TCS to announce Appraisal policy changes along with Hike on April 19 2010

is all set to give some pleasant surprise to its very soon, not only the highly anticipated 10-15% hike throughout the board, but some changes in appraisal process too. The process changes are rumored to be aimed at plugging many loopholes in the current system.Also expect some of the previously discontinued benefits to be reinstated.

The policy changes are expected to be announced along with the Quarter and Annual , as per watchers the results are expected on Monday 19 April 2010, and typically after market close. The policy changes are aimed at providing relief to much complained aspects of the appraisal. They are listed below

1. Fair for associates getting release during appraisal, or ones joining new teams just before appraisal. (This is for sure)

2. Fixing a maximum ceiling for higher bands for higher grades in a project ( This is highly doubtful as Senior  management wants middle management to be happy all the time).

This is a bit of information I received from someone who has the know of things, but wasn't willing to reveal everything, so if anyone has idea please let know through the comments section.

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    1. From my tcs experience, i could say, it is a crap company. Just doing body shopping, and giving 30% to employees and 30% for feeding the fat(so called BRM, GRM … to N Chandra) and 30% as profit to Tata for funding their crap projects. I was billed at 90 dollars per hour and get 62 K which is 30$ per hour, and company made a profit of 30%. And other 30% went to all the stupids who don’t work, in the company.

      Other indian companies also not so good, and probably can find a worse company., but in tier -1 companies, tcs is number one in mis-management and hypocracy.

      Main problem is the leadership in tcs, starting from module leader to CEO, live in fools world.

      First they will brain wash the associates that, they need to go to leadership role and give them firefighting and lying around job, they will bill client but will not do any work to client, instead come up pseudo six sigma, or pseudo CMM and all kinds of stupid stuff.

      Thos e poor chaps think they are doing management. they have no maturity or management skills, but think like they are managers.. They don’t thing any employee rights, even themselves, and think working hard is what they need to do .

      TCs will wisely campus recruite most of the employees, so that, most of the associates are not even know how the world works, and are just the frogs in a well. that is why you can’t see attrition at 60%. Also tcs will make it so impossible to resign .

  1. From various sources I come to know that TCS may give 15-20% only of hike. And as mentioned by dexter TCS management should confirms about hike or other thing by next week.


  2. The feeling we are getting from various sources is that their may not be any VA hike for associates promoted in Jan 2010. It seems management is against giving this hike but project managers want this to happen (to keep attrition in check)
    What a pathetic state of affairs, laterals hires are preferred in your own company. May be we should all resign and apply again! Crazy company!

    1. Does any one can give the matrix for ASE , ITA, ATA….annual salary package min.
      In my case gross is 5.49 pa, and has been promoted to ITA in Jan 2010. Got B band in H2-2010, so can any one tell me how much my gross will become?

  3. Dear All,
    The Hike is on average. Means even if they give salary hikes for the promoted candidates the Hikes will reach to 15 % on average. Hence Please dont expect 20% hike for all. This is only for the people who got promotions (25% to35%)and better grade (1% to 5%).

  4. Hey guys any idea when Jan 2010 eligible promotions gono be cleared by the corporate. One of my colleagues was told by his manager that he saw his promotion cycle cleared by corporate HR today. my friend was eligible for promotion wef Jan 2010. I also fall in the same situation. Does anyone has any news about this ?

  5. The News is 100% true, except that most of them were already incorporated for the past H2 itself.

    1. When an associate is on leave for more than 3 months, then those associates will come under Leave curve and not the project curve. Meaning, the appraiser will give rating, but cannot include the associate in band generation. Because the associate might be given a D band by his supervisor using his long leave as an excuse. Usual victims are maternity leave cases.

    2. When an associate gets released and joins a new account in Feb, previously the associate will be fitted in the old project and the manager will sure give the associate a D. Now the rule is that the associate will be fitted only in the new project’s curve and the manager will not give him a D as he might want the associate to remain in the account.

    These rules came into effect for the past year’s H2 itself.

    1. Point 2 is totally incorrect. there is nothing of that sort.
      People getting release are surely getting band D. I have myself experienced it.

