HP Pavilion DV2620US Windows XP drivers.. Forced to use Windows VISTA

I bought a recently, the laptop came with a preloaded , Some how I did not find VISTA amusing from day one. I wanted to go back to my reliable , So went on to find out about drivers fro mXP. To my horror, did not provide drivers for XP.

I went on finding the specification for my model ie Sound card Name version..Graphics card details and finally was able to get all drivers for XP  🙂 . Now here comes the sad part. After installation the screen looks pathetic even with proper driver Display aint correct, simply looks bleak. It looks very good on VISTA. Then Sound is good but non of short cut keys work in XP. Moreover even if i connect headphone jack speaker doesnt turnoff 🙁 .

Not a good XP experience.By the time I realised it is not going to pleasurable, I had gotten used to VISTA, after few pathces and updates VISTA doesnt give me blue screen errors/anything. So HP and forced me into using Windows VISTA. A shrewd strategy on part of Microsoft(I hate it).

Im currently eagerly awaiting the arrival of Windows VISTA SP1.

 By the if you want for HP Pavilion dv2620us, You can it here. But Im warning you its a not  a great experience.Some drivers need to be forced, so any help jus me.


The Rar file has

HP Pavilion DV2620US  Windows XP Display Drivers
HP Pavilion DV2620US Windows XP  Motherboard Drivers,Chipset Drivers
HP Pavilion DV2620US Windows XP Sound card drivers
HP Pavilion DV2620US  Windows XP ,Blurtooth,,card reader,Modem,Touch pad and Network (LAN)

Download here

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22 Replies to “HP Pavilion DV2620US Windows XP drivers.. Forced to use Windows VISTA”

  1. Please, what is the hard disk controller driver from that HP Dv2620us? I need because i have problems with my disk. It is not recognized.


  2. Hey, I have a similar problem. Any ideas on how I can get my headphone jacks to work? There aren’t any drivers for them as far as I’ve searched…
    Thanks a lot 🙂
    (btw, my Vista to XP experience has actually been very good except for this problem :D)

  3. Erm i disagree, I had Vista on HP but different i think later model, and of course i had difficulty getting all the software/drives for my hardware but managed it, all left is now wireless and tv card but thats easy just dont want to open it up/ Everything works fine and great, plus if u want media center there is one for xp not as advanced looking but very similar. O and blue screen when u install xp is u have to change bios settings it works.

  4. thank you so much sir for your post. it really help me so much to solve the problem of my sister’s laptop….GOD BLESS and MORE POWER!!

  5. Hi, i also used the sp36090.exe but it didn´t work, i dont know why , i had to install in a certain order all the drivers again or only run tahat driver ?

    help pleasee

  6. Thank you very much for the big driver file! =D

    For those who can’t install the sound driver, i found the solution…
    Extract the files from ‘sp32823_Conexant driver.exe’, then edit the file named ‘wis30B2a.inf’.

    Locate ‘[Conexant]’ and replace the line with the following:

    %HdAudioFunctionDriver.Waikiki5047.DeviceDesc% = HdAudModel,HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_14F1&DEV_5045&SUBSYS_103C30D6

    Save it and execute the ‘setup.exe’.

    Voilá! =)))

  7. Hi Luciano Coitinho,

    My friend you are a star thanx for the advise my audio device is working fine. Man god bless you and your family. You are simply great.

  8. You you should edit the post subject title HP Pavilion DV2620US Windows XP Drivers | Forced to use Windows VISTA | New Laptop users have no choice | | Dexternights.. to something more specific for your blog post you create. I loved the the writing all the same.

  9. Thank you soo much……… yea that much. Editing the sound file worked also thanks for that too I think this may have took me all day if I would not have ran into this tread thanks to all that have noted on the subject.

  10. good day i dont know if im a bit late with this but ive recentrly got my laptop to work again and im looking for the xp driver s but i cant download them
    but if you could send me an email with a current link would be awsome


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