TCS might fire employees in bench for more than 2-3 months


Desperation seems to be getting better of TCS Management. Faced with falling stocks, deserting clients and loss of business in Financial , TCS is gearing up for some tough measures in the next few months. TCS has already stopped its for this cycle.

Next target for the management seems to be unallocated .

Due to loss of projects many of its employees are sitting idle “unallocated” which is popularly known as getting benched. These employees get salary from the company's profits and they attribute to zerobilling income. Now there are many employees in bench for more than 2-3 months, these will be the initial target for getting the .

Many reasons can attribute to being in bench. If the reasons are either incompetence, or employees choice of projects, they sure can expect to go home permanently. Many employees have used these tactics over the years to make MATC (which handles allocations) hand them either onsite oppurtunities or their preferred projects. This trick might not work in the current situation.

Many senior resources with more than 6-7 years of experience are more at risk(if unallocated for long time), as most of them want better roles and usually demand more.The pay packages for them are also higher.

Now the company is in process of preparing a list of associates are benched for a long time and trying to come up with a strategy. You might hear some news very soon from TCS House in Mumbai.

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31 Replies to “TCS might fire employees in bench for more than 2-3 months”

  1. This seems to be very good practice as long as it is targetting people who think they are very smart and making fool of MATC by being on bench for more than 3 months. If people lack competency they can be trained. At least this will give a bit relaxation to employees who are doing hard work and whom promotions have been blocked because Funds are being wasted as salary of those useless fellows…

  2. its just making fun for that employee who break their higher stduies and joined TCS and not got a single chance to prove himself

  3. …i know one persom who is on bench for more than 6 months….but he is still in tcs….he says you need to know how to handle MATCs….He is experience person with ITA grade. He is roaming around freely and enjoying his big salary….No matter how much bad the market condition, these kind of people will not get affected. Only those good at heart and hard working, sincere people will be awarded with poor rating, bad projects, no promotions….and if on bench then they are asked to put resignation to HR……….

  4. It’s a very bad thing . When a employee works hard on a project which is giving high profit then employee is not rewarded reasoning overall loss of company and when same employee is asking for good role and project he is asked to wait & wait and then now this thing is come . there is no fault at employees end if he is in bench for last 2-3 months it is management or so called matc who are not giving them the real chance . many of the good position and role are filled directly within the manager circle without informing matc .

  5. It is a more professional environment than what it was in TCS a while back. So associates with true commitments and competency are flourishing. The age-old policies of TCS like a government organization will come to an end and that is what is desired in this changed/ challenging economic environment. Places for associates who complain more and work less will perish. If not directly via attrition process, but via a different kind of management pressure these unwanted lot (that is dragging TCS back) will be forced to leave the organization. TCS is here to stay and reach the top within a short period of time. I, personally as a TCS-er would like to deploy certain ploys to get rid of these junks… ASAP.

  6. TCS is a company of no policies . According to time it always changes it’s policies. and secondly “Right man at the right place” This police has been raped and looted in TCS. Always competent employees are exploited and those who doesn’t know anything they will be placed in the good projects. For that reason may be many project in the pipeline has been scratched. Its a organization of 50 Years(Senior to Microsoft). It isn’t a big thing that TCS is enjoying #1 position in Asia but TCS would have at #1 position in World if It could change the working policies and good management and proper resource allocation.

  7. TCS shsould fire incompetent project managers immediately, who r enjoying big salary and absolutely doing nothing.

  8. It will be a very good move to fire those who have a bad track record and who have been rejecting project offers…but more discretion needs to be applied as there are people on bench with excellent track record just because there is no work on offer….Still in favor of firing at least that will make sure the deserving ones get their raise and promotions…..y waste it on people not willing to work….

  9. TCS is easily the worst Indian IT company. Corrupt, incompetent, infested by idiots and run by officious fools, it’s a bloody shame for our country.

  10. some people are giving allocation in TCS their well known people with out any domain/tecnical knowledge.All most on bench people having good knowledge but they dont have the known persons thats the main reason they are not getting projects.

    who are already in projets, need to to identify the people who are not familar with subjects.

  11. I had worked in TCS HR Kolkata for 1-1/2 years, it is a shame the way they do business. And i do consider this as the a one of the few big mistakes i have ever made.

    Few in projects do understand what the present HR head (at least in Kolkata) calls & i quote him: “Case to case- basis”.

    There are NO rules, the exceptions are based on the manager’s recommendations, and approvals (he /she stays OR goes) depends on simple mood swings….

    Also few know how the Co cars and guest houses are used privately by the DC heads ( 😉 ).
    The business trips had HUGE sums of money which are misappropiated for personal ( & i mean reeeeaaallly personal) pleasures and were accounted FLAWLESSly as business expenses.

    Week end is even more fun .. when there are very few people in the office, the bays, the canteens (and the bathrooms) serve as the substitute for Shopping Mails, restaurants (and bedrooms).

    I really wonder if they are trying to shed their ‘ bloody sarkari’ image, then if only cost cutting and firing would help…

  12. I dont understand this concept in TCS where you have to literally beg the MATC for projects. The allocations are done absolutely on a random basis.If you are lucky enough and your name is picked you can be allocated or else you have to just wait and suffer. Personally i hate this whole system .

    Why isnt the resource allocation done efficiently?? It would surely enhance the company’s performance and projects wouldnt have to be scratched or put on hold. Why arent people with better talent and knowledge treated accordingly..