  6. Guys the big question is that whether VA for promoted employees (July 2009 and Jan 2010) is going to be normalized or not. For us 10-15% hike is actually nothing after such a long period of wait if VA will not be changed as per the new designation. Strange that still there is no confirmed news about the same, even from HR and senior management.
    This is for sure that if VA will not be normalized (atleast 70-80% if not 100%), the attrition rate will be going to all time high as the market is now too good. Lets see what TCS will come up with on 19th of April.

    1. I too am worried about VA…my promotion had to happen in July 2008 cycle as it was initiated in July, but I recieved promotion as ITAin Jan 2010. So in the mean time no change in VA until now. Really management should think about increasing VA as per grade and norms applicable.(ASE slab to ITA slab)

      1. I don’t think TCS has any plan to give VA for newly promoted ITA…Otherwise it could have mentioned it in the promotion letter… so don’t expect anything positive from tcs….

  7. you do whatever you want to.. it is not going to affect TCS … mind you I have been also a victim of account change and with you BUT matter of the fact remains you go Infy,CTS and guys from there will join here but of course you will get some hike but someday or other this is going to start again..

    I have seen quite a number of companies in my career and probably you will realize that in due course of time

    1. XYZ,

      I have also seen a lot of companies in my career but I haven’t come across any which ‘reduces’ the salary. This is pathetic. If you don’t like the performance don’t increase the salary but here they actually ‘decrease’ your salary. With all the household expenses, EMI and ,not to mention ,inflation this is a crime which this company is doing.

      1. yes this is the most pathetic part to reduce the salary
        to tell you the truth-I joined at X LPA as CTC with 6 years experience
        After confirmation (Rating of 5)my salary was 1.16X
        and after getting D band (6 months after confirmation) my salary was 0.92X

        So overall 22% reduction in CTC in a span of just 6 months and I was earning less than my joining salary after 20 months.

        I told my GL that becoz of account change you have given me band D so my salary is gone down then you know what HER response was-“Your salary is not reduced but variable is reduced..” such crap people are there in TCS who don’t understand simple mathematics…

        Now I got B

        Anyway I joined TCS for onsite otherwise I was having 30% more salary offers from other companies and now I am at onsite in US. As long as I am at onsite I am fine otherwise you never know…

      2. There is no ethics in this company. there are companies that reduced the salary but those companies were making losses and not profits like TCS. TCS inspite of making huge profits reduced salary. At onsite there has been no salary increase for the past 4 years. The Gas price in US was $1.3 (highest grade) the lowest grade sells at $3.60 today and yet there is no increase in salary. The insurance price increased and the cost of the deductible increased too and what the f**k has increased for the employees except expenses. The managers talk about ethics and sh*t when the company does not have any ethics. The promotion policy is the biggest joke. Oh God Save the poor employees of TCS and Saravana Stores.

  8. As long as Chandra is CEO,this company TCS renamed version of EAST INDIA COMPANY,will never change.NO policy change in favour of employees will happen. Guys,Soon TCS is going to add Salary in Benefits book as there is nothing to fill rt now,so Salary will be added there.
    Always expect the unexpected changes in TCS.

  9. You r not correct, If company is not intrested in giving good pay to thier employees will go down in future. Now the TCS will not give good hike means the attrition rate will be going more for about 30-40%,this spreads all over the country means surely the good employee will not prefer the company. Now TCS having lots of project for that they need good employee If they will not pay good they are the sufferer. I am telling this due to my past experiance my ex employer had 1350 people in past now only 400 of them.

    1. Hey guys,
      I’ve been working with TCS formerly known as Citigroup Global Services for past two years. I’ve completed my PG (Masters in Computer Science) and passed with distinction. I haven’t got any value for the degree. I don’t know if the HR ppl are eye washing me (including my TL nd MGR). If anyone of you can help me out in finding the value for my Degree, Plzzzz help me out. Do anyone know the HR in TCS who can help me out in this.
      Would be a great help for me.

  10. We are experiencing lot of Uncertainties in TCS after the slogan has changed!!!!from ”Beyond the obvious” to ”Experience Certainty” 🙂

    1. Certainly there will be a change to what you expect and it will be for the bad and not for the good. That is the promise of TCS. Now tell me how many times you were expecting a promotion and you got upset that the promotion policy was changed. See this is the certainity they are talking about. Every time you will be disappointed that is the certainity mantra in TCS.

  11. Can you please translate for the benefit of all? I believe all you want is that someone says something and we start a language and cultural war here. If you work in TCS, you would be speaking English I presume and if you don’t work in TCS, you have no business here.

