Nokia Tube – Nokia 5800 Xpress Music vs iphone vs HTC G1

has announced Nokia (code Name Tube)  5800 Xpress Touch screen Phone. So where does stand in comparision with the iphone and HTC ( ) G1 ? Going by what we have seen in the previous versions of Nokia XPress Music series , this is definitely not a real Nokia . But feauture wise it fits in the class of iphone minus the ‘i' and the looks.

For many who was expecting an N95/N96 as this would be a huge disappointment.  The N series and E series phones of Nokia are a totally different league compared to its 5*** series music phones. But Nokia  has taken a safe step.

To bring a in a smartphone means compatibility with various apps and much more testing, for which Nokia needs more time. And to a put N96 with a touchscreen and fail miserably with glistches would catastrophic for Nokia and its image. So they have decided to send out a Nokia 5*** phone with limited functionality and hence less intense scrutiny and better tested product.

which specialises in developing its closed systems, it is easier to control quality of apps and other running on iphones. But Nokia which lets the users do whatever they want with their smartphone, this is definite disadvantage for Nokia in terms of Quality assurance.Hence the obvious choice of a limited capability device.

Currently Android based is the only “SMART” smartphone around with touch screen built for your fingers. The G1 really looks cool and hopefully delivers in terms of . Personally IM very much looking forward to , little sneakpeeks i had with the emulators are encouraging. The basic application set including ,Google Maps and Gmail are nowdays a minimum requirements for any web enabled device. Hopefully we will have more to choose from on the launch date.

Still there is no serious contender for iphone , iphone beats most other touchscreen phones in terms of its touch screen  , simple UI and Application set. But rest assured this will last long. There is already rumours abound on a Touchscreen phone from Nokia from N series coming out by the end of the year or early next year.

I would really like E61i with a touch screen and full

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