TCS starts firing game more aggressively

or no PIP ? Has your project manager cleared not cleared it ? Are you a critical resource or not ? . Well says all these questions doesn't matter.

As one of my friend came to know in a hard way recently after the quarter . He is a critical resource and had gotten a PIP for last 2 years D band rating and current manager cleared it saying he's doing well.The story of his previous 2 D rating itself is a typical one, One for release and other for onsite. Now he has got Band C, still HR asked him to submit resignation in spite of his current Account Manager fighting with HR over his critical job function in the account.His role is of ITA.

And now it has sent shivers across many associates ranks who were thinking their positions are safe. Will TCS start associates in big numbers based on this years appraisal or not is a big question mark only time or HR can answer.

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  1. I have jst seen last week one of my colleague in my project getting fired..still stocked and couldnt digest this fact… he never seemed to be low performing guy infact he is the one who bridged the clients and people at offshore in many successfull tasks and still got fired.. reason was he got 2 D ratings very sure he didnt get D rating this time..same case as yours friends..and offcourse he is also ITA… now the matter seems to be clear, The Totally Cunning Snakes have started agressive strategy to fire cureent people so that they can hire the people who were waiting to join from long back before they file case against TCS for giving offer letter and not joining..this is really a big legal issue for TCS if they dont absord all those who were offered offer letters,hence i guess priority is to absorb them at any cost even firing its own guys.. I have no words what to speak against this…only can blame the top management for recklessly going for heavy recruitment in past… think atleast they now realised how heavy is for them the cost of recruitments…they have no stopped sending all referrals/recruitments though…but its too late now..those sleeping minds should have down earlier this…Jai ho TCS…

    1. You idiot.. Why don’t you leave the bogus company and write your own fate instead of cribbing for company policy.

      It is company prerogative to decide whom to kick and retain. So please stop questioning.

  2. TCS has really started moving to associates offshore wherver client is convinced…i know one account where 6-7 ppl have been suddenly asked to goto offshore within 1 week… and continue the same role from therit’s getting worse day by day….TCS utilisation target itself is 74%…so considering 140,000 employees at a given time around 35000 associates are on bench……firing is the only solution left with tcs now……

  3. Can TCS employees not form a union and seek for justice ?
    After such hardwork and honesty to TCS, if TCS is being unjust in terms of rating or involuntary layoff, can we tcsers not fight againt it ?????
    Can anybody not raise a voice against it ???

    I feel all tcsers should unite together and form a union, and provide justice to all people who were asked to resign tcs.

    If we do not rise and do something today, then the day is near when wer are also asked to resign for pity reasons like performance, etc…..

  4. TCS this year has adopted a smart strategy….
    They have given maximum TCSers a D band, so that atleast they have to pay less VA to tcs associates.
    Even the people getting C and B and A band are less….
    People who got released at the time of band release are poor sufferers in terms of performance…

    Its like a hitler rule in TCS……….. whatever management or HR says poor hardworking honest employees has to follow,,,, if he/she tries to fight againt the injustice,,,,,,, still nothing happens…..

    I request all tcsers to atleast give it a though.
    It is possible that today you have got C band or B band or A band, and you are considering yourself as safe, but then there is no gurantee that you will be safe tommrow.

    AT this point of time we should unite ourself and fight against the injustice……….
    TCS policies are not followed by TCS itself………….
    We should fight for the ex-tcsers who were laid off for pity reasons like performance.

    Please tcsers wake up, think about it, before its too late…..

  5. I myself was in TCS for more than 5 yrs.
    Except oniste opportunity which has become rarer nowadays , it has nothing to offer to employees.
    Regarding appraisals, they are ways to bring emplyoees into submission and not means to evaluate his work performance.
    Most of employees work in env which faciliate little growth

  6. TOO BAD TCS!,
    TCS not safe anymore, Exit the company ASAP.
    Join a small and growing company, you grow faster.

    They dont need Experienced anymore, they are going to fire almost everyone arein today, will shown the door one day.. This is absolutely a robbery and stealing. Against indian Labour law.
    Once you’re expensive to the company, throw you out.
    This is purely money making.. and cheating the employees. Dont trust TCS anymore… working in TCS not healthy anymore.