    Admin- I let you handle this. We don’t want any mud slinging here. I believe we all contribute to have a serious debate and discussion.

    1. I was expecting Dexter to be in Mumbai close to the heart of where all major decisions are being made (based on the authenticity of the information that we were getting and the messages that were not even in Ultimatix) but seems like you are in Chennai. But definitely this site is getting so popular that many from my project check this site for latest information as opposed to Ultimatix. Good work here.

      1. Mumbai is the place where all major decisions are taken but chennai is the place where they are actually implemented ;).. so in Mumbai only big shots knows about major decision but in chennai developers also knows because they are the one who executes thiose decisions for all TCSers in ultimatix.. 🙂

        1. Dude … Lets not talk regional here..
          I am from chennai only.. I think we all are screweed up here… not based on regions … he he
          All the big shots making “big decisions” in are southies only… So my point is they are not screwing up based on regions … but everyone 😀

          1. I just pointed out one of the reason why someone from Chennai and Mumbai TCS can get the internal news before anyone else.. Don’t take it on your heart buddy.. read the comment properly..

          2. I agree with you. I have worked at Mumbai TCS for 3 years and in Kolkata for 4 years. When at Mumbai, we used to get updates about internal policies(officially or from gossips) much earlier than at Kolkata.

        2. I thought ultimatix team is based in Mumbai.. but anyway it doesn’t matter where ur location is, if you know some managers/HR you can get most news from whichever remote location you are..

          I have spent time in Kolkata,Mumbai and Chennai.. it really doesn’t matter everyone everywhere loves juicy gossips.

  12. What do you think the numbers will be after the Infy results that was announced y’day. Do you think TCS will do enough to satisfy its workforce ?

    1. never…i think you are very new in tcs… don’t know character of tcs……that’s why you are asking this question….

      1. I very much know the character of TCS, I’ve been here long enough to know the colors of various characters. What is more interesting would be How much they’ll face the brunt of employees.

  13. No doubt about the popularity it is already a big hit. But I am intrested to see people here all the year rather following only during appraisals.

  14. Gentlemen,

    I think we all are mature, educated and civilized enough to get over our regional, caste and other differences and conduct ourselves as a Team…. Team TCS…..Team FRUSTRATED TCS Employees. The men @ top have no such differences….All this while they have capitalized on such things and have reaped their own benefits…. Lets put an end to this. Work as a team to achieve your personal goals because we always ensure the organisational goals are met. Focus all your thoughts on what needs to be done next, if we do not get our due Salary increase and promotions.

  15. i wonder if the top bosses r also aware of this site… bcoz if they r they shud b really ashamed of themselves.

  16. Due to the growing expectations of the media/employees, salary hike would be
    experienced by the associates.Do anyone guess which would give better
    news to the media.

    A) Increase the VA as per the grade for all employees (Salary hiked)

    B) Increase the basic alone by 10% – 15% (I got a pay hike due to TCs growth!!)

    C) Increase VA as per grade + basic (3% – 6%) [Hey,All TCS associates are lucky with huge 15 % hike)

    Finally,we choose to give better media news like ” TCS gives 150 % variable but the TRUTH is all associates received RS 2000 +).May be they ended by paying their company bus fare.

  17. Hey Guys,
    TCS would have given 15% hike , but since Infy has already shown % growth.TCS has to do some titrations to show more than Infy.Unfortunately,as associates your expected spike also needs to be compromised.

  18. Friends,

    I could be wrong but this is my person opinion that Salary hike is going to be big time drama here at TCS. Only thing that is going to happen will be Basic pay revision, that happens every 4-5years in tcs to make sure all employee in same grade and rating will get the same salary.
    e.g. Let’s say someone promoted in 2007 from ASE to ITA his package was in between 6.2K – 6.7K based on rating. And most of the guys who got promoted recently from ASE to ITA in 2009-10 still getting 5.5K.
    So what our intelligent mgmt going to do is give 5% hike make the sal band between 6.5K to 7.0K so we will feel that our salary was increased from 5.5 to 6.5 or 7K and we feel its a big hike. and most of the emp fall into this category so majority will be happy.
    * And those who already getting 6.5-6.7K will have just 5% increse and they are in minority becuase less people got promoted in 2007 cycle.
    * After waiting 2 for hike and we all will end up getting just 5%-6% hike. 🙂
    I wish we will get real 15-20% hike but after all this is TCS expectation are always low. 🙂

  19. Percentage of hike and the band:

    Guys, in TCS history, hikes generally mean across the board hike with miniscule percentage increase in basic adn related and according to the band one has, he will get the VA. This year, there is a rumour going on like the hike percentage will be based on the band you are in actaully. This is to retain the band Bs and As and the company doesnt mind if band Cs and lower leave the company. Am not sure if this info is true or not, anyone has any info on this, pls give a big SHOUT….

