Nokia 6600i Slider – Review, Pictures and Specifications

Nokia it seems is obsessed with the number 6600, afterall the original Nokia 6600 was its first ever successful Smart Phone. After the failure of its 6600 Slider now Nokia has launched a better upgrade 6600i Slider 3G with top of the line features. First the looks and Coolness factor

Nokia 6600i Looks and Design :

This phone adds the much needed ?? curvy looks to the Boxy slider design of Nokia high end phones. Imagine a N85 looking better wih curvy looks. It picks the design of the old Nokia 6600's curvy looks.  The phone looks pretty neat and it will help everyone to compare this beauty with existing phones in terms of size and dimensions.

To compare Nokia 6600i ‘s looks and dimensions we took some other popular sliders of the current generation. The cool Nokia 7100 SuperNova, , Nokia N95.

Galmarous and curvy Nokia 6600i laucnhed in 2009
Galmarous and curvy Nokia 6600i laucnhed in 2009
Nokia 6600i Black and Silver
Nokia 6600i Black and Silver

The dimensions are  Height (length)  x  Width x Thickness . Below are dimensions (thickness) comparison of Nokia 6600i,N85,Super Nova 7100,N95 , Nokia 6300 and N96.

Nokia 6600i slider            –    93 mm  x 45 mm    x  14.2 mm

Nokia 7100 Super Nova –    98 mm x 48.4 mm x  15 mm

Nokia N85                            –    103 mm x 50 mm x 16 mm

Nokia N95 8Gb                  –     100 mm x 53 mm x 21 mm

Nokia N96                           –     103 mm x 55 mm x 18 mm

Nokia 6600 Slider           –

So the results are clear the new Nokia 6600i is definitely smaller in terms of dimensions compared to Super Nova 7100 by 5 mm in length and 3 mm in width. The  new Nokia 6600 is same in its thickness to Nokia Super Nova 7100. The phone is definitely thinner compared to the N95 and N85. The Nokia 6600 has the same dimensions as that of new Nokia 6600i.

In terms of the weight  .Below are weight comparison of Nokia 6600i,N85,Super Nova 7100,N95 8GB, Nokia 6300 and N96.

Nokia 6300 (Bar)                  –   91 g

Nokia 6600i                          –    110 g

Nokia Super Nova 7100 –      103 g

Nokia N85                             –      128 g

Nokia N95 8GB                   –       129 g

Nokia N96                           –        125 g

The new 6600i is little heavier than the Super Nova 7100 but lighter than the phones. We also compared it with Nokia 6300 one of the lightest and thinnest phones, the Nokia 6600i is almost 20 grams heavier.

Feautures :

Nokia 6600i is a 3G ,   series phone with top of line features like camera and 2.2 TFT screen.

Screen – 320 x 240

Colours  – 16.7 Million

This is a standard resolution for almost all the above mentioned phones. But the colours does make a huge difference in Nokia 6600i. It has 16.7 Million colours bringing 6600i to the level of other N series phones like N96 and N95.  Compared to this the Super Nova has only 65,000  colours.

Talk Time  – 4 hours (240 minutes)

Standby  –  350 hours

When the colours increase the battery life reduces, the talktime of Nokia 6600i is half that of Super Nova 7100 and equal to other N series phones.

Internal – 20MB

External memory – micro SD upto 8GB

Symbian Platform – S40

Operating Frequency – GSM 800 / GSM 950 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900

WCDMA 850 / WCDMA 2100  (GSM ,  3G, UMTS )

Camera :

Pixels of 5 MP  at 2592 x 1944 Image resolution comparable with N95.

Digital zoom upto 8x and Dual LED Flash, Image stabilizer , has 30 fps video recording in QVGA format.

Messaging and Communications :

SMS , , Email (settings for Gmail,Yahoo and MSN ) , Pop , and Video Calling.


WAP , xHTML  browser with Flash support. The broswer has java plugin and much more. The protocols used are HTTP, WAP and XML.

and Video (Media):

supports 3gpp and Real Media content.

Music Player – AAC , , Real Audio , MPs, AAC+ and  +

FM Radio.

Connectivity :

Bluetooth 2.0 , wireless LAN , , and  3G  (depends on country)

Package Contents :

  • Nokia 6600i slide
  • Nokia Battery BL-4U
  • Nokia Connectivity Cable CA-101D
  • Nokia Stereo Headset WH-203
  • Nokia High Efficiency Charger AC-8
  • Nokia microSD Memory Card MU-22
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    4 Replies to “Nokia 6600i Slider – Review, Pictures and Specifications”

    1. There is only one postive thing about this phone. It’s overall design is very nice. The negatives. Wow…. I have two of these phones unfortunately and it’s not a fault with the phone but rather design flaws as follows:

      The speaker is on the back so when you put it down you cannot hear a thing including the phone ringing.
      Ring tones especially mp3 sometimes play once only and then never again. The phone still rings but no sound.
      Voice quality truly sucks and I mean badly. Like talking down a conduit pipe.
      Had the phone for a week and it has already down a lockup. Had to switch on and off to get it to work.
      Sometimes it rings for split second and then immediatly hands up and says call missed?? Nice one!


    2. I have one. The 5MP Photo is unbelivable BAD. It’s like the phone takes the picture at 1MP and then it interpolates and takes out virtualy a fake 5MP. I can not believe that Nokia can sell the phone with such a fake CCD capacity !!!

    3. There is no way this phone can be compared to an N series phone. Agree with Gabby the camera is not of 5 megapixel quality like my N95. sound is poor and the overall internal programming is slow and similar to something in the 2 series of Nokias, epic fail here sorry Nokia.!!

    4. I was recently given one of these and it’s perfectly fine (:
      The design is great and I have no problem with it at all… yet!

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