Awesome Pictures of Blackberry OS 6.0

OS6.0 is the much awaited feature for all or atleast for the Blackberry fans and users.Blackberry OS6.0 has brought in some interesting features which looks different from other touch screens.If the features are slightly different from other models then its definitely going to be an interesting product.Blackberry 0S6.0 has included pinch zooming,paging instead of widget support,,pop up with upto 9 options,kinetic scrolling and many.

There is a end to the limited widgets display go for more by scrolling.In Blackberry OS6.0 there is a main page where you can have and you can even slide next with options like left and right buttons which can have more pages with more applications.So you can have different group of applications with different home screens in each page.

Next new feature is Tap and PopUp.If you tap and hold on specific option then you will get many pop up with related options.Say suppose you tap and hold on message menu you will get pop up to send messages,, etc

Multitouch option with good pinch zooming as they have implemented kinetic scrolling with rubber banding throughout the OS

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