BSNL GPRS Settings and configurations

Hi all, Well right now im in Vellore ,No broadband here and hence should look for an good option for . dialup is little costly(inspite of 2nd bfone line i have) for my kind of browsing ie all though out the day.
I saw in the bsnl website about new and access thru the postpaid connections.So made my mind into checking out how fares.. the plan i chose is Rs 349/month on an unlimited internte access and free .The activation procedure is quite different from that of Hutch where we can juz call customer service and activate GPRS.Here as usual(with BSNL) is a little complex..go to ur nearest customer care and fill an application form to activate the GPRS.The procedure takes nearly a day to activate.
Then comes the problem… they have given settings for the GPRS access in their website but only to a limited number of handsets. And that too the settings vary for different zones.(the one in website wont work in tamil nadu).
My model is somewhat very different, based Motorola MPX200 ,and when the guy in customer centre saw it he juz wrote it off…no way we dnt know how to configure it. I got the settings and went on searching the web in order to find what are the setings.(MPX200 doesnt have internetconnection mngr s/w and we have to make changes).I was putting in various combinations and after nearly 5 hours (i should say lucky me)one of thecombinations worked. I browsed all websites thru it(in mobile, MPX200 supports html and wml with Pocket IE)… but then the biggest problem to connect the mobile to for browsing.As i have mentioned there are no sw associated with the mobile to connect it as a modem(though is present it wont manage internet connections ) .. i searched in the web and found the mobile operators in (cingular and others ) clearly defined the settings..but none to suit our BSNL.. finally had a breakthru after 8 hours i was directed to the GSM documentation which clearly stated the external initialization commands to be given in modem options(in PC).
Once connected internet acces is hassle free(if you have good reception in mobile).It gives a decent speed and coupled with unlimited access(30*24*7) (even in remote areas juz for Rs 349/-) is cheap.The reason for preferance of BSNL over HUTCH or is the presence. Hutch is available only in and a similar plan costs Rs 499/- ,outside chennai no GPRS support.Airtel's package is very restrictive and it doesnt have mobile penetration everywhere.
If you are in a remote area and if ur only option is BSNL dialup (sancharnet) then u can try BSNL/HUTCH GPRS…i have provided settings
APN : bsnlsouth(for TN and southzone) / bsnlwap
IP :
port : 9401 () and 9201(for motorola) (its not compulsary in all )
username : ppp
pwd :user123
extra initilization for all models(to be given in modem settings)
APN : portalnmms / www
IP :
port : 9201
username : (blank)
pwd :(blank)
extra initilization
+cgdcont=1,”IP”,”www” / +cgdcont=1,”IP”,”portalnmms” (suitable)
If u r using modem sw for ur mobile u dont have to initilize.
Hi if u need help u can always contact me………

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  1. I have GPRS connection and my hand set is Apple iPhone 3G. I am unable connect to ineternet. Please any body help me for settings. BSNL not helping in this regard. They are not confident to reply to their customers.

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