Comparision of email services..

Rank 5

Microsoft looks bleak.
Well this is one of the first service (interface) i started using.. by then the concept wasnt so popular and hotmail was better.
But as the days went on hotmail …didn improve.And while all other mail service providers are provided airbus for a trip hotmail is
still providing the old cart.
Advantage(s) :

* The only advantage is easy access to host of other servces like MSN messenger , passport.Net etc.

Disadvantages :

– Spam spam spam spam……everywhere, the only mails i get are spams nearly 20 everyday(no use in reporting) .
– Mailbox prehistorically small.2MB??? (nwdays each fwd wud exceed 2MB).
– Dull interface.
– Removal of / support.

Rank 4

Sancharnet is the national mail service by . Its improving quite well.Its not exactly a free service.

Advantages :

*Unlimited and free POP3 access.
*Fast access.
*Service inside the country(increase Indian traffic)

Disadvantages :

-10 MB mail space.
-No extra features(the new interface beta is good)
-Its not totally free , u need a BSNL account. not tested.

Rank 3
The old man is still alive.

Thanks to the thousands of greatful old rediff users rediff is still going.But many feel is losing the battle with yahoo in terms of commercial use of the site.

Advantages :
* 1 GB mail .
* Improved and simple interface.
* Reliable.
* Indian brand.

-The changed interface is slow and is not intuitive.
-No groups/other services.
-No POP access.

Rank 2
Yahoo is bright again and thanks to yahoo groups.
Yahoo is fighting aggressively to keep its competers at bay.The increased Mail space and aggressive redesign and extra features help it.

Advantages :*Yahoo groups is the singlemost reason many use yahoo.
*Yahoo increases its usage still.
*Host of other services.
*1GB mail box(is it 2 GB now?).
*New layout.
*Fast and reliable.

Disadvantages :
*No POP access.
*No radical new change in mail delivery.
*Ad based mail service.

And the winner & Rank 1

The present 1GB space with yahoo,rediff all can b attributed to Gmail.The aggressive new concept in mail delivery, simple standalone client has redefined mail service world over. No ad whatsoever. The best of all u dont have to refresh and see ur mails.ur page automatically refreshes instantly as soon as u receive a mail.

Advantages :
* Cool Interface.
* Unbelievably fast mail delivery.
*Auto refresh on mails.(extremly useful and unique).
*Ever increasing space (today its 2245MB).
*Free POP3/SMTP access.
*reliable and secure.
*allowing . in user names.
*attachment size.
*extra features.

Disadvantages :
-Need to get a invite.
-some old systems struggle.

I may use , MSN spaces ,My MSN ,Sancharnet POP acces but when it comes to email my choice would be GMAIL(atleast as long as some one beats it)

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