton is initiated in Jan 2010. WIll I be eligible this time? If not, then when?

  7. Its very simple to know about your eligibilit and the current status of your promotion. Go to your supervisor and ask him to check on your promotion status. He can view the data for your promotion. There is a column saying “Eligible” and there would be an either “Y” or “N”. Not to think about july or january. Simply see that. Again, there would be column as “Approved by branch HR”, it would also be a “Y” or “N” and then the most important one is “Corporate Action”. This one this time is still showing “No action taken”, which means that if your both the earlier criterias are showing “Y” then your promotion is with corporate and they are still to action on it. No one else will be able to answer your query regarding this untill the corporate decides.

    So guys, stop being skeptical….dont waste time…catch your supervisor now!

  8. Wat would be the package if the basic salary is 14k and rating is B. My current basic is 12k and am an ASE.

  9. Guys ,

    When i spoke with HR , i was told that there is no hard and fast rule for the 1+ 3 years. It just depends on your supervisor.

    I was just wondering wat process was ajay speaking of . Buttering the Supervisors ???????? Fr some people it has been initiated , who are no good analyticaly and also in communication .. its just that they are happy staying in one project for years and years together . Doing the same BS again adn again without imprving the competency skill. I think the only criteria is how long u r in a project rather than the competency..

    Company Policy Sucks

    1. Agree with Frust_TCS !!!
      1+3 years doesnt seem to be a rule. they call it a “guideline”. Meaning, it is used to manipulate things at the higher level. If you still raise your voice then you get replies such as “go talk to your supervisor. If he doesnt recommend we cannot do anything” (tht means you need to do better at buttering eventhough you are band B) or the classic one, “there are many ppl who are waiting from last year for promotion. you just completed 1+3. shouldnt you be happy that you have a job atleast” !!!! (tht means you are good at slogging for 12hrs. be happy with it becoz we dont care)

      1. Just to add one more point on the TCS guidelines.

        I think one of the guide line is that teh associates should not have got 2 rating in the past 3 years…and i know a person who go 2 rating last year and his promotion being Processes are just BS..

  10. What Ajoy Mukhergee said is farce,they dont have any criteria or guide lines for promotions since one year and now he speaks of guide lines ,process and shit..If they have any why didnt people who are eligible from the past didnt get promoted.. everytime sick HRs say no communication from corporate,who is this corporate?????????????????

  11. Useless comany. No ethics and Morals.
    Charging the employees though the contracted comany is paying more than required as transport charges.

    Comapny needs to be sued.

  12. Guys check Ultimatix for latest Info:
    There is a reply posted by Ritu Anand on Justask.

    Regarding Promotion Eligibility: “Promotion will be effected for those who are eligible as of July 2009 and whose promotion recommendaiton is approved by their supervisors and business unit head”

    Regarding VA hike: “They will get their dues. Environment contiunues to be challenging hence the impact of many things have to be seen in a company. Thanks for your support”

    It seems, there is no plan for VA hike for those got promotion or getting promotions in Jan cycle.

  13. Hi, I have another question. So as per Ritu’s post. If my promotion is intaited in nov 2009 and is pending with corp HR as of now. so that will not be considered. Is my understanding is correct or still there is any hope. Thanks

    1. @TCSer – Unfortunately Yes. I was exactly the same case as you. I was completing 4 years in Nov 2008 but the cut off was July 2008 and I did not get the promotion. I would suggest to talk to your supervisor and HR and ask them to influence things. In normal process, it would be difficult for you

  14. Hello Sir/ Madam
    People who got promotion in the year 2007 got hike and 2009 people are also going to get hike .what was the mistake done by 2008 people .2008 people promotion initated in the year 2007 and got confirmed in the year of 2009 with a hike of 1700 per month year 2009 people also will get a good hike what about 2008 people who got promotion .as tcs is growing in the market as per source from news as it was consistent performer througth this recession years also why can’t they justify for the people who got promotion in the year of 2008.promotion is the only source for a an associate .do please consider do the needfull justice to people like us

  15. Hey Guys, I can see the designation change at this location
    Ultimatix –> HR Management –> IOU Details & Workflow Approvers

    Admin, can you please confirm if this is the correct place to check the designation.

    Also, i checked with my supervisor and he can see in his speed that my approval is pending with corporate HR. What is this contradiction? Heart is pounding!

    Can someone please confirm?

    1. Could be the batch programme is running .. and you could be in the first batch 🙂 . So congrats. I expect the promotions to be vaailble before 20th Jan max (Atleast in time for salary)

      1. I have checked the above path mentioned by you and in my supervisor link the promotion is approved and status is showing as IT Analyst. Is there any hike coming ? or there would be no hike as such.
        Admin please advise

      2. Admin,

        My promotion got intiated in jul 2009 cycle. I understood from the above scraps that promotion is relased. My desgination is still the same.
        Plse confirm

      3. Admin,

        My promotion got intiated in jul 2009 cycle. I understood from the above scraps that promotion is relased. My desgination is still the same.
        Plse confirm

  16. 1.From Last two years there is no wage hike in T.C.S., those who got promoted this year (July 2008) got just 2000 hike. The maximum expenditure (60 to 70 %) of an IT company is on employees’ salary so in two years they have saved a significant amount by not increasing any wages. That’s what they are showing as 33% profit growth YOY basis to delight the investors.Getting a chance in media to announce we are making profit YOY and QOQ

    2.Regarding Promotion TCS has came up with the formula just give promotion to the so called eligible associates (Lot’s of if and buts e.g. ‘D’ Rating) with just designation change with 2000 RS hike. VA hike no communication, keep them guessing on… Getting a chance in media to announce we are Promoting people

    3.Replace so called unsatisfied associate with fresher’s and maximize the margin.Getting a chance in media to announce we are Hiring

    4.So simple advise don’t look at the TCS process and guidelines see what u deserve if u are getting well and good otherwise explore the opportunities outside of TCS…..

