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After I started maintaining quite a few blogs I have been asked this question several times, and my answer has remained the same ever since I hosted my first website. Initially I was using blogspot for my blogs, but when I realized the benefits of having a proper name, i registered through  the default host of Blogspot, .com.

And when i realised advantages of using WordPress for my blogs, I had to make a choice of webhost. So I researched a little and found that was the cheapest available option andtheir was also the feature packed. even supported (deploying WAR files) in a PHP hosting account.

Its almost three years since I hosted my first website with them and not a single minute  did I have a downtime or issues. The basic hosting used to cost 3$ but now it costs 5$ with  unlimited domains (any number of subdomains and domains), 10 different SQL Databases(with unlimited data in each of them), PHP 5 and many more features.

But when I wanted to host /Java godaddy wasnt the best option, as godaddy doesnt provide a private JVM (virtual), the advantage of which is you can deploy any time and you can restart the . Thats when i found which even provides a free trial (which will need you to manually restart server every 6 hours).  So here are my suggestions.

PHP/ / Basic Java hosting –

JSP/Java private JVM       –

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