  20. is it possible..tht a person who completes 3 years in TCS, nd getting 1st year band as B and later on A,A will he be eligible for promotion in the next july-2010 cycle?

  21. HI , I am ASE with 4.5 years in TCS, My promotion is initiated in Dec 2009 and having a rating of A(Conifmration), B,B,B. Today my CTC is 4.66. I got selsected in another MNC and I am getting offer for 6.50. Could you please advise should I jump or stay with TCS (i.e is there any chances that my promotion to ITA and hike will exceed more than 6.5 ?)
    Appreciate everyone advice on it.

    1. Hi Buddy, Even if you get promotion in Jul2010, it is likely that u will not get VA as per your new grade. So your package will reach 5.8 approx(considering that tcs will give 10% hike in april). I would advise u to fight for onsite first(that would be financially more benificial 2 u than any hike or job change) and if that does not work, then leave TCS.

    2. @ASE for 4.5 years

      If everything goes perfectly and if eligibility criteria doest change you can expect a sizeable hike only after April 2011,(since ur Promotion is expected at July 2010), So dont wait for that as you may regret later, so quit and join MNC for the higher package.

  22. OOps … sorry … i was reading the whole chain and saw some heart burns … got confused… apologize

  23. @ ASE for 4.5 Years – I would suggest to go ahead with that offer. You never get 2 lac hike in TCS. Even we shouldnt dream that much of hike here.

  24. I am also working in TCS since last three years, not a single rupee increment but in this duration the inflation is all time high. Now a days salary which we are getting are like senior peon in Government sector. We are working in Asia’s largest IT company who has not any thing for their employess.

    1. @Victim

      who asked you to stay in the company if your needs are not fulfilled
      TCS has not handcuffed you as not to go away

      If you feel you deserve more than what you are getting now then go and prove it..What you are trying to get here sympathy..I am sorry man you are in wrong company…Don’t take my word in a negative sense and think over what I wrote again and again…

      You are talking about a single rupee hike and I am getting 9% lesser salary than what has been offered to me more than 30 months back..So what are your thoughts abt me.. hold your thoughts for a second as I joined this company with the sole motive of onsite and I am at onsite for last 7 months though fought a lot to get an onsite(If you are talented one then onsite is not a trouble BUT release from the account is a big big trouble)…

      So I leave it you then what you make out of my message

      1. totally agree. the inflation is not TCS’s problem.nor should it be the determining cause in coming up with compensation policy. the govt caused inflation and flood of new recruits from engineering colleges in india and abroad have put pressure on wage get your logic correct before whining.
        you can ALWAYS quit.why whine and make yourself miserable.

  25. Hi All,

    There are numerous torture stories in tcs, mine is just one of them. We folks joined in april 2007, got confirmation on 3.44 after 4rating( it was supposed to be 3.82) Even after 2 yrs from then, no hike/ revison is done. The gap is almost 1 lac b/w my friend who joined 1 month before me. Freshers have joined on 3.2 and it is terrible experience to work on this salary with so much cost increase. now, when i was trying for release since last 4 months, i have been given D band off course NOT RELEASED yet. i am not sure what will be my future in TCS. The sucking managers ( getting piggy fat package) are good for nothing. When the associate is working on tight deadlines, fulfilling all commitment, they say its a project part, nothing extra done. When we want leave, they give us excuses like fiscal month end, qtr end. I, personnaly feel sometime that working on such a demanding RTS project, doing all PI activites have paid me some what other distance from parents, relatives. even if i wanted to see my sister, PL told that we have no bandwidth for leave this month. Does my niece need a bandwidth for 1 day visit !! how Morons r these managers. They r only bothered about their costing, billings. Even if client sneezes.. their ass starts shaking at a frequency of 500 hz.