  17. I have checked the above link mentioned and in my supervisor link the promotion is approved and status is showing as IT Analyst. Is there any hike coming

  18. Guys, thats correct, at 5.3 yrs complete TCS exp… finally got to see the designation as ITA in Ux=>HR Mngmnt =>IOU details….

    But still no letter or doesnt see that when searching my name in the People’s database…. no info abt CTC…… does it remain same….anything can happen in TCS man…. “Certainly expect the unexpected and the uncertain”

  19. Yep, I can confirm that. There is 2000 rs. increase in BOB, which directly means Coupons. I sometimes think, I was born 2 years late or 2 years early to go through this sufferings.

    Anyways, will keep up the positive attitude. ALL IZ WELL!! ALL IZ WELL!! ALL IZ WELL!!

  20. My ILP friend got her letter. I have seen it. Still waiting for mine.
    No change in VA. Only basic increased from 12k to 14K.
    Total package is 5.38 on B rating.
    Increment is peanuts. Its like keeping a person hungry for 2 yrs and then giving 1 bread to eat. The positive people might say that atleast we got something. But in my opinion we are not getting what we deserve.
    Shame on you TCS. You have let me down. Years before I made the wrong choice. You can be sure that I will not miss the next opportunity to turn my back on you!

  21. Seeing the change in designation was very encouraging through out the day, but the feeling was shattered having known that there is hardly any hike except change in Basic and food allowance..

    The hope is not fading, still looking forward for April hike 🙂

  22. My promotion got initiated in July 2008 and I dint get in 2009 when they announced since mine was early promotion by 2 months thenafter i still see the status as corporate approved yes, does it mean will i get this time? I dont see any letter or desig change anywhere. I think its my fate…All the best for those who got something instead of nothing…

  23. Joined as fresher in August 2004. Finally an ITA in Jan 2010. And I have got a rating of 4 throught the 5+ years.
    This is the letter:

    It gives me pleasure to write to you in appreciation of your contribution and to inform you of your promotion to I.T. Analyst January 01, 2010 .

    This year has been a challenging one for the global economy and the IT Services industry. However, we are adapting successfully to the new economic order.

    Challenging times necessitate raising performance bar and the expectations. As we work through global slowdown, the company’s focus has to remain on operational excellence so that our customers continue to experience certainty in every interaction with TCS.
    Your Annual Fixed Gross compensation is Rs. 3,87,129/ for the year, which is inclusive of basic salary
    and other emoluments.

    In addition to this, your performance pay will be Rs 1,51,200/- annually . A part of this performance pay will be paid to you on a monthly basis and the remainder on closure of each quarter, subject to company, unit and individuals achieving their targets.

    The details of your compensation and related benefits are enclosed in the Annexure to this letter.
    Kindly note that the above details are specific to India and may be subject to change in case of long term deputation on international assignments, if any.

  24. TCS Joining Date: Dec 28th, 2005
    No D Band Yet.
    Got Eligible for Promotion on Dec 28th, 2009.
    Promotion was initiated in Ux as well.

    Promotions are being done for ppl who got eligible till which month/Date in 2009? Is thr anyone here who got eligible after Jul 31st 2009 and has been promoted?

    Pls let me know.

    1. Hey,

      I don’t understand what the heck some of u guyz brag about all the time -about – A/ B/C brand etc? It doesn’t mean you are a great resource, it just proves that you made you always were in the goodbook of your appraiser/ reviewer (in TCS). Do you really think you are a great resource? Sorry, you must be dreaming. Maybe you never changed your project/ account. Or maybe, you were just “lucky”. So please wake up – better now than it’s too late. Don’t want to hurt your feelings, but, please, cut this crap.

  25. I had a HR meeting yesterday and it was said that Promotions had been approved for associates eligible as of 31 Jul 2009 and whose promotions were initiated on or before 06 Jan 2010.

    Also it was said, Promotion letters are already out to most of the associates and still there will be few left out which will be published soon.

  26. Guys ,,

    You want a promotion to ITa then just quit and reenter after 6 mnths. u get beeter hike and ITa …I have seen people who had been recruited in dec in walkins getting an ita ole and plam salaties…

    Just thought of sharing this info which i found in internet… TCS dividend % . Check this with the ones we get

    Year Month Dividend (%)
    2010 Jan 200
    2009 Oct 200
    2009 Jul 200
    2009 Apr 500
    2009 Jan 300
    2008 Jul 300
    2008 Jul 300
    2008 Apr 500
    2008 Jan 300
    2007 Oct 300
    2007 Jul 300
    2007 Apr 400
    2007 Jan 300
    2006 Oct 300
    2006 Jul 300
    2006 Apr 450
    2006 Jan

  27. my promotion was due on dec31st 2009. When it will be considered in Jan-10 cycle or I have to wait till July Cycle.. thanks in Advance

  28. Any body from the Band D last year (2009) and the promotion initiated in July 2008 got promotion in Jan 2010 Cycle, If Yes Please let me know.

