TCS Q4 Results: 70% Divident for Shareholders -10% salary for employees

depicts a typical company where no unions are present. While TCS is projecting that is still comfortable  in terms of profits the company has shrewdly cut down the Variable Allowance components of .  TCS plays two different tunes to media and its internal circulation. While announcing a 70% divident for its shareholders (The big executives of TCS management have huge stockpile of the shares) , it has said in its internal memo the times are tough hence no VA.

This is whats called as double standard. Look at the measures TCS has undertaken in last few months before announcing quarter .


* Canteen food prices increased by 40-60% and many cases the quality and quantity also has reduced.

* Doubled   transportation prices (Office )   employees pay at an average of Rs 2500 per month and the buses are not AC or even Deluxe. Reduced frequency. 

* No Night shuttle for workers in Night shifts.

* Switch off AC after 9 PM but 20% employees work after 9 PM shift with not even a fan.

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  1. What else can u expect from TCS. It is quite clear from th TCS’ vision and mission which now seems to be only MONEY. and just to make some additions in the above information.

    * The office transportations is not doubled but is made 4 times.

    * The AC goes off at 6:30PM and not 9PM. and its not that they dont provide fans its just that thay only have 6 fans here for 2000 people and those 6 will be given to Admin guys or GLs first.

    * The toilet papers are missing from toilets.

    * No coffee or tea in the pantry

    *stupid restrictions for not to park your vehicle in parking.

    * Weird reasons for not approving the medical insurance claims.

    Also if you guys are in TCS you might be aware that earlier tcs used to give the TQ arrangement or hotel reimbursement when we come at our joining place. But now it seems that will not be given if we get the place of our choice (i.e. the first one we opt at the time of ILP) and for this they are giving the reason – “You choose this city so you might anyway be having the living and travel arrangements already”

    And last but not the least the firing is also going on in TCS, although these firings are not made public but I myself witnessed a few people getting fired from TCS [REAL COMPETENT PEOPLE – who even got selected in Microsoft and Adobe in the past]

    If you wanna continue to be a TCSer the some suggestions from me:
    * Stay low
    * dont expect salaryies or promotions.
    * Do what your STUPID bosses tells you to do.
    {No competent and ambitious person can live like this}

    And finally, Can we ask TCS how is the performance of the companies it had baught in previous years. Was that a wise decision?

  2. Its really sad, I had joined TCS as a fresher, now 3 years down the line, am miffed!!!
    Yes i agree, have got some good learning oppurtunities, but I am really saddened by the attitude problems of support staff, rampant and unreasonable cost cutting measures,
    Also the double crossing attitude like pointed out in the article
    “Showing one face to public,but another to the employees”
    Praying for the day CPI(M) starts a union in TCS 🙂

  3. As a tcser I can say we are all just hanging in the air holding a very thin thread and ready to fall at any time down.. Management and other top persons are very safe at both ends of the wire where there is pole holding this thin thread… Our hardwork has no recognition..nothing.. though HR sends mails appreciate the team through gems, no one ever really implement in reality to encourage the people.. They are now sending improving the performance bar etc.. if they feel performance is a major concern then why did they select such a low performing guys during job selection it the mistake of the company or the employee… Really I feel there should be some union forming in the company to protect the employees otherwise the company treats employees as slaves… our future is very uncertain now…though tcs brands itself as experince certainity.. this is reallly the greatest hypocrisy.

    1. even if they select competent people, the competent people find a better place to work in and jump. They really need to improve work environment otherwise quality will never go up. its an example of what can happen when people with no real good intentions for the masses end up in leading positions. in the long run the masses as well as they themselves have to suffer.

  4. I have quit TCS recently…….. has the VA been cut off in TCS? by how much? i remember getting 5400+600 as VA… i was a ASE there….

  5. I am so happy to have left that bull shit company 3 months back. Even now in my new company im working a lot but at least its better then tcs.
    Admin you are doing good job by revealing all this. If i knew this in college i would have taken another company.


      1. Interesting to see that out of a lot of similar posts you think mine specifically shows a bad attitude. Could you please tell me what is bad in my attitude? Please tell me what thinking is wrong and what do you think should be right way to think.

        Thanks a load for your help. 🙂
        Take care, bye.