    Hope the lesson learnt…

  7. the top management here is completely taking us for granted. They cut our ratings, fire us, do everything from switching off the AC to stopping the bus service in the name of cost cutting and finally, shamelessly increase the top managements’ salary by 42 % . Ramadurai has got 36 % hike (from 4.2 Cr to 4.6 Cr) others too are shamelessly getting 40-45% hike in crores and publishing them in newspapers. Dont they have any spine to take such hikes while ITAs are fired and ASEs are worked to death? No shame? Pathetic indeed.

  8. Let me put my thoughts in right perspective.

    1) Do you see prospects of long term onsite opportunity

    2) Are you an identified resource for project/Account Management

    3) Are you an ASE ready rubbing your ass

    4) Are you a duffer with no options

    Else quit for greener grass elsewhere

  9. It is same across all IT companies….ie., people at the top getting paid more than their worth and people who do the real work getting peanuts in the name poor performance.
    One suggestion to all those engg. students who are looking IT as an opportunity……………..never ever join an IT company, you can do quality work and get a decent salary in a MFG. company.

  10. I’m a victim of TCS firing. They are saking people just like that. Every project in TCS is like a parliament. We need to play politics to survive. Frankly telling this political play is to fire people out. Every manager & HR are getting more rating in their appraisal time if they fired out enough people.

    TCS is a hell….
    TCS is like a politician club…
    TCS only supports higher management people…

    TCS is not an employee freindly concern. Dont join there. Don’t loose everything from there

    TCS is a totally employee unfreindly.

    Kindly black list that company. If you have any other offers don’t stick with TCS.

  11. My project lead and ex-team lead are like hitlers. They used to tell u have to work smartly(that means “play politics” in between) always. They reduced my rating since I didn’t play polititcs.

    My manager played very hardly to reduce my rating, even though my entire team know I’m a good resource. Reason is I don’t have a good rapo with him.

    He expects every one of our project should be in his control.

    Even the team members should ready to polish his shoes if he wants.

    Very arrogant…. guy. My team lead also a simillary guy. His name is Prabhu pl. He is like an order in lay of our manager.

  12. I completely agree with these guys say about TCS. As we don’t have unity among us (IT guys) employers are always high. we have no IT Union in any state or country. Even if we will have IT union, how many guys are going to use in right way? we need quick money to grow in our life and also employers are also in the similar way to climb up. Indian Govt is not taking care of people. I heard few ones committing suicide due to work pressure. Indian IT companies (almost 80% ) are blood sucking parcites of developers. I know how many people with families lost their job without proper notice in Indian IT industry. IT companies will hire people like herd and fire those. It is all matter of politics and money. not true about skills or hard work. if there is that is very rare.
    All managers and HRs think they are authorities and harass the developers and if they are females, they will treat in bad ways because of their power and designation. I wish to tell one thing, whatever the industry is in India, the condition is same. everyone needs huge money and needs are always unsatisfied. Because, we all grown up in such a fashion. dictatorship instead of thinking and doing own.
    even if one is super rich or born with silver spoon, he will also behave in this brutal way. possibly future generation of us might be born with change and good quality.
    unless Indians have come up with “enough” attitude, nothing will change.

    1. why dont you resign and leave since you have so much self worth? enough of what? you get paid more than top 2% of indians even if you are a junior ASE.go back to the remaining 98% where you belong .join a govt agency where your caste and connections will work better.

  13. what a load of bull.first you say that resource is “critical”.then he somehow has 2 consecutive bands.the fellow who is cribbing really is NOT a critical resource -he may think he is and too bad -lots of morons think they are good ,not just the management. bottom 15% of TCS is usually people from all types of third class colleges with 50% marks -anyone tom dick and harry can join the IT bandwagon these days. no wonder lot of riff raff get in.

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