  29. Any one please update me
    In My supervisor list my promotion status showing completed. But still i was unable to see grade change in ultimatix.
    Please update me what is the status in supervisor speed after promotion

  30. Guys any one from GE ISU got promotion in Jan cycle
    I have checked with some of and no one has got yet.
    any info will be helpful

  31. Guys,

    To all current TCS fellow, This is the RIGHT time to Switch , Dont even think of staying back in TCS , Enough of waiting for the peanuts , We have received enough peanuts , TCS will need to re-think there strategy , they have already felt the heat now , that’s not enough , they need More and they will be HIT hard this time , Lot and Lots of freshers are pouring inthe firm , let them run the company with freshers , so they are clear , why not you guys , Just leave and look for oppourtunities , they is not the right company for the brighter one. Good Luck fellows.

    I have put my papers, leaving in a week 🙂

  32. I got promted in aug last year and my promotion was effected from jul 2009 as ITA. I got minimal hike of 2000 rs per month. when i contacted the Hr they told whenever the next batch will pe promoted u all will be brought to that same level.But now last week many people got promted and they got any hike of 60-70 k (10- 15%) but what about us who got promted last year.

    Can anybody from the HR confirm that those promted last year will get the proper hike.
    Guys i would say that if u will not get the proper hike immediately u should start finding other options and put the papersright now. company higher managment is not bothered about exp people like us and they are happy to replace every exp individual with fresher but ultimately it will bounce back to company in the long run.

    so i would request HR/higher management to seriously think to find out away so that middle managment should be retained.

    1. This time also they gave the same hike of approx 2000 Rs to the promoted associate if there basic salary was 14000.Those who were having basic salary less than 14000 might have got more hike…..

    2. Dude,

      I guess this is not true.. All of them I talked to said they got similar promootion like us (like the last year).. Just the 2000Rs in BoB.

  33. A frined of mine had his promotion initiated in late 2008 . His process is still pending with corporate hr. Another one in jul 2009 and got promotion couple of days ago. Even mine started in jul 2009 and still pending with corp hr.

    This seems to be a unsolved mystery in TCS.

  34. I would say guyz wait…till April 30th. TCS desperately has declared everywhere in media that they will be increasing the packages appropriately in April. This clearly shows that they are getting the heat of attrition effects. Also, after waiting so much why not wait for 3 months more. If the raise is still not satisfactory then it will not increase for another year and the job change is inevitable.
    Also, there will be differences in salary for same posts in all companies. This is due to lateral hires and the compensation the company wants to pay to get that resource. So rest assured that changing a job will give you more package in other company, however, there will be many in that company getting lesser or higher that your salary at the same position.
    Also, how about looking for onsite opportunities if there are any. If you are in nice technology, can change your project and move to another with higher changes of onsite, try to move. Now that times are changing the onsite opportunites have started to increase. Remember, what pay increase you will get in other company for the change, you will recover in in few months at onsite.
    Do not be dissapointed if you do not se any onsite opportunites. Be patient, wait till April. Get the most and then switch for maximum possible package.
    I have this opinion and you are welcome to agree or differ on it.

  35. Hello admin,

    Please update me, My promotion was initiated in July 2008, I got a band D in 2009, I don’t have any Band D before, I don’t got the promotion In July 2009 Cycle, Also I don’t see my promotion in Jan 2010 Cycle, Please update whether they are looking for these cases or they simple want us to leave the company nothing else.

    1. Sharad
      –>In july 2008 few people with Band “D” in 2009 also got their promotion as special case as their GL’s..BRM’s tried hard…
      –>Through this forum I came to know this time also people with Band “D” promoted to next grade

      I am not sure whether all the people who were having band ‘D’ in 2009 ,who were eligible and have been recommended by their supervisor got the promotion or not only admin can tell the concrete thing

  36. Hello admin,

    Please update me, My promotion was initiated in July 2008, I got a band D in 2009, I don’t have any Band D before, I don’t got the promotion In July 2009 Cycle, Also I don’t see my promotion in Jan 2010 Cycle, Please update whether they are looking for these cases or not?
    Still in My appraiser queue status shows as “No Action” in Corporate Column.

  37. Hi Admin,

    I have been recommended for Jan2010 cycle, any idea whether it is on or the currency promotions are for only for july09 elegible candidates?
    Could u pls update ???

  38. Any Body from media ISU got promotion in Jan 2010 Cycle, As I was talking to media ISU, They are telling me there list is not out yet.

  39. @ ADMIN

    This is a million dollar question. People who have a current band D, like me, Sharad and No Name, are still waiting for promotion. MOst of the members in my project have got, but for me, its on hold. HR is saying corporate is reviewing the same. I cannot believe their words. Till yesteday, they were sayong i will get it this week.

    Can you pls get this info from a reliable source of yours whether current year band Ds will get promted or not despite their promotions got approved in july 2008.

    We all will be much grateful… Thanks.

  40. Hi Admin,

    my promotion was due july 2009 but was initiated only on 14th jan 2010.can any body tell me whether they are considering these cases or not.
    Also,is there any body who has got promotion from New Growth market ISU?

  41. Can anyone answer if media ISU promotion batch is released. i mean doesn any one got their promotion who is currently in media ISU? Thanks in Advance

  42. Hi Admin,

    I have been recommended for Jan2010 cycle, any idea whether it is on or the currency promotions are for only for july09 eligible candidates?
    Could u pls update ???

  43. @rajesh, the last date for initiating promotions was 19 Jan 2010 to be considered for the July 2009 cycle. So if ur is initiated on Jan 14, 2010 then you should be promoted soon.