  6. Its not like power problems are in TCS alone. It is there in all companies. Hike is restricted to performers only. TCS is the only company where I saw so many non-competitive employees working and they are still working without any risk in job. If you are getting a low package means you are still not up to the mark. Even those people go to some other companies, the will get even less.

    1. “If you are getting a low package means you are still not up to the mark.”
      what exactly do you mean? When I was in that company I remember even some great tech-savy ppl underappreciated/over-worked.

  7. Hi this is really a cruelty to TCSers…..I think Maneka Gandhi should start the campaign against TCS for stopping cruelty to TCSers, rather than to animal.

  8. Baroda TCSers are facing a problem since their transition from Nielsen. Since the transition they have not given a hike but have decreased their salary too.
    The appraisal system is the worst amongst the MNCs. There are many loopoles in this systems & TLs & Gls have much scope for the Banding & curve fitting. No good canteen facility. No night shift allowance to employees. No such good promotion policies & not increment. TCS is not the company which outside people think to work. Only Brand name is not enough to work. There should be employee satisfaction which lead to company ahead. Though there is one strange think is that TCS getting the best employee satisfaction award every year….I hope & pray to God that all the TCSer get good increment & progress this year..All the best to all..

  9. I hope that the TCS management would bring a good, transparent and satisfactory rating system (appraisal system) in place. Current system has many loop-holes and is not at all transparent. All the game is being played by the TLs and GLs. I am surprised they must have a degree in politics as I’ve seen many occasions in which the people which are near and dear ones of the upper management OR those who are extremely satisfying the needs (?) of their superiors are only get good bands and all. If we try to oppose, the only answer is: “The bands are generated by the system, dear! I have sympathy for you but I am helpless” kind of sentences.

    All TLs and GLs are playing simply a mind game which is pre-planned before ratings to be done. Even the qualified and talented people are suddenly moved to a fresh work team to satisfy their goals and the person is put in a great depression after hearing that he/she has now need to work with just joined and start their career once again from the beginning, from the ABC. Such are the TLs and GLs in the Baroda center.

    I hope this is not being done in every TCS center.

    I would also like to tell that some of our beloved managers are great politicians, some are great speakers and some are beautiful actors.

    Let us not encourage our friends to join this hell!!!!

  10. Kudos to those who have made above entries. I too feel the same. Be any GL or TL. Every one is madarchod

  11. I have received an offer from TCS as an IT Analyst in Bangalore and all that I have read till now over here seems this is the worst company of all which i believe could not be no company can be so bad if there is bad things there has to be good things, otherwise it is not possible for a company to get to the 2nd rank in India. So if you are telling bad things about the company I urge you to mention the good things also so that everyone can have the right openion.

    1. Blue,
      Yes blue don’t worry, this website contains only the negative aspects of TCS. There are PLENTY of good aspects to this company as well. to name a few:
      1.) Good job security. All though there were layoffs during recession, it was less than 2% of they companies employees that were affected. This is far less than other companies which laid of 20% of employees. You also will never get fired if you make some mistakes/not able to meet unrealistic expectation by some fool manager.
      2.)Good opportunities to move between domains/technologies as you feel like. Ofcourse if you get into a project it will take time for you to get release so that you can move into a different project, but if you have patience, there is no limit to the number of technologies/domains/roles you can experience in TCS.
      3.)Good work life balance. There will be times when you have deadlines and you have to stay late to complete work or come in on weekends, but generally the work culture is very relaxed, and you will never have unmanagable pressure.
      4.)Good salary. Sure we all complain about salary hikes because recently the company has been doing very well, but the hike doesn’t match the performance. But the truth is TCS still pays better than Wipro and Infosys for most associates. Ofcourse there will be exceptions due to people shifting companies often which changes their payscale.
      There are many more good points , it is definitely worth joining the company!

      1. Hi Blue,

        Sounds like you are joining as a team lead position. I would say if possible please do not do the bad things that other team leads do. Please be virtuous in your actions and I’m sure God will reward you.

        While what Alex states might be true I’m not sure to what extent it was true in my case. Basically here is my experience:

        1.) Good job security:
        We were a team of 7 people (including me :-), excluding the boss for obvious reasons). We used to work from 9-9 officially, 6 days a week. No “casual leaves” allowed. One of my colleagues took a sick leave for 1 day and she was scolded like anything. Then she was taken to the PM (2nd level filthy bastart/TCS management) for further scoldings. 4 of them had done SCJP certification and 2 of them had scored well – 97% and 93%. Those two got ratings 2.80 and 2.70 out of 5. The others got even less. And as we all know this “great indian company” was firing ppl if they got ratings 2 continuously.

