Broadband plans – Are the limited data plans good for you ?

is as addictive as any drug. So when people take a new broadband connection they always underestimate their usage, for example  open a in and you will end up watching atleast 10 videos without even realising, and especially if you have a 2Mbps  plan or something closer, the videos will load very quickly and by the time you close the browser you would have ended up using hundred's of MB's.

Also same with say browing/listening to online etc, and when you have multiple users in the house you can never really predict or control usage. I have heard many complain that their bill was much higher than the plan rent,  the fact is they really dont realise how much they use the internet.

And when they take the plans they only see the actual rent for free usage say  Rs 250 for 1GB data. For someone who uses internet daily 1GB is a very small amount, and the extra charge will most likely Rs 1 for every MB. Say if they end up using 1.5GB instead of 1GB they will have to pay Rs 500 extra. But most customers believe that the Broadband providers are cheating them, In a way they are correct  that these operators do not explain the implications of extra usage.

Whenever I recommend a broadband plan, I alwyas suggest a unlimited data plan (even if is slower), so they can use the internet without worrying about extra bill and monitoiring their usage.

– 256kbps unlimited – Rs 750 /month (with a rent free phone connection in Unlimited Plus plan)

Indicom – 400kbps unlimited – Rs 1250/month

– 512 kbps unlimited – Rs 1500/month

–   256 Kbps – Rs 799 / month

384 Kbps (1 Mbps during off peak hours) – Rs 1099 / month

512 Kbps (1 Mbps during off peak hours) – Rs 1299 /month

I heard recently has slashed by more than 50%  but their website doesnt show any changes and also the site itself was having problems loading in IE  8 / . Also as a caution, I really had bad experience with TATA indicom, both BSNL and Airtel are more reliable.

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One Reply to “Broadband plans – Are the limited data plans good for you ?”

  1. Hi i m using youtelecom in chennai.

    Its unlimited plan comes at 775 rs with 512 kbps..which gives me hell a lot of freedom with excellent service.

    If any1 willing to take, i recommend it.

    btw i m not a dealer, but greatly impressed with youtele .

    b4 that i used bsnl, but it costed me a lot with less satisfaction

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