  44. No Name please confirm
    was given the same reason, if you have a D rating your promotion won’t happen in 3 year and it would take 4 year. Now I get to know its 4 years.
    You Mean 4 yrs? Or 5 Yrs?
    In MY case ……………
    in 07 i got 2 rating because of project change , my promotion was initiated in June 08 but got rejected saying need 4 yrs if you have 2 rating .now 09 cycle HR is saying corp is reviewing your case . i don’t know what they are reviewing. Already my exp beyond 6yrs, +4yrs in same grade,
    in 2007 one team mate join with 3 yrs of exp and he gets his promotion without any problem in 08 and i am working from last 6 yrs still struggling for promotion . only once got 2 rating

  45. Admin, Please tell that whether all the promotion are out or still more to come, Please update, Specially for media ISU, as somebody is saying the Media ISU list is not out.

  46. @Sharad
    yes Promotion are coming in batches .yesterday one of my friend from other OU received promotion update …………follow up with your ISU

  47. They have not completed processing the promotions, but looks like they have not done promotion today and yesterday. wonder why the pause?

  48. Hi All,

    My promotion was initiated on July 08 in AVIVA account, but now i’m in APAC ISU which is differnt from AVIVA’s ISU. Heard from HR that APAC cycle have not yet started but promotions have started happening in AVIVA.

    Does any body know whether my promotion will be considered along with APAC batch or was it with AVIVA cycle (:-( )?

  49. My last status was Pending with corp HR(not sure how whats there now,Is there a way to check this from my side) and as of July 2009 have more than 4 years of experience wth C or B grades all time.Yet to receive any promotions.
    Whom to contact.Any one in TCFS got promoted.

  50. Just to add….. My promotion cycle started on July 2009.Is there a way to check my promotion status as of now.Where in ultimatix can we get them..Thank you

    1. Im posting an update on the Promotions post.

      Only Manufacturing ISU has completed 90% of promotions. Rest of the ISU’s the list has not been finalised, so you guys might have to wait longer. Anyway the promotions will be given one way or the other. Dont lose hope.

  51. hi admin,
    my promtion was initiated on jan20-2010 , am eligible asof july 31st 2009……is there any chaces to get promotion in jan cycle? upto now my manage is telling am not eligible,but today he initiated …i got pissed off..can some one answer my query

  52. Dear Admin,
    Could you please let us know the Batch Timings along with the scheduled dates.
    Is this batch Job scheduled on Saturday and Sunday also?
    When is the last batch scheduled for this cycle?
    why can’t we run parallel batches for each and every ISU?
    If Corporate is looking into this which band needs to be given for corporate?

  53. Hi All
    At last grade change in Ultimatix –> HR Management –> IOU Details & Workflow Approvers
    ALL the best fot all ..

  54. 20% Less pay for campus recruits

    Mumbai: This year’s campus recruits at Tata Consultancy Services will have to reconcile themselves to almost 20 per cent less pay for the first six months.

    As part of a compensation restructuring exercise, freshers joining the company this quarter onwards will not be eligible for variable pay during the training period, Ajoy Mukherjee, Global Head, Human Resources, told reporters in a conference call.

  55. Anyone from EIS IOU who got promotion? All my friends have got promoted. Guess am the unlucky one!
    I am satisfying all the criterea’s but still letter looks far away!

  56. @ASE for 5 Years

    As far as i know, nobody from EIS IOU got promotion in Jan 2010. I am also one of them. Let me know once you get any updates or your promotion start reflecting. Thanks

  57. @Still an ASE – Surely, will let you know when I have it. The problem is I am the only one in my WON and not in touch with other people from EIS. I spoke to my HR based out of Delhi and was told that it should come in a day or 2. This time has already passed!

    1. You must be Kidding Dude!!
      Lets go step by step here! First promotions and then full hike hopefully by April. I don’t see any skill based incentives coming anytime soon.

  58. I got a D rating in my first year because of asking for transfer when I was ASE T . I am now about to complete 4 years in March 2010 as ASE and from my second year onwards I never got any more D rating, all C, B. Assuming that this 2o09 -10 H2 too I get B/C , I would be eligibe candidate as per policy i.e As per policy , you should get rating above D for 3 yrs in the same grade i.e C1 for ASE to ITA promotion. Please confirm me will I get promotion in the next july 2010 cycle?
    Also as the bands usually releases during june for every year, when/how should I proceed for promotion initation as if bands are releasded in July, then what is my fate?

  59. I got my previous promotion in TCS by Jan 2007.Will i be getting promotion in this cycle.My date of joining is by the month of January.

  60. Hi – Any idea, if they have restarted releasing the promotion bathces…I heard that they had not released any during 20th-21st , may be becuase of Payroll cut off date, but not heard if some has got some update after that ?

  61. EIS 1.0 Parent ISU has still not released there promotion. Don’t know what’s going on and what are they waiting for. Hopes are diminishing

  62. Hello All,

    Finally I got my promotion after a wait of 1.5 years. Not sure if I should be happy about having something or be sad about still not having everything I deserve!

    FYI- I belong to EIS vertical. So all my friends in EIS. The promos have been released today.

  63. To give more details-
    Basic – 14K and VA-12600 for B rating.

    the letter has around 10:30 PM IST and the Designation Change happened around 8:30 PM.

    1. Dear friend(ASE for 5 years)..
      Can you please let me know what was your last basic and VA(i.e.before getting promoted)?

  64. @ASE for 5 Years

    Congrats. Just wanted to know, is your parent IOU is EIS1.0 ?? Can you please check this and confirm. For me and my teammates, promotion has still not reflected in Ultimatix. We all belong to EIS1.0 Parent ISU.

