Google Chrome 4 (Beta) gets the much awaited Bookmark Sync

Google Today released the Beta version of Google Chrome 4, boasting 30% performance improvement over Google Chrome 3.0 the current stable version. Google earlier had a browser sync extension for Firefox , which was one of the main reason I stuck to Firefox in the first place. The browser Sync allowed storing and migrating all your browser data like Bookmarks,History and even passwords across your multiple computers. Google withdrew the Browser Sync for Firefox just before Google Chrome was launched and started promoting its own browser.

Now Google Chrome’s Beta version gets a part of the browser sync, ie the Bookmark part of it. So if you use multiple computers in Home or Office, you just needs to login to your Gmail account to Keep your Bookmarks in Sync.Google uses XMPP (The technology powering Google Talk) to Sync the data between multiple computers.

Also the current Beta version boasts of 400% performance improvement over the Google Chrome 1 (first stable release earlier this year).

Find more details here in Google Chrome Blog

Windows 7 and the crashing Google Talk

The first problem I have discovered after  upgrading to Windows 7 (32 bit Ultimate ) is with the simplest of software’s – Google Talk. Google Talk has crashed 4-5 times in last few days and I have reinstalled it three times, finally dumping the stable version of Google Talk and installing the Google Talk Labs Edition.Ever since I upgraded to Windows 7, I found the typing in Google Talk was very slow, ie the program was not responding as slick as it should.

When I tried to Google for any possible solutions, I found more complaints than answers many users have mentioned Google Talk either slowing down or crashing. Some users have tried running the program in compatibility mode of Windows XP SP3 or Windows VISTA SP2, I tried both options but unsuccessful in both attempts.

One more problem I noticed is whenever the Google Talk was opened in Gmail window, it would crash the Adobe Shockwave player ( I believe Google is responsible for both these problems.

So expect a newer version of Google Talk for Windows 7 and for time being try the Google Talk Labs Edition.

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Windows Browser Ballot System – A total waste of time

EU is pushing Microsoft to provide a browser ballot in the Windows versions shipped in European Union countries.Well it is definitely not going to help the consumer/ end user. The argument from EU and Microsoft’s rivals is that since windows comes pre-installed with Internet Explorer, the users are not given equal opportunity for using other browsers.

Browser Ballot Screenshot for Windows in EU
Browser Ballot Screenshot for Windows in EU

If the users are not tech savvy enough, how does EU expect them to make a wise or useful choice upfront ? So these decisions may be forced on them by their relatives or the people who help them set up a computer. Especially if a non techy user finds that he/she is missing their favorite Internet Explorer (or comfortable) and when they try to connect office network and get thrown out because they are using a non IE browser ?

One way or the other this ballot system will be a failure from the start just like Windows Editions launched without Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer. Well no one bothered to buy these Windows Editions specifically launched in EU, after all why not have IE or Windows Media Player if they are not going to harm your computer?

Probably EU regulators should now look at other real issues like launching Phones like Iphone locked and limiting their use to only one network etc.