Stupid (real) ways to get fired during recession (in Infosys and TCS)

These two are real incidents and one from and another from .

1. Create color xerox copies of your passes and use company's bus service for free 

Yes some of the freshers in Infosys tried this and sadly had a sad ending to their career. News is that infosys doubled its bus pass rates and pushed these thrifty freshers into such a genuine idea.

2. Try to hack your 's account

This time its TCS, two Mumbai smarties who somehow found their CEO Employee Id and tried to log in to his ultimatix account (TCS all in all web application). Maybe they were thinking Ramadurai keeps a simple password or default password ??? . They tried three times and his account was locked.  It appears that Ramadurai's secretary wasnt too happy and he/she ordered a probe and the culprits were found within a day and asked to resign meekly. Good thing is that since TCS asked them to resign, nothing will be mentioned in their conduct certificates.  Hope these unlucky chaps try their luck in next year's black hat meet.

Ok now dont give me a third reason which goes like “Writing a blog like this about your own company”.

Since I had joined a new company recently after TCS, I couldnt collect much inside information about TCS. Anyway some of my friends and blog followers contributed the above incidents. Keep mailing me something happening around these IT firms and let me update it for you. 

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6 Replies to “Stupid (real) ways to get fired during recession (in Infosys and TCS)”

  1. Are you also fired from TCS for starting a blog…. Since most of articles seem to ridicule TCS and your site is already blocked from TCS 🙂

    1. Hi Amit,
      I didn’t get fired buddy. If I would have got fired, I might try to fight them. But anyway TCS hasnt taken these things seriously. There are number of blogs talking about some of these issues.

      Moreover I haven’t ridiculed TCS, TCS is one of my favorite companies, to say the truth I had pretty good time in TCS. Till date TCS offers best facilities and flexibility. It is also more secure(job security).

      You wouldn’t know that many of the comments in bad taste were not approved in this site. Only valid arguments even if it is against my view were published.

  2. I came across this blog when I was searching for AC bus routes to OMR road. Its very interesting and informative as well. Only after this post we came to know that the ‘Admin’ of this site is a TCSer. Just a small suggestion you all can create ‘About Us’ Section in your site, and make yourselves popular…

  3. oh…. since the site is blocked by tcs, we are not getting any inputs from TCSers writing comments from their office…..

    nice forum, actually, keep it up….

    recently heared that, theve stopped bus services at some chennai offices(they are at the outskirts, still)

    dono wat else they will do in the name of cost cutting!!!!

  4. Oh yes. regarding the sites being blocked in TCS: here are the things blocked:
    -lots of forums (category – opinion/chatting/dating)
    -some encyclopedia sites too (category – chatting – i dont remember the name of the site but i remember i was searhing for some answer to a java qs i was stuck with)
    -some news sites (category- news/sports)
    -needless to say all sports and gaming news sites (category – sports/games)
    -all social networking sites
    -all email sites
    -huge no of proxy sites (u use a proxy and it will be blocked in 2-3 days usually)

    I wrk in another company now where i can open all these sites and still am more productive. I’m glad i left that bullshit company.

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