  65. @Donno, u have to be in the current grade for 3 yrs once u r promoted. so u will be eligible for next promotion as on Jan 2010. so u can expect ur promotion in july 2010 cycle.

  66. Hello admin,
    I’m going back to India after 1 year at onsite. What is the notice period for people like me?


  67. @Admin,
    This might be a repetitive question…but any idea, if someone eligible for promotion as of July’09 and promotion initiation happened in Jan 2010, will it be considered in current promotion cycle. I belong to telecom ISU. HR or anyone else, is not giving any dates…even tentative.. It is really frustrating…appreciate your quick inputs…

  68. @frustu tcser, u will considered for promotion only if u meet the required eligibility as on Jul 31, 2009. You will be promoted in Jan 2010 cycle, if ur promotion is initiated before Jan 19, 2010. Hope this is clear

  69. did any ASE who is not eligible as of July 31, 2009 got promoted into ITA ? I got confirmed (ASE) in Sep 2006 and my gradings are C, A, A. Since i got one C, I need to complete 3 years in ASE which makes me eligible only from Sep-2009. I checked with my manager and he is said my promotion is approved at HR/IOU level and is pending at Corporate HR level. Is there any indication that corporate HR will approve the promotions in Jan-2010 for those who are not eligible by the cutover date – 31,July 2009 ?

  70. Doesnt matter how many years you have completed in a grade…
    Doesnt matter how were your perrformance bands in past years….
    Its all C2C….cases to case basis…..
    All managers are fooling around ASEs…
    W T F……

  71. Hi Admin,
    I joined TCS as an 3+ Years exp professional in Jun 2009 as an ASE. I haven’t got any band yet . As on 31st July 2009 I had around 4.3 years of total exp. My promotion was initiated in mid January 2010. I belong to FS ISU. Many people in my ISU got promoted but I am still waiting. My HR says I am eligible, but since one batch is yet to run so it is taking time, it will be completed before 10th Feb 2010. Any idea if My HR is correct or I have been taken for a ride?? Is there any chance of getting promoted even now???

  72. Got the pay slip for Jan 2010. Though the promotion letter says that my promotion from ASE to ITA should be effective from 1st Jan 2010, yet I have got my salary with ASE grade and not with ITA grade. The grade mentioned in the pay slip is indeed ASE( C1) not ITA ( C2). What about others who got promoted in Jan this year ?

  73. @Just ITA & admin
    hi mine is same case, got promoted from ITA to AST , but the hike mentioned in the promotion letter does reflect in the January pay.
    1) When will be the hike given to us?
    2) When(date) will I get the actual VA hike for my AST grade?

  74. @ITA to AST
    I raised a help desk ticket and they told me that the arrear for Jan would be paid in Feb payroll.
    There is no news about the actual VA hike for those who got promoted. But I have a feeling that it may be declared along with the declaration of general company wide hike.
    Can you throw some light on the original ITA VA, both the monthly and the quarterly. Please mention the corresponding rating(s).
    Thnaks in advance.

  75. Hi Admin,
    Any idea if the promotion process is still in progress or has it been completed?
    I am eligible for ITA promotion, but I still havent got it yet.


  76. @ ADMIN

    As we all know, promotions are happening batch wise as well as ISU wise. They clear it like this:
    1) All straight forward cases first, which were approved in july 2008, but were not given in july 2009 due to some reason or the other. This is through.
    2) The next set of straight forward cases initiated from july 2009 to Jan 2010. Here the ppl should be eligible for promotion as on 31 July 2009. This is also through.
    3) All straight forward cases eligible for promotion as on 1 jan 2010. This is on hold.
    4) Current year band d cases irrespective of when the promotions are approved. This is also on hold.
    5) Also, I heard, people who are currently not allocated but due for promotion will come to the bottom of the list.

    Can you plz confirm from your reliable sources as to whether there are plans for rejecting promotions for current year band D people. I fall nder point number 4. mine was approved in july 2008 at all levels and unfortunately I got a D in 2008-09

    1. @Band D syndrome

      You have to push your supervisors for your case. If you have got 1 Band D in the last three years your eligibility requirement increases by four years, So this can be misinterpreted in many ways. But if your Supervisor/Manager pushes, you can get your promotion.

  77. Will I get promoted in next cycle/batch? My Promotion got initiated by Dec 2009 and pending with local HR? am currently ASE for 2 years(A,A)

  78. Atlast, I got promotion letter today but the hike is only 24,000 per annum. Any body has any idea as to what is the minimum salary for an ITA??

  79. ASE – > ITA in Jan-2007
    Apr-2007 – A
    Apr-2008 – A
    As per above I was eligible for ITA->AST in Jan 2009, but I got B in Apr-2009. I am still waiting for my promotion, should it be done in Jan-2010 cycle? I am from Telecom IOU

  80. Hello admin,

    Please update me, My promotion was initiated in July 2008, I got a band D in 2009, I don’t have any Band D before, I don’t got the promotion In July 2009 Cycle, Also I don’t see my promotion in Jan 2010 Cycle, Please update whether they are looking for these cases or not?
    Still in My appraiser queue status shows as “No Action” in Corporate Column.

  81. @Anand

    Got my this week….
    same case as yours…
    Current D…was initiated in July 08..Had no D before….in fact, A’s before this bloody D…

    The fact is, for D people, your managers need to push hard…even need to put a businesss case ( or whatever that means) .

    It wont happen till that time. Thankfully for me, I had pretty solid backing and my case went through!

    1. @ ITA at last

      I too have a similar case where in my promotion was initiated in 2008 July and my current band is D, but as you said my Sr. Mngt isnt so strong enough to push. I tried hard through my HR but nothing worked out. The HR just responded back saying that they checked with corporate and that it wouldn’t be possible.