        My work performance was low as I didnt get any training. (meaning i was expecting much lesser rating) Everyone in the entire module got 2 months training before they began work. My boss said they are “experimenting” on me and if it works out they can save money by providing no training in the future. He had given me warnings several times. I left the company before my first rating.

        So yes. maybe there was some job security.

        2.)Good opportunities to move between domains/technologies :
        Many people were trained by TCS in JAva and were working in .Net and vice versa. Im not sure how “good” the opportunity really is to move between domains (there are good opp. to move bw companies no doubt 🙂 )
        I was so so desperate during those days to move to a different domain. Everyone I met told me its impossible. So yes there are opportunities available (since little 0r no one gets to use it).

        3.)Good work life balance.
        I was working 16 X 6. except sunday. sunday i would get phone calls from my boss asking me to come but i wud tell him i have to wash clothes. He wud tell me to come after washing clothes. My bank work and any outside work was pending for weeks. I had to strictly come to office at 9 latest (I had received escalations from my great boss) .

        4.)Good salary.
        I left the company years ago and never regretted it once.

        I’ll never forget the resignation letter that I had to type 3 times due to their giving me wrong instructions nor the so unethical and rude behaviour shown by people during my resignation process. I’m just glad I was able to resign.

        However, this was possibly just a case of working for an idiot boss. I have seen lots of other instances in TCS where people leave at 4/5pm. basically they work 9-6 which i think is good and something you might not get in other places.

        So summarizing i wud say, join by all means. but plz dont do non-virtuous activities because your actions are directly going to affect the lives of the people working under you and possibly their families also. Please try to do as much good for them as you can and they will greatly respect you and have good wishes for you. (Maybe i dont need to tell you this 🙂 ).

        May God bless TCS.

        1. I completely agree with Mugen. I have also left TCS on 15 Apr 2010.I would also like to point out somethings
          1. Experience Certainty. I would put it in a different way….sarcastic one.. say you have been working in a project continuously for 4 years. You have been performing very well, getting all B. Now you ask for release. You will certainly experience “D” band, but release will be very difficult as your manager will give you so many excuse like it is quarter closure blablabla…
          2. After getting D band your VA will be lowered and promotion to next grade will get delayed by 1+ yrs from the normal timeline. This is one of the few companies where salaries are reduced after appraisal.

          3. TCS is one of the most unethical companies..they really don’t follow the ethics..believe me. One of my team members raised a place of asking him the reason, they asked him to close it without resolution 🙂 he didn’t close it he says that he cannot see his grievance in ultimatix.
          His grievance was deleted from the is unbelievable…but unfortunately it is true.. TCS boasts of having PCMM level 5.
          4. You put the papers and your managers will try to screw up your career by giving you some useless thing to do and threaten you that they will screw up your relieving letter.

          Guys please share your feeling.

          1. Guys,

            I would like to add to what I have said earlier. I was being very generous towards TCS because Blue was getting the impression that TCS was the worst company to work for when basically it is an average company.

            It is definitely not an above average company as people who have left TCS know there are better companies with good employee friendly policies. But basically what I wanted to say was that there are some good points to TCS as well and it might not be a bad idea for you to join TCS work for sometime to get the brand name in your resume and leave for a better company (especially if you are from a small company/startup).

            But I completely agree with the others in this forum, TCS is very employee unfriendly and they are very selfish. This can be seen from the HUGE profit increases but tiny salary increments. But just wanted to point out that in india TCS is not the worst company. If you were ranking all companies in india according to employee satisfiaction, TCS should come smack in the middle. Not near the top 10 and not near the bottom ten but exactlyh in the middle.

            Sorry if I gave the wrong impression that I was trying to say TCS is a great company. It is very AVERAGE.


  12. I am an exTCSer and I feel ashamed of it. I left TCS in year 2006 as an ASE. Just after few years I am a level equivalent to Consultant in TCS in just few years. It is a company full of politics and nothing else.

  13. Hie i got selected in TCS and Cognizant both.
    And now i am in a dilemmah whioch one to opt for.
    After reading the above posts my confusion began to increase.
    please guide me.

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