    Now after a thorough discussion with my parents, weill-wishers.. i am quitting TCS. Though the offer is not great, but working with small company on dev project will enhance my rusted tech skills and more over i will have a decent pay to live like an engineer. Good Bye TCS. I enjoyed all good moments here.
    I am leaving my account/ managers not TCS. TCS will be there in my heart just like my first love.

    Frustated GE contractor

  26. Okay, Some what GOOD NEWS
    1. I’ve got insider news from trustable sources that the ESS-Investment Declaration PF amount what we say is correct and this is what we’re going to get. Again this is not a hike but only a basic salary slab normalization that TCS does every 4 to 5 years, but TCS will call it out as a hike in the media. This is 16% to 25% on an average – in Basic.

    2. Also the Variable pay might undergo revision. Not sure what’s the percentage of increase though.

    Having said this, TCS might say that they’re giving a massive hike that the industry has never seen before (more than Infy). The results and hike will be announced on 19 and letters will be distributed during the course of the week.

  27. There was a thread I saw yesterday which talked about 6.1 lacs per annum package for ITA ‘A’ and. I dont see that thread now, looks like dexter/admin deleted it. dexter/Admin, can you please let us know why that thread was deleted?

  28. @E=MC2 you are correct, no hike just the band revision but mgmt will give lot of build up in media report and hired reporters will take mgmt’s interview to give it publicity. Everyone know which media company and magazine makes TCS best employer and best employer LOL! Look at the facilites we have One phone among 4-5 guys sharing, in one small cubical 4 guys sitting hahaha!!!! still some media report it as best emp.
    What to say guys its waste of time to talk on this. will talk once we got the letters then only we come to know this time how they are gonna make us fool with some numbers 🙂

    1. get a perspective .what would you like then? a govt job with armpit scratching distance from your neighbor? dusty files and smelly socks for company while the rickety almonard punkha whirrs lazily?.your daddy would have killed to get half the conditions you work under.
      plus, wtf is a band adjustment. a hike is a hike is a hike. it increases your paycheck. how does it matter if it is called a ‘hike’ or not. has your commonsense taken a hike?

      1. @skeptic, what’s your fcuking problem?
        Understand this… Five years back – you will receive a 12% basic hike in TCS, 10% hike in VA. And if you’re lucky you’ll get a massive increase as part of slab rationalization.

        Now, there is so much parity in the payroll system upto 5000 difference in Basic drawn between employees of the same grade. So, it is high time that TCS addresses these gaps by a basic rationalization, after 2 years of stop-increments and 3 years of improper/irregular promotions. But TCS wants to show this basic rationalization as the hike offered…

        A hike is not a hike is not just a hike. I just pity this generation of TCSers who don’t even know that there will be a hike in April, what will be the hike that will follow a promotion, etc. It is only these people that the company wants to target this year – rationalizing the basic pay gaps in the name of hike (which should have done long back). Immediately the Pulse survey will be open so that associates can give high ASI as they’re satisfied with anything more than 10% (hike after 2 years, whereas inflation is 16% for last year and 10% for this year). TCS is no different than a bloody politician giving goodies to get your votes.

        1. why dont you just leave with your frustration. the last thing i need is a lecture from a whinebag. slab rationalization or whatever shebang exists only because of the fact that lateral hiring is robust.again,dont let your ignorance of economic matters prevent you from spouting nonsense. employers dont look at inflation while revising salaries. 16% inflation? sure.blame the govt you elected. blame the rbi or the fed reserve. has your maid or bai got a 20% hike year over year? get some basic understanding of compensation before shooting off your trap.
          also,dont worry about the current generation.with all that pent up frustration,you sure sound like some oldtime hag who never got its due.
          ps: it is disparity and not parity.

          1. Why are you guys fighting when you both (and everyone) are victims? That said, if anyone has issues with TCS salary and all that crap, just find a job outside. There is no point burning blood and trying to teach ethics lessons to TCS mgmt. They just dont care about it. Get a life outside. Vent your frustration by doing some productive things which will help u in future rather than confusing yourself. Its a problem of plenty for TCS, 2 lac employees and i guess according to them, this is the best way to solve it.

