US ISP’s taking a wrong turn in limiting usage..

ISP's are trying to go back to olden days, Time Warner's plans of limiting Bandwidth usage and trying to levy extra charges would possibly result in loss of not only high end customers but also irritate average user. If TimeWarner believes its mainline customers dont movies/ why will they need 7Mbps and 15Mbps connections in the first place?. For simple browsing 1.5Mbps connection is more than sufficient.

After 's delaying of traffic,TimeWarner has started testing plans to limit bandwidth usage primarily targetted at blocking P2P traffic.This dangerous trend from ISP's arise mostly out of capitalistic interests of these businesses and not on interests to save customers.If you are from other places of the world like , then probably you will realize how pathetic situation of Customers in US, be Operators,Cable companies or ISP's the big companies pretty much make you do what they want you to do.Already the options are pretty less here.Maybe 's entry may change stakes but at present situation is looking very grim.

Usually customers paying for a service would never like to get monitoring/limiting functions on the service we will find a way to get away from those options. Say Timewarner brings a plan where it will allow 10GB tranfer limit for 30 $, customers who want to be free from limits will always ask for a unlimited option and so Time Warner might give a new plan for $60 and we will end up paying $30 more for same plan we are using now. Net Result.. Its a forced price hike, afterall if they get more profit they will do anything bothering nothing about end user.

If such a plan comes into effect I will be the first guy to ditch Time Warner.

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