Hacking and website downtime..

Dear Subscribers you might have found that in last few days there was a considerable downtime and website was redirecting to a search engine. On Thursday the was hacked and redirect code was added to all the pages of website and at times users could'nt access the site. But we were able to restore service within 2-3 hours.

To avoid any related issue in the future we have upgraded the server into SSH Mode. This involves both File Server and Database , leading to “Unable to connect to Database” at times during the upgrade process. But we assure none of the confidential information was compromised and only the Filesystem and not Database was modified in the attack.

With taking more stpes to prevent any future attacks, hopefully we can maintain a 100% uptime.

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  1. “Those who were promoted would see a revision in their variable pay as the variable for new grade would be effective post completion of one year in the new grade. ” so no VA hike for next 1 yr for those promoting this yr..What the hell it is..

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