TATA Nano now from Sanand, Gujarat

Group chairman Ratan TATA has signed an agreement with Gujarat CM Narendra Modi to start the production of world cheapest car .

TATA will manufacture 2.5-3.5 lakh units in the first phase and 5 lakh units in the second phase. More than 60 industries will come up together in the same complex. Rajkot will be the location for the second and the third ancillary units.

Ratan Tata added “This is an extremely momentous day and a very happy day and this is a very special day because we have been through a rather sad experience from a small quarter of residence of West Bengal despite the state government's efforts and so quickly and so efficiently and with so much enthusiasm we now have a new home. This new home and new agreement is signed on an auspicious day; the Seventh Anniversary of Chief Minister, Mr. Modi's leadership, and that's' a special occasion for .”

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