Google acquires Agnilux -Master brain in Chips and Processors

has acquired for its internal servers and where in Agnilux can come out with efficient ones which will inturn reduce millions of cost savings.With the help of Agnilux efficient Google will be able to use high end processors with great and also there can be lot of power saving options within the processors.Agnilux as a team can give a great support to Google in data center business.

Initially Agnilux was within the company PA Semi (originally “Palo Alto Semiconductor”) .During 2008 acquired PA Semi and had its internal chips and processors for its and developed at this center.But Employees of PA Semi were not satisfied as the stock value of the company was not appreciable.Later they formed a seperate organisation called Agnilux and now its acquired by Google

With this master mind employees in Chips and Processors Google can even slowly enter into this industry though has plans only to develop things for its internal operations.

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