Partiality trend in IJP’s – TCS BPO

Are you close to the Management? If the answer is no, then you have very less chances of growth in the industry. Though you are efficient and process oriented, the additional qualification for any is, you should have good terms with your superior officer. Recently there was a () announced for Team Leader and Escalation Desk. The IJP was conducted by the existing TLs and the Operations manager. The basic criteria to apply for TL  post is the candidate should be a Band 2, should have experience for at least 3 years, also based upon the ratings that were given in the past. However apart from these, you should also have a friendly relationship with your Superiors.

One of my colleagues who had applied for the IJPs conducted was rejected just because he did not have good terms with the person who took care of the internal job posting.  So there is  a partial trend followed by the management on .

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  1. I am one of the victims of TCS BPO’s meaningless policies and politics. Though I am the top performer and gave value addition to number of sub-processes, I do not find any growth due to dirty politics. Those who started their career with me or after I joined in TCS, getting almost double salary with good growth. Though every one appreciates my talents, the internal politics & ever changing policies, de- motivating me. I appreciate dexternights admin for creating a form to discuss TCS BPO’s policies for the first time.

    1. Guys,

      What you will do if they will prmote you to TL and give you lots of task without a single ruppee change in your compensation.
      Your resposblity which increase lot, you would be compare with TLs whot are getting 100% salary more than you and having designation TL.

      Your slary will be reduced incase you will be excellent as associate but not increase eventhough you are promoted to post TL.

      I am belogigng to TCS Baroda, you will not belive here 80% TL are promoted from Asssociate level but only Role is changed not their grades.

      As per grade they are at BPO-1 grade which is of Processor, ideally they should given BPO-4 for TL if they have to promote anybody.

      Inmany teams TLs salary is much lesser than the thrit team mebers.

      Would you like to be promoted with such conditions?????????????

      There is one policy of TCS, take maximum from Associates but don’t give them anything.

      Have you seen the situation of sugarcan after taking of juice from it, after some time we will be like that only, it’s very sad to say such things for own company but it is really disappointing.

      Take care

  2. yes thats true…..same things happen for promotion from bpo 1 to higher grades ….good to know that tcs bpo employees are also here ….any ways…i am just drifting from topic here …is there any one who has got promoted from bpo1–>2 ,bpo 2—>3 and bpo 3 —>4….what is the increase in salary have u got …….kindly share when the promotion letters are out….has anybody got the same…?….

  3. Promotion process is pending with corporate. Though they can release the promotions in the month of April along with the appraisal letter, they probably not release because it will increase their Q4 budget and they need to rationalize other salary components. As per my understanding, they want to release promotions in the first week of May by avoiding extra burden and maintaining almost same CTC for another year for promoted resources. This was maintained very secret and was not leaked to local HR also.

  4. Is there any one who has got promoted from bpo1–>2 ,bpo 2—>3 and bpo 3 —>4….what is the increase in salary have u got …….kindly share when the promotion letters are out….has anybody got the same…?….

  5. tcs bpo is one of the worst places on earth to work.. they and their stupid fucking policies.. what the fuck on earth are those fools thining.. 10 hour shift.. when all work for 8 hours, these fools want u to work for 10 and even more than that.. but there wont be any hike.. they think us as beggars and give 100 rupees per night as night shift allowance. to hell with them.. they dont look for quality people.. they recruit anyone that comes in their way..

  6. Hi….

    I have recently joined tcs BPO with grade 2. My CTC is very low, just because of small salary in previous company. I want to know my variable salary.

  7. Wat are the TCS BPO grade levels ? WHat is the maximum grade level? And wat are the avaerage salary bands in BPO7 levels. Pls help me

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