Apple announces Iphone 4S with improved camera and Processor

There was a lot of disappointment for fans and media outlets alike,   There were moments of brilliance during 's new Tim Cook's keynote but overall the event fizzed out in the segment.

For starters there is no 5 yet, just a beefed up with A5 and 8MP . Both these improvements were on expected lines to keep up with the .

The iphone 4S will be available in three variants of 16GB , 32GB and 64GB.  They will be available in both black and white from October 14  and preorders open on October 7. The pricing for the iPhone 4S 16GB is  $199 , 32GB – $299 and 64GB – $399. All with a two year contract.

4 will have only 8GB and will be available for $99. And there will be no 16GB iphone 4 avialble in . Meanwhile will continue to be available and will be free with a 2 year contract.

All the above devices will run , which brings some exciting features like Voice control which was the highlight of the event.

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