  13. CS Layoff’s all were saying itz performance rating…whether that rating given is

    correct to the individual?It depends on the manager…who is the bull shit,the

    culprit.Till date in my friends career of 6yrs he didn’t get rating 2…This manager

    who is an idiot gave him rating 2… bcoz of regional discrimination who became a

    newly appointed manager last year only.As he has to give his friends good

    rating, all chennai people forming a group….not doing anything…. then my friend

    gave rating more than my friend as my friend got 2 this term for the 1st time in

    his career.Really dumped him…What is this?No one has the right to say that..

    That to as itz a final appraisal no comments to be commented down when

    accepting it… What a foolish thing?Really if it is so this time itz my friend’s turn

    to be layoff…Itz damn stupidity..HR doesn’t listen to it.Who we have4 to say?I

    yam ready to relieve the names…I’m not from TCS 1st of all.Really itz been total

    politics.For once gain who have to dump others.To get a rating –should we be

    good to the manager–pampering him for whatever he does, and say it is right?

    People working in this company also losing ethics..Spoling the ethics of the

    company…Really stupid…People see films like

    Aparchith,Indian,Bharathiyudhu..all this… just for time pass…..No one behaves

    like this..Being an indian itz shame on our parts….Corruption.. for your own

    benefits… You are just the same as our politicians… I don’t know the

    person…But i do know the name of the project manager and the gang…I yam

    ready to directly pick you out idiot….If i have a chance really want to kick u in

    the public..No ethics.. Giving only pose….If i have a chance to talk to him…. I

    yam really for for that chance…..To give you right and left…You didn’t do any

    thing than my friend did..I know that..and the team members everyone know

    it..What a foolish bug you are?some people are giving allocation in TCS their well known people with out any domain/tecnical knowledge.All most on bench people having good knowledge but they dont have the known persons thats the main reason they are not getting projects.
    who are already in projets, need to to identify the people who are not familar with subjects.

  14. The salary of project managers in TCS should drasticallly cut down and should be rated by CEO.They are absolutely doing nothing.

  15. Performance bands are being shared in TCS in phases from all the rumours will be cleared soon.

  16. Does anyone here want to talk a reporter (who works for an American paper) about some of these issues? If yes, I can give an email address.

  17. most onshore positions in tcs are prefilled by managers without even consulting the MATC.. i recently got released from a proj and matc wanted me to allocate to another newly acquired proj.. they said the position was for offshore.. i asked, how abt the onshore positions.. she said they r already filled. I asked her on what basis were they filled?? shouldn it come tru matc ideally?? she doesn have an answer.. positions are flled directly by managers.. they normally take someone whom they know.. their friends. ppl of their own language.. etc etc.. later they use matc support just to get the identified person allocated to that won.. just a formality..

  18. Hi TCSERS,

    i am in onsite from last 3 yrs, last 2yrs i got ‘D’ rating, since i am in onsite i nevr bother about the rating, but this year i have taken care of rating got 4.3 IPF for 2008-09 but finally got band ”D’, i was shocked mangment says that corporate decided to give ”D’ band for resources fot 2 consective ‘D’ in last 2 yrs. How far this is true??

    i will go to offshore in next month.
    Will These 3 consecutive ‘D’ going to impact my job??
    Plz give me u r suggestions.

  19. Hi VSR,

    Your name must have been in Feb list due to last 2 consecutive D rating. So because of that reason your manger should have gave better rating to other team members. And your this D band must be formality. We see many onsite resources are being sent back to India and finally forced to put resign…… letter. Ultimatly no one is safe in IT industry. But indian eng grad won’t have any other option tooo.

    I have all sympathy with the guys who are loosing job. People should think longterm and don’t be in hurry to join IT sector, this is a sweet poison.

  20. Hi BRM,

    Thanks for reply.

    That means i will be fired, as soon as i reach offshore,
    do u think it’s better to start look fr other opp.. from now

    Please reply.

  21. Hi does anyone have idea abt the recent performance measurement i.e the performance based firing policy in tcs as published in

  22. I’m a victim of TCS firing. They are saking people just like that. Every project in TCS is like a parliament. We need to play politics to survive. Frankly telling this political play is to fire people out. Every manager & HR are getting more rating in their appraisal time if they fired out enough people.

    TCS is a hell….
    TCS is like a politician club…
    TCS only supports higher management people…

    TCS is not an employee freindly concern. Dont join there. Don’t loose everything from there

    TCS is a totally employee unfreindly.

    Kindly black list that company. If you have any other offers don’t stick with TCS.

  23. There is a pending class action lawsuit against TCS, filed on behalf of the employees, which is now in a very important stage. The Plaintiffs (the employees) have won every motion thus far, and presently need the help and participation of other current and former TCSers. If you were deputed to the US by TCS, please call the law firm that brought forth this suit on behalf of the employees (at 1-800-971-8881) and listen to the recorded message about the claims regarding many TCS employee practices. If you want more information about your rights and entitlements, please leave a telephone number at the tone, and someone will call you back and give you the latest updates and answer any questions you might have. All calls are confidential.

  24. i became victim of big politics of tcs (tsc) . They have catch me for D band since three years. i am working since 4 years
    I really frustrate when people working half the me and getting C band easily. I am very honest and simple person, i dont like the butter police to my higher authority. I strongly feel that the only this reason for not getting good rating. Please guide me what shoud i do , should i resign or continue the job.

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