TATA Nano named among Top 12 cars since 1908 by Time Magazine

Time Magazine has given thumps up to Nano even before its launch Time has mentioned that even if the car itself doesn become top seller, has set for New generation of cars with glue and innovative materials.This may undo all crappy extras the costly cars come with.

Listing the 12 cars in chronological order, the Time magazine presentation says only these ‘few automobiles have been able to fundamentally change the way we live and dream'. As for the Nano, Time says “'s ‘people's car', as is already dubbed, is intended to put motoring within reach of Asia's masses.

At $2,500 it's hard to see it how it won't sell, but even if it doesn't it will become the poster car for a new, stripped-back style of engineering — glue instead of welds! — that could change the world.

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