Infosys plans to rebuild after losing out to TCS

Heralded as the poster child of industry has been struggling in the last few years to maintain its coveted top spot in Indian industry. Though it still kept the   out performer tag even during past year, indications were very clear that all was not well with the IT bellwether. When the likes of were chipping away with good performances after the , never really got out of the mud.

Among the major companies Infosys was the one who undertook so many cutbacks to and also had tight purse even during recruitment, but with the  lower than expected and TCS overtaking Infosys, it might give more room for Infosys to go back to Basics and improve itself.

When a change of this magnitude happens it usually involves leadership changes and quite unexpectedly  , who was rumored to be the next   has put in his papers. Though he publicly cited other reasons, the real reason was the disappointment due to not being considered for top post.  The board was not interested in a Head to lead the organisation during the tough times.

Also Infosys is looking for a restructuring  in the model of TCS few years back.  The board wants individual vertical heads who can lead their own mini organisation with their own path but aligned to company's goal. With this approach they will want loose control at the top and stronger  heads for these mini organisations.

But rest assured it looks like TCS will be the top Indian IT services provider atleast for next few years.

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10 Replies to “Infosys plans to rebuild after losing out to TCS”

  1. TCS has actullay decreased salary for several of its employees, based on arbitrary ratings that its managers give their employees . the wage hike announced by TCS is a big fat lie. The profits are not thanks to managements brilliance but they are coming from the pockets of employees

  2. Actually these people make fool of the employees..They provide the hike after deduction of VA and adjusting them in basic…so hike in basic(eyewash) and decrease in VA(results of politically controlled bands) ultimately there is a decrement in salary with no hike…management is an expert lier in front of media…Actually TCS is a place where there is optimum chance of ruining one’s career..So best is not to join this company….

  3. I spent 7 years with this TCS, and everytime it was a freaking salary hike, more often very minimal, sometimes no hike at all and sometimes it decreases. the appraisals are high subjective and the managers exhibt command and control over their subordinates no matter how brilliant they are.It is a big fools paradise. Infact somebody needs to take an initiative to drive an awareness campaign to educate everybody not to join this company and spoil their career.

  4. sad to hear about TCS but guess what infy is no better .
    infy hit an all time low as far as employee satisfaction is concerned with Nandita Gurjar and M D PAI at the helm of affairs. every employee you talk to feels undervalued and treated like shit and underpaid and worked for inhuman hours and they tell themselves well we give them a great campus dont we . this is not an hr perspective they are more like autocrats who are drunk on power and are not progressive leaders who can build a sustainable workforce who feel part of the culture of the firm. they survive because they hire kids straight out of engeneering schools for a few thousand rupees which is not even enough to live in a city like bangalore who suffer for the time that they are in the organiation and just wait for opportunities outside so they can get the hell out of there to a place where they are actually valued.the only people who actually say good things about the company are the little clicks of nandita and pai favourites or those who have been around so long that they are thouroughly brainwashed. i feel sorry for leaders such as these because they clearly do not get the emotional psycological aspect of hr which is so important when managing human beings. M D PAI leaving is the best thing that happened to infosys and if nandita follows mr pai out then there is hope for infy. all the stuff they mouth over and over again in television interviews and other media reports are just well practiced marketing gimmicks which can only take you so far.They desparately need some perspective and need to snap out of this kind of delusional thinking that tells them you can treat your employees like shit, be autocratic and dictatorial and just hire a good marketing and pr team and talk your way through it all.

  5. Friends,
    My 2 cents. Before I move ahead, a little bit of background details about me. 10 years in TCS (Joined as fresher, currently in Manager role leading a team of 40 people).

    Salary hike – As you all are aware, salary depends on perf. band for a year, annual change in compensation structure and Company performance in a Quarter. Out all these 3, as an associate we have some control over Performance band, but absolutely no direct control over rest 2 components. Given this consideration, we should ONLY worry about things which we can control and not to waste our effort/energy on things we cannot control. So if you think your skills deserver higher compensation, PLEASE RESIGN and find a fit outside TCS where your expectations and company’s offering are matching. Lastly, FYI, TCS is one of the few companies which have just 1 month notice period.

    Now moving towards the topic of discussion, TCS had aligned its business operations as verticals and horizontals during the height of recession(2008) and any dis-satisfaction caused hence forth because of organizational changes caused minimum impact because of pessimistic market env. prevailing then. Now TCS is ready with a younger top management, business units well aligned to respond swiftly,effectively to fast changing market requirements. Stating all these, I have to agree that we still have quite a number of not so deserving middle level management hanging on because of lot of known reasons, But also have to highlight that such people are slowly getting reduced when compared to past. So it is a journey started by TCS around 2008, a good start, good mid phase momentum resulting in improved business, but still a long way to go…

    1. Boss,
      You don’t have any right to ask people to resign, as if you own TCS. You are afterall an employee, one among 2 lakh people working in TCS.
      I still belive that TCS is one of the worst place to work due to several reasons.
      1. Highly subjective and manipulated appraisals, that are not data driven or based on real facts
      2. TCS tries to make money from employees during recession by increasing trasportation charges etc..
      3. It takes on an average of 3-4 years on an average(expect the 10% A banders) employee to move from one grade, imagine, one can grow one to the level of consultant, working for 30 years with this policy.

    2. Hi Sir,

      I completely agree with your point of view that people who are not satisfied in tcs, should resign. But the fact of the matter is that TCS is a pathetic company to work for.
      I still remember the first day of our induction, the ILP co-ordinator had given an awesome speech about the tata brand, values, ethics etc. and all of us, new joinees were on a high. I was proud to be a TCS’ser, flashing my badge at every opportunity possible….

      Two years down the line, knowing the organization better, and understanding its true values, i quit. Here are my issues with this ****ing organization:
      1) Policies are made always to benefit the top management(managers like you included).
      2) Rewards are based purely on how important are you to the project, not on how much effort you put in.
      3) Numbers of people is more important than their quality( people who don’t even know what the **** is inheritance are selected to write code. Also people who are rejected by the interviewing panel are selected because the HR has to meet the recruitment target)
      4) Profits are shared only between chandra and his but lickers and not employees who are the real assets of an organization.

      1. Hi All,
        I am TCSer who joined as an EP. My only reason for joining TCS was that I wanted to go onsite. After struggling for 2 years I have managed to come to US. I am happy. I don’t have any issues with this organisation. In my previous organisations it never looked as if I will be going to onsite. But here in TCS things are little easier. Just try it out. Remember, if yau can not get onsite in TCS then I bet you will never get anywhere in your life. so for me……. Jai TCS…Jai Onsite

        P.S. Organizational policies sucks but who cares if you are in US 🙂

        Proud TCSer

  6. Fellow Dexterer’s – Sorry for diverting the topic…
    Hi “One Ex Employee”, I had never asked anyone to resign and will never do so. All I stated is if anyone feels they deserve better than what is already offered in TCS, please find the fit wherever available rather than just complaining about things which we cannot control.

    Lastly, please respect fellow commenter’s, read the comment and respond.

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