Awesome Pictures of Blackberry OS 6.0

Blackberry OS6.0 is the much awaited feature for all or atleast for the Blackberry fans and users.Blackberry OS6.0 has brought in some interesting features which looks different from other touch screens.If the features are slightly different from other models then its definitely going to be an interesting product.Blackberry 0S6.0 has included pinch zooming,paging instead of widget support,multitouch,pop up with upto 9 options,kinetic scrolling and many.

There is a end to the limited widgets display go for more by scrolling.In Blackberry OS6.0 there is a main page where you can have applications and you can even slide next with options like left and right buttons which can have more pages with more applications.So you can have different group of applications with different home screens in each page.

Next new feature is Tap and PopUp.If you tap and hold on specific option then you will get many pop up with related options.Say suppose you tap and hold on message menu you will get pop up to send messages,MMS,email etc

Multitouch option with good pinch zooming as they have implemented kinetic scrolling with rubber banding throughout the OS

The new Smartphone “BlackBerry Storm” – Review And Specifications

The BlackBerry solution consists of smartphones integrated with software that enables access to a variety of data and communication services.
The BlackBerry solution supports leading enterprise email platforms and can be customised to meet the needs of one person or an entire enterprise, to any scale, in any industry.

The following will represent both the features of BlackBerry Storm2 9520 and BlackBerry Storm 9500



Features of BlackBerry Storm

Available Features

* Wi-Fi® Enabled1
* 3.2 MP Digital Camera
* Video Camera Capabilities
* Supports BlackBerry App World™
* Bluetooth® Enabled
* Multimedia Player
* Wireless Email
* Organizer
* Browser
* Phone
* Corporate Data Access

Size & Weight

Height – 4.43 inches (112.5 mm)
Width – 2.45 inches (62.2 mm)
Depth – 0.55 inches (13.95 mm)
BlackBerry Storm2 9520 smartphone – 5.64 ounces (160 grams)
BlackBerry Storm 9500 smartphone – 5.5 ounces (155 grams)


* High resolution 480 x 360 pixel color display
* 3.25” (diagonally measured)
* Transmissive TFT LCD
* Supports over 65,000 colors
* Dynamic hardware brightness control1


Only on BlackBerry Storm2 9520:

* 802.11b/g enabled
* 802.11 infrastructure mode; ad-hoc mode is to be disabled
* 802.11d
* 802.11i including EAP-TLS, PEAP, EAP-TTLS/MS-CHAPv2, PEAPv0/MS-CHAPv2,PEAPv1/EAP-GTC

Data Input & Navigation

* Navigation: SurePress touch screen
* BlackBerry Storm2 9520: On screen keyboard: portrait SureType®, QWERTY and multi-tap, landscape QWERTY, portrait QWERTY
* BlackBerry Storm 9500: Portrait SureType and multitap, landscape QWERTY, portrait QWERTY
* Dedicated keys: Send, End, Menu, Escape, Left/right convenience keys (default voice activated dialing and camera), 2X Volume/Zoom, Power/Lock, Mute

Camera & Video Recording

* 3.2 MP camera
* Flash
* Auto-focus
* 2x digital zoom
* Image stabilization1

Voice Input & Output

* 3.5mm stereo headset capable
* Integrated speaker and microphone
* Hands-free headset capable
* Bluetooth headset capable
* Integrated hands-free speakerphone

Media Player

* Video format support: MPEG4 H.263, MPEG4 Part 2 Simple Profile, H.264, WMV
* Audio format support: MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA, WMA ProPlus
* 3.5mm Stereo Headset Capable

Ringtones & Notifications

* Tone, vibrate, on-screen or LED indicator
* User configurable notification options
* 32 polyphonic ringtones – MIDI, MP3


* BlackBerry Storm2 9520: Bluetooth v2.1+EDR1
* BlackBerry 9500: Bluetooth v2.0
* Mono/stereo headset, hands-free, phone book access profile and serial port profile supported
* Bluetooth stereo audio (A2DP/AVCRP)
* Dial Up networking

Battery & Battery Life

BlackBerry Storm 9520:

* Standby time: GSM: 12.7 days (305 hours), UMTS: 11.7 days (280 hours), CDMA: 11.2 days (270 hours)
* Talk Time: GSM: 5 hours, UMTS: 6
hours, CDMA: 5.5 hours
* Battery: 1400 mAhr removable/rechargeable cryptographic Lithium cell

BlackBerry Storm 9500:

* Standby time: 15 days (356 hours)
* Talk Time: 6 hours
* Battery: 1400 mAhr removable/rechargeable cryptographic Lithium cell


* BlackBerry Storm2 9520: Integrated
GPS with assisted-GPS capabilities
* BlackBerry Storm 9500: Stand-alone and assisted GPS


BlackBerry Storm2:

* 2 GB Embedded Multimedia Card
* 256 MB Flash Memory

BlackBerry Storm 9500:

* 1 GB Embedded Multimedia Card
* 128 MB Flash Memory


* Password protection
* Screen lock

Wireless Networks

* Quad-band: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM®/GPRS/EDGE networks
* Single-band: 2100 MHz UMTS/HSPA networks
* Dual-band: 800/1900/ MHz CDMA/Ev-DO Rev A networks

Kobo eReader – An Excellent device for Book Readers

Though Kobo eReader is available as one of the application in almost all high end mobile devices like Blackberry,iPhone,iPad and many other devices but it will always be interesting to read books in a dedicated device which gives you the real effect of a book.
Yes,Kobo more or less gives the feeling of original paper book with its powerful E ink reader and fine plastic material all over the device.
You can also choose from variety of covers simulating classic book pattern for the device.

eReader also has other exciting feaures.A dedicated and comfortable navigation button is available to traverse through pages.Menu buttons are available in the left side which is also different from other eReader devices and device cost around 149$

You can store around 1000 eBooks and if it has to be extended then add 4GB memory card to store around 4000 eBooks.
Other Specifications are as follows

120mm x 184mm x 10mm thick.
only 200 grams.
Five selectable Font Sizes
Bluetooth Connection

Transfer eBooks wirelessly via Bluetooth
Navigation buttons

Home, Menu, Back, Display.