      My current band D was another mystery which was purely due to my Sr Mngt politics 🙁

      So, nothing left but to depend on God’s grace and jump 😉

  82. Mine was recomnded again in some HR ISU meeting. HR does not confirm i its done or if done when its going to be released. GL says its yes from their side. Honestly for everyone, its a handpick. ulfilling Criteria is irst step but not last. Your case has to be cleared at all level again. This is rustrating since a company of such nature does not like to do promotion through teh system but through excel.

    1. I dont think the promotion for Jan 10 cycle is being considered at this time. The previous cycle is still not complete for many ISU. Also, there were cases (2nd round of promotion) for few associates are still under review. Hence, please wait for Jul 2010. I think thats a practical date.

  83. @ ALL,

    Its a complete disappointment when I checked with my local HR. He said for current year band D cases, it would be taken up in the next promotion cycle only. What I assume the reason could be is if the associates show improvement in the coming H2, they will be promoted, else, thats all… My case is approved at all levels in July 2008 and unfortumately i got a bloody D in 2008-09.

    Does nay one with current year band D got promoted to AST or ASC recently?

    1. Sorry to hear your case. If you dont mind, can you tell which ISU you are in. I have a D rating but slightly different than yours case. My D rating is not in this year. It was a year earlier. Hence, I have to heard fom any one saying to me like that. I am waiting for my promotion and hopefully should be done. Would let you know.

      1. @ No Name, my local hr says its cleared from isu side adn pending with coprporate o go ahead. The same is the case for other ISUs as well. But i couldnt belive them since if ISU heads clear, i dont see any reason why its still not done. mine is from ita to ast, hence possibilities of rejection are quite high. wat abt u? u shud have got it by now…check with your local HR/GL. They hve up to date minute details abt th status…

  84. @Admin
    I heard that for a lateral hire in Jan-2010 with 4 years for experience (Tera data resource) TCS gave 7.5 lacs per Annum.Would that be true? Do TCS respect Lateral Hires to such an extent?

    1. I know few people with 3 years EXP got 6.5 with 4 yrs of exp def they are getting ITA grade and min package of 7.5

  85. admin,

    I spoke to HR yesterday and I was informed that the variable pay for the people who are promoted in Jan ‘10 will be given along with the appraisal in April. I have recently became an ITA and expecting a B band in the appraisal . My package is around 5.3 . Any guesses what figure I will reach after appraisal ?

  86. My promotion was initiated in the first week of Jan ’10, my supervisor says it’s pending with corporate. The HR says he doesn’t know anything about present promotion cycles, lousy HR as usual. Can anyone let me know when are the promotions being cleared for people who became eligible in Dec ’09 and whose promotions were intiated in Jan ’10.
    By the way news of a 4 year experienced lateral hiew fetching 7.5 from TCS is quite a shocker. It potrayes us idiots sitting duck in the organization earning huge profits for the past 4 years and getting peanuts in return, have always been getting them, still getting them and the future doesn’t seems to be too promising either. What a shame.

    1. hi maverish,

      My promotion was initiated on jan21st and yesterday i got promotioin letter.
      Fyi i am eligible as of jul31st 2009 and am in retail ISU

  87. @ADMIN,

    Yet again, please help in clearing all doubts about the closure of the promotion cycle which is going on now…Is there any news about approved promotions but with current year band D and corporate not acting on. Please illuminate with some inputs.

    If the pending cases are not cleared in a few days from now, i think we need to wait till July 2010 to see like a pig near a dustbin if there will be news of promotion. pigs are infact better than us in getting some thing better.

    1. Band D syndrome, My case is not exactly similar to yours. I have a D rating 2 years back not previous year. My case has gone or a 2nd round (Special Case). I am waiting for teh response from our ISU head. It is expected that the promotion would be announced either on 15th Feb or 16th Feb. Will update you if I get it or not.

      1. @ No Name,

        Any updates for you? My HR said for current year band d cases, it will not be taken up this time. And if the grade change is to AST and above, Its highly difficult but for exceptional managers backed business cases. I lost all hopes on this sucking non-trannsparent thing..

  88. For Band D, It is happening only on the case by case, Hence there is no hard and fast rule saying that Band D associates will get it or not.

  89. Guys, July 2009 is not the criteria, I seen people in TCS, who promoted and whose eligibility get effected from Dec-2009. I think Admin have to review this again.

    1. Hi Guys July 2009 is the criteteria.

      Now the cycle is running for all who are eligible for July 2009 and with D band in the past, two of colleagues with D bands went through with support from their management. But in terms of people who are eligible after July 2009 its very rare.

      1. OK, lets assume its true, then when July 2009 criteria would aged out? and start considering the people eligible as of system? Be precise, when people can expect their promotion who don’t fall in this criteria but eligible as per system and struck at corporate approval level?

  90. I am from M&IS ISU in the C3B grade and none of my colleagues including me (in the same grade and above) have got our promotions till now though we satisfy all the criteria
    a> July ’09 eligilibility
    b> No ‘D’ band
    This is true for some other ISUs like Ins01 as well.
    However our colleagues in ISUs like GE, Life Sciences, BFS, Emerging Markets , Retail, Insurance02, GCP have all got their promotions. It looks like being at the mercy of somebody above …..Is he GOD or someone else?

  91. For Admin: Kindly update if ERU ISU promotion cases are complete for teh special cases (2nd round). there is no news from HR and Managers as both are pointing to ISU head. Please update. Thanks in advance.

