Trump and conservatives are advocating socialism, minimum wage for USA


might sound ridiculous and hypocritical, but and Bannon army are advocating Socialism in sector and in a bad way.  Currently has one of the most vibrant technology sector thanks to immigrants and employer's ability to hire someone right out of even if they are in remote part of the world.  This gave rise to the likes of Sundar Pitchai and Satya Nadella (Both candidates), who run two biggest brands in Technology.

for low level employee

It is widely known conservatives hate minimum wages when it is applied to waiters, store clerks and other low paid jobs. Setting a minimum wage of $15 per hour seems to throw everything off balance for conservatives. The main argument being, not to interfere in Business liberty and  will determine the salaries. On the other hand same conservatives and Trump in particular enjoy benefits of imported labor under H2 Visas.  These low wage workers make less than $12 per hour, or less than $25,000 per year.

Minimum wages for Tech Industry

While the conservatives hate minimum wages when it comes to the poor, they want to fix minimum wage of $100,000 ($41.6/hour)  for the tech industry. Currently an average H1B makes $85,000 per annum ($35 per hour). Tech industry is booming in USA and the industry averages nearly 2 times the salaries in rest of the world.

Possible motives

The only reason for the minimum wage is hatred towards Tech industry, which is generally considered liberal in their ideology.  This is way for Trump's team to kill the Tech industry and probably replace with low paying coal or manufacturing industry.

Other standout reason being, the more successful folks in the industry are recent immigrants from Asia and in particular. With the anti immigrant narrative, any action on people of color will rally the base, while destroying a liberal sector.

End Result

Companies like have already moved their manufacturing  and their tax headquarters  out of USA, it wouldn't take much time to move the development headquarters to Canada, Mexico and India in near future. Already all Top 20 giants have more than 1 center in India, all the displaced and the jobs will be easily accommodated out of USA. Trump is just giving a reason to do so.


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