Laptops for Children education – One laptop per child

Gone are the days when kids used to carry slates(not the HP slate !),slates got replaced with notebooks and pen and now kids may carry a tablet computer with them to their education center.Marvell Technologies is struggling hard to fullfill the vision of Children using laptops and they are even trying to sell therir products at a cheap rate which could be around $75 to $100.Marvell is in partnership with OLPC foundation to create hardwares for the laptop.

Apart from the low cost feature, Marvell and OLPC are aspiring for many great features which will not even be available in the recent laptops.Following are their tentatively proposed features

low power rating of 1 watt per hour
multilingual, multitouch-screen keyboard with haptic feedback
high-quality video (1080p full-HD encode and decode)
integrated video and still cameras
high-performance 3D graphics
Flash 10 Internet
two-way teleconferencing
Andriod OS
ARM Processor
Thickness around 10.8 millimeters which is similar to iPad

So now when is this tablet getting released?
Its been scheduled for next year that is during January 2011

But this laptop will be available only in the developed countries and based on the priority company would look on to other decisions.

Ultra thin low voltage chips from Intel

Intel has launched new ultra thin new notebook processors which would consume very less voltage and this is going to make a new era in the processor family.Intel has variety of Ultra thin low voltage chips for notebooks as well as for Mobiles.Number of new designs available for ultra thin chips is around 40 and there are even chips with less than 1 inch thickness,weight between two and five pounds and hence the notebooks or the laptops is going to be small in size an weight.Laptops are also going to be lightweight with its new chip and hence it is assumed to be energy efficient and in turn there is going to be a good battery life.

Intel’s new ultra-low voltage consumer laptop CPUs include the following

Core i7-660UM (dual-core, 1.33GHz, 18W, 4MB cache) Core i5-540UM (dual-core, 1.20GHz, 18W, 3MB cache)
Core i5-430UM (dual-core, 1.20GHz, 18W, 3MB cache) Core i3-330UM (dual-core, 1.20GHz, 18W, 3MB cache) Pentium U5400 (dual-core, 1.20GHz, 18W, 3MB cache) and Celeron U3400 (dual-core, 1.06GHz, 18W, 2MB cache).

Intel also provides new chips for Mobile 5 series with many supporting features as follows

Expanded support for video and audio
Built-in data protection and anti-theft technology
Full ultra-thin platform

Nokia and Yahoo – A great new partnership

With all Apple’s product like iPhone,Android mobiles available in market this new partnership sounds Amazing and they are here to attract customers with different new features.Nokia and Yahoo are going to have equal gains due to each other.Yahoo mail and Yahoo messenger will be pre-installed in Nokia mobiles and hence people are sure get attracted with this inbuilt feature.And with Yahoo its going to have power maps and navigation services from Nokia.Its something like both the organisations compliment each other in their features

Nokia is seeing some downfall in the recent days as it was not able to compete as good with its products with Apple’s iPhone and even with Droid Phones.But now it will be able to compete with its new features atleast in the American region

Again Yahoo can updates its email services with the navigation services as it also lags behind from Google in all these features.After a long time we could see some interesting things happening in both Nokia and Yahoo.