  92. @ No Name,
    @ No Name
    Any updates for you? My HR said for current year band d cases, it will not be taken up this time. And if the grade change is to AST and above, Its highly difficult but for exceptional managers backed business cases. I lost all hopes on this sucking non-trannsparent thing..

    1. I am still waiting for an update. There is nothing from the HR and Managers. All are waiting for the ISU head appraoval. Not sure how would it go. May be in a couple of days, things would be clear. Will let you know once thigs are clear.

  93. Hi All,

    Any updates on VA balance from April 2010. Currently the July 2009 and Jan 2010 promotion batches are without any hike in the VA component. We all are speculating that VA will be balance from the next financial year (April 2010), but still there is no formal communication about the same. Anybody has an update on this???

  94. I heard from some source that this bloody a**hole HR Head will individually meet the promoted employees to increase their confidence level. Has that exercise started?

  95. Anyone got thier promotion based on Jan 1st 2010 eligibility.. mine is still pending with corp HR. Thanks in Advance guys..


  96. Hi Admin,

    can you please provide us any updates on salary increment, like when it would likely to be disclosed and around how much it would be ….. Thank in advance!!!

  97. Hi All,
    Iam in mumbai with package of 6.2 , and 3.5yrs exp . I got an offer from TCS . But they are offering 5.5 package. will this be negotiable,? also how about the onsite opp in TCS?
    thanks in advance…

  98. I got my promotion from AST to ASOC. Thanks all of you. Specially Admin. I got just 500 rupees hike in my basic buts its ok since I dont intend to quit TCS for now. For others waiting or your promotion, all the best.

    1. @ No Name, thats a good news for you. Any news if the process is stil on. FYI, my case is approved in july 2008 adn i have a D in 2009.

      1. Only if you have completed 4 or more years on your current grade. Also, your Managers/GL/BRM must create a string case for you. For me, there was a very string case and everyone wanted my promotion to happen including our Sub ISU head. I am not very sure if the promotion is still on. But no harm in giving it another try.

  99. Still ans ASE.

    There is a good proverb.

    A fool learns from his own mistakes.
    A wise person learns from others mistakes.

    What are you waiting for ? Move on.

  100. Hi i am anew joinee in TCS as ASE Trainee with 3.15 package.. what wud be my approx package after being confirmed as an ASE ??

  101. Hi Admin,

    Thanks you so much for keeping us updated through out. It helped us a lot in focusing in what step should we take at this dificult moment. I think much of the story around promotion is over and its time to move on. I request if you could open another topic regarding salary hike and keep us updated that would be great.

  102. Hi,

    Does anybody got any formal communication from HR or Project management that VA will be getting balanced in April (after the H2 Appraisal Cycle)???

  103. Hi All,
    I got an offer from TCS , with ASE as designationa nd C1 Grade.
    can anyone please explain me , what does it mean?

    thanks in advance

    1. U are alsmost at the lowest level in TCS. U will have to wait long for getting into a bright role and position. Salary increments will be very low. Not sure abt the package that you have been offered but it may get decrease if your performance will be assessed as not satisfactory by your appraiser/reviewer.

      In short, if u are joining TCS as a staging area where u will stay for some time and then switch to a better company then it’s fine. But, if u think that TCS will be a dream company then don’t join as u will find urself in no man’s land.

      1. what about the onsite chances , I have been offered in Hyderabad location..
        actually ,I have 3.6 years of exp , i have just joined SYNTEL 2 months back with 6.2 packge and looking for HYD position . previously I was with Cognizant with packge of 4.2. TCS is offering me 5.5 based on my Cogni Salary.
        So pls advise me , is it good to join TCS ? also can my salary be negotiated , iam ready to join if hey offer me the same i.e 6.2

        1. @ratnakar….
          I am working for TCS for last 8.5 years and a meagure package of 7.6L PA. Was waiting for a promotion and market conditions for last 2 years before walking out. Just got promotion to AST after a delay of 2 years and that too with a hike of Rs 100 Per Month in Basic salary. Got onsite opportunities when I did not want to go and when I was desparate to go, did not get opportunities. Onsite salary is same for last 4 years + no indian salary at that time. Appraisals are unfair and ridiculous. Management is full of muddlehead people. Everything opaque with absolutley no transparency at any level.
          Like Kumar rightly said, you will have to work for 2 years, even at more than 10 hours a day at times, still no good reason for bad appraisal to reach the level of 6.2L. Even if you get onsite after an year, you never know when you will be sent back because management decisions come on a fly to cut 20% workforce from onsite and sent back.
          When it comes to employee’s growth, if you dont have Godfather, you will be just one member among the herd of thousands and thousands of fellow employees who wander in darkness and wilderness with no light in sight.
          Dont recommend to join this company. Final decision is yours.

          1. I totally agree with TCSER,he siad the absolutely right thing…it’s a pure luck here what u get so plz try in some MNC that will be better all desi company are chip of same block….

  104. Have been reading almost everywhere that the April hike is on the cards and as promised. Read in Hindu today that Mahalingam had re-assured the hike but did not disclose the figure.

    So, I am AST promoted this year but awaiting the applicable VA appreciation (still getting ITA VA).
    Can someone tell me the actual VA for AST for Band A, B and C?

    ITA VA1+VA2 for Band a = 26K.

    1. I think the difference in VA (va1 + 2) between ITA and AST is Rs. 10K .

      @Admin, It would be great if you publish a chart for VAs – Band A, B & C for ASE, ITA and AST. This will help us estimate the expected hike in April.

