3D TV Health Hazards by Samsung

is the first manufacturer to disclose about the health hizards of one of its product.But not only for samsung these list of health hazards is almost common for all 3D TV.Hats off for Samsung to come out with atleast some warning based on health issues which will make users to think atleast twice before they buy the product.Mostly there is a warning for pregnant womens and also for people with the history of Epilepsy.There are also chances for people to get affected with Epilepsy.Highest warning is Photosensitive Seizure Warning and Epileptic Seizure.Pregnant women are not advised to on watch 3D TV and also senior citizens consuming alcohol

So with all these health hazards and warnings is really worth to buy a 3D TV?
Actually yes but with many precautions.Only young children and Teenagers are very much fond of 3D TV.But their parents have to make sure that they don't get any health problems.Many people have reported tiredness,headache,problem in vision etc with continuous watching on 3D TV.Viewers should not sit too close and should not walk around the TV wearing 3D glasses.If you don't get any symptoms of the problem listed below then its worth to watch on 3D TV

List of 3D TV health Hazards

Eye or muscle twitching
loss of awareness

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