Best Dual Sim Mobile phones in India

When I heard the name of Dual sim , I was wondering why would  anyone ever use two sim cards in a phone? But with so many Operators providing many on various ways, and with Prepaid connections going lifetime way, makes sense to have more than one sim card. So here are the best Dual Sim phones available in market.

C5212 –

Samsung is possibly the only popular brand which is into dual sim phones atleast for timebeing. But Samsung comes with a differentiator, it is also the only brand which allows actual usage of both the Sim at the same time. What I mean by use is “Receiving calls” with the Samsung C5212 even if you are on a call from Sim 1, you have the ability to receive call from Sim 2, you can switch and put one call on hold or decide to ignore it.
Cost – Rs 5500/-

Karbonn K550
Karbonn K550 brings in many features in one neat phone, boasting of a 1800mAh battery and music player functionality all with the Dual Sim does makes this phone a irresistable option. You can go for this phone if you are ready to forego on the full featured dual sim capability. When you are on call on one sim, and if someone is trying to reach you they will get a “Subscriber out of coverage area” message, basically your second sim is equivalent to being swithced off when first one is in use.
Cost – Rs 3000/-

Apart from the Karbonn K550 there are quite a few Karbonn Mobiles which compete for the top spot they include Karbonn K330,K440,K10 ( ) and K661 etc. Check the Karbonn website for more details. All these phones come with 1 year warranty (as with Nokia,Samsung etc).
Karbonn is ajoint venture between UTL a telecom services company and Jaina a popular distribution firm involved with many Multinational Mobile giants. They source their phones from OEM's in China.

Dual Sim Phones –
Fly is also a new mobile manufacturer similar to Karbonn specialising in Dual sim phones . Fly has a wide portfolio from Music Phones, to the . Notable models include V180 DS, B430 DS (QWERTY) ,Fly IVORY (Touch screen windows), Fly DS 200 etc.

Intex Mobiles
Intex also is a popular mobile manufacturer in the Dual Sim area they offer quite a number of Dual sim phones which are GSM + GSM and GSM + area. IN4495 , IN2020E , IN3070 and IN6611 are some popular models. The are quite good in terms of features and build quality. Intex has been in the with its computer hardware spares for the last decade (13 years) and it is headquartered at New Delhi.

Micromax is positioned similar to Intex and has specialiased in Wireless technologies in since 1991. It also offers quality Dual Sim phones.

and too offer few models in the Dual Sim space. But everyone except Samsung offer Dual Sim Single Active Phones (Only one sim is Active when receiving call)

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6 Replies to “Best Dual Sim Mobile phones in India”

  1. thnx for a great review. i had a DS200 fly mobile and was wondering why it inspite of being a dual sim phone, the 2 sims dont work simultaneously. thanks for enlightening me.

  2. I want to purchase a best dual sim mobile phone of reputated make in India. Mobile shoule have good megapixel camera , battery back up, reasonable size screen, and internal memory. Kindly suggest me for the same.

  3. Nopes videocon and micromax too offer dual sim dual active phones eg micromax gc400,gc 360 and videocon vc 1605 are some of dual sim dual active phones.

  4. Please don’t go for Samsung, Service people harass customers with there burecracy and atrocius processes. I got a mobile which was found faulty even after service center guy confirmed the product is faulty, c5212 , Over Heating while charging and hangs while sim switching, also heats up a lot during this. I had to chase this guy for two weeks, Service was blaming, Sales and sales the dealer. Still issue is not resolve even after was approved with DOA certificate for replacement. Never go for samsumg service is Worst should user worst word in all language to describe it

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