TATA Nano allotment status links- check if you have got your Nano

TATA Motors announced today the allotment results and when we tried to find the delivery dates  almost 60% people had delivery dates from October 2010 to December 2010 and 30-40% in the July 2010 to Septembet 2010 ranges. There were customers who have to wait even longer.  The website TATA Motors has setup is not exactly secure if you know just one UIN number (especially if you ordered online) , you can just increment or decrement from your number and check status of many would be NANOers.

I did check almost 50 such numbers and most of them were for delivery between Oct 2010 – Dec 2010. Many were also for Jul 2010-Sep 2010. So dont expect a Nano attack on roads anytime soon.

You can check whether you are lucky or not by entering your UIN number in the following link

Check TATA Nano allotment status


You will start getting the TATA Nano allotment letters through Postal service but, checking online is much faster. Also its estimated that very few people will get TATA Nano this year. Most of the first one lakh will get the Nano in Jul-Sep 2010 or Oct-Dec 2010.

Checkout my allotment letter – Name Hidden to protect privacy.

TATA Nano allotment letter
TATA Nano allotment letter

There was little surprise in terms of the allotments and as I had written earlier in the  previous post TATA was prompt in announcing the allotments.

Tata Nano Lottery results by the end of this week – First list of customers

TATA Motors is gearing up for a busy week.  If all goes well TATA Motors will announce the list of the first 1,00,000 customers to get the worlds cheapest car. The TATA Nano bookings closed on April 25 and it is almost two months.

It is expected that the first car will be handed over to first lucky customer (TATA motors will pick a low income person) in a grand function in the first week of July. 70% of the customers have decided to wait even if they dont get the car in the lottery.

TATA Nano booking not upto expected levels

TATA Motors is trying hard to make sure it doesn’t disappoint its shareholders, with an almost  Rs 1,00,000 booking amount for its People’s Car TATA Nano they haven’t got as many bookings as they would have expected. Now TATA Motors is giving more options in terms of loans and also advising its financial arm to not to be too strict on loans.

Also one more factor which has prevented bulk booking of the Nano is PAN card, TATA Motors has announced that Nano will be limited to one car per PAN number. And PAN card is mandatory while taking delivery of TATA Nano. Many of the brokers who usually buy newly launched cars in bulk are also cautious about the delivery time which could make their money locked with TATA Motors for upto an year without any interest.

But many interested customers might also be waiting till the last minute for booking the Nano, so lets wait and see how many booking forms are converted to orders.