TCS starts firing game more aggressively

PIP or no PIP ? Has your project manager cleared it not cleared it ? Are you a critical resource or not ? . Well TCS HR says all these questions doesn’t matter.

As one of my friend came to know in a hard way recently after the quarter results. He is a critical resource and had gotten a PIP for last 2 years D band rating and current manager cleared it saying he’s doing well.The story of his previous 2 D rating itself is a typical one, One for release and other for onsite. Now he has got Band C, still HR asked him to submit resignation in spite of his current Account Manager fighting with HR over his critical job function in the account.His role is of ITA.

And now it has sent shivers across many associates ranks who were thinking their positions are safe. Will TCS start firing associates in big numbers based on this years appraisal or not is a big question mark only time or HR can answer.