      1. Okay, pls append to the list below (make sure to add VA1 + VA2):

        ASE Band A =?
        ASE Band B = 12600
        ASE Band C = ?

        ITA Band A = 26600
        ITA Band B = ?
        ITA Band C = ?

        AST Band A = ?
        AST Band B = ?
        AST Band C = ?

  105. I think the difference in VA (va1 + 2) between ITA and AST is Rs. 10K .

    @Admin, It would be great if you publish a chart for VAs – Band A, B & C for ASE, ITA and AST. This will help us estimate the expected hike in April.

  106. ASE Band A =?
    ASE Band B = 12600
    ASE Band C = 10800

    ITA Band A = 26600
    ITA Band B = ?
    ITA Band C = ?

    AST Band A = ?
    AST Band B = ?
    AST Band C = ?

    1. To add to the

      ASE Band A =?
      ASE Band B = 12600
      ASE Band C = 10800

      ITA Band A = 26600
      ITA Band B = ?
      ITA Band C = 18000

      AST Band A = ?
      AST Band B = ?
      AST Band C = ?

  107. All the dick heads in TCS always used to go with Good Ratings. but when it comes to subordinates. They used to frame bullshit cover stories like.

    * U had recently promoted
    * I need to give appraisal to others

    I have never seen any manager sacrificing his rating and normalising the bloody curve

    My sincere request to “new joinee in TCS” not to Join TCS…your Initial 6.2 Package will definitely will get reduce to 5.5 after 2010-11 appraisal

  108. Folks…
    This is another game. You should not be fooled by this game. TCS hires heavily at the beginner level. It knows that it cannot give promotions satisfactorily to all those hired. So what it does …. it gives a very lacklusture promotion in the first batch(the way it did in 2009). Many associates leaves the company due to this which drastically reduces the overall headcount. And there is very strong criticism in the organization. TCS seniors(the more senior you are in terms of designation you get more package) make use of this criticism and gives a very strong hike at the next cycle which hikes the overall package of the seniors more than those who are promoted. This game is continuing from time immemorial….

  109. ASE Band A =?
    ASE Band B = 12600
    ASE Band C = 10800

    ITA Band A = 26600
    ITA Band B = ?
    ITA Band C = 18000

    AST Band A = ?
    AST Band B = ?
    AST Band C = ?

    1. What does it mean? Monthly hike or yearly hike or variable pay increase.

      ASE Band A =?
      ASE Band B = 12600
      ASE Band C = 10800

      ITA Band A = 26600
      ITA Band B = ?
      ITA Band C = 18000

      AST Band A = ?
      AST Band B = ?
      AST Band C = ?

  110. ASE Band A =?
    ASE Band B = 12600
    ASE Band C = 10800

    ITA Band A = 26600
    ITA Band B = ???? (should be b/w 22k and 23 k)
    ITA Band C = 18000
    ITA Band D = 12700

    AST Band A = ?
    AST Band B = ?
    AST Band C = ?

    Can some one fill the missing values pls….

  111. ASE Band A =?
    ASE Band B = 12600
    ASE Band C = 10800

    ITA Band A = 26600
    ITA Band B = 24000
    ITA Band C = 18000
    ITA Band D = 12700

    AST Band A = ?
    AST Band B = ?
    AST Band C = ?

        1. @Dexter, Looking forward for your post on the VA table for the bands.
          This is what we have so far… Looking forward for the AST VA info

          ASE Band A =?
          ASE Band B = 12600
          ASE Band C = 10800
          ASE Band D = ?

          ITA Band A = 26600
          ITA Band B = 24000
          ITA Band C = 18000
          ITA Band D = 12700

          AST Band A = ?
          AST Band B = ?
          AST Band C = ?
          AST Band D = ?

  112. Hey guy,

    I have heard that TCS is normalising salary of guys promoted in July 2009 in july 2010 instead of April.

    1. If that is the case, what about people who got promoted in Jan 2010, will they get their designation’s VA ony Jan 2011? Useles….

    2. @SV:
      I have spoken to my GL and HR as well and they told me the people promoted in July 10 and Jan 10 would be getting their hike from April onwards.

      All the best !!!

  113. Can some on provide these details..
    AST Band A = ?
    AST Band B = ?
    AST Band C = ?
    AST Band D = ?

  114. Filled one of the missing bits. This is as per current structure only
    ASE Band A =13800
    ASE Band B = 12600
    ASE Band C = 10800
    ASE Band D = ?

    ITA Band A = 26600
    ITA Band B = 24000
    ITA Band C = 18000
    ITA Band D = 12700

    AST Band A = ?
    AST Band B = ?
    AST Band C = ?
    AST Band D = ?

    1. ASE Band A =13800
      ASE Band B = 12600
      ASE Band C = 10800
      ASE Band D = ?

      (promoted before 2008. For promoted in 2009/10 the VA is same as ASE)
      ITA Band A = 26600
      ITA Band B = 24000
      ITA Band C = 18000
      ITA Band D = 12700

      AST Band A = 37500
      AST Band B = 33000
      AST Band C = ?
      AST Band D = ?

      1. Updating the matrix for VA as I had D (obviously due to account change ) in AST
        ASE Band A =13800
        ASE Band B = 12600
        ASE Band C = 10800
        ASE Band D = ?

        (promoted before 2008. For promoted in 2009/10 the VA is same as ASE)
        ITA Band A = 26600
        ITA Band B = 24000
        ITA Band C = 18000
        ITA Band D = 12700

        AST Band A = 37500
        AST Band B = 33000
        AST Band C = ?
        AST Band D = 19000

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