          2. @skeptic First of all you sound disgusting when you assume and say that the TCS engineers work at par with the lousy government employees, shame on you for that. Even if you really think the same (your thoughts might be motivated by the effort YOU put in execution of your duties), please note the government employees get very well compensated, the administration very well takes into account the inflation to decide their hikes. The 5th pay comission stands an example. However in TCS the management seems too far from reality, they will now go beating around the bush sayin they gave a hike however in effect what we will gets is just some more peanuts. I think you are someone who is higher up in the management ladder, getting huge sums of money and enjoying the luxury of owning some company shares, you might have made your bucks when you had entered the industry as it was in it’s nacent stage at that time, you in now way can deny the younger generation from their right compensation.

          3. @Skeptic

            Since you are such a strong supporter then may we all know what role you are playing currently.Just role only

            This will give enough insights to us about your stated arguments.

            So may we please….

  29. What a Joke,
    One need to complete 1 year in New Grade to get new Salary of that Grade.
    In Simple word, You will get Salary of Promoted grade after you complete 12 months in same grade

  30. A bullshit result from TCS. VA balance for promoted employees will be effective after spending one complete year in the new grade. Means those who have promoted in Jan-2010, will get the VA of new grade from Jan-2011.
    Shocked, shattered but as expected from TCS. I still can’t believe what i have read in Ultimatix [:(]

    1. history repeats itself…. TCS has done it again… VA of new grade will be given after 1 year – this is not the first time TCS has adopted this policy… Somewhere between 2005-2006 they implemented this policy once… So they have done it again…. great going…. Special Dividend of Rs 10 per share to all share holders and peanuts for all employees…. Wow…

      1. If the current ITA associates have to wait for 1yr to get a new VA. What will be the case on the new joinees with ITA grade ? They will be directly getting their VA and sit beside you to irritate !?!?!?Why these suckers are doing partiality!?!?!?

        1. Yeah they will sit next to you and you will be burning from inside asking what did I do wrong…? And if you raise this question to HR.. he/she may tell you that to lateral heirs we have to give more and that can’t be compared with existing employees salary.. 🙂 .. So don’t sit next to any later, and if you have no other choice never ask about his/her package..

  31. Let’s plan for a mass leave to prepare for an Interview. Moreover, we all should drop an e-mail to our supervisor with a subject – ‘Leave Request – X days leave required for preparing for an Interview”. I have received an e-mail from Dr. Ritu Anand in January that VA for promoted grade will be given from april. If the Global HR gives fake ensurity then you can understand that where this company is heading towards. I am shattered and I am sure you all are in pain as well.

  32. Shame on you Chandra, Ajoy and other blood scuking vampires…
    You first delayed my promotion from Jul 2008 to Sep 2008; Then announced in Sep 2008 that promotions are frozen for one year. Then announced promotions in Jul 2009 effective immediately but did not mention anything about VAs. Then unofficially announced that our VA will be effective Apr 2010, and now you’ve said Jul 2010. Don’t know what will happen in July2010…

    Enough of your management bullshit. You can definitely expect me in front of one of your pathetic mouthpieces aka HRs tomorrow with my resignation. May your Souls NOT rest in peace.

  33. Hi TCS Victim ,

    well said. Even i am now planning the same. At 5.5 years of experiance, even TCS is giving 7.5 to Lateral Hires. and what we are getting 10% annual increment and 125% Quaterly VA.

    1. all TCS Victims like me should go for virtaul long leave..screw the project..use all Sick leaves and casual for full salary and then resign….

      1. @Dexter- Please write a new article titled ‘Big reward for shareholders, peanuts for employees: This is TCS’

        I feel I did the biggest mistake of my life by joining this company which treats its own employees as surrogates. But no time to crib here. Will update my CV asap and quit at first available chance.

  34. guys , good thing is TCS is telling us to go and explore … and they still think we will stick with TCS for 1 more year ! what a sick – management will increase their salary but those innocent soldiers who work really hard will always be the sufferer ! i bet i am the first one to resign from kochi centreafter q4 ….

  35. This is really not done .. If they wanted to comeup with this policy why dont they declared at the time of giving promotion in Jul’09 or Jan’10 that your VA will be matched after one year in that role..

    This is total injustice to all who got promoted they cheated all promoted employee and crashed there dreams of reaching to some good package ..

    Request ro all those friends please make a mass movement

  36. Dear Dexter,

    Hearing gossips about change in notice period for resigning emplyees. It looks like they are going to make it 3 months, again to control attrition.
    I would love to resign on the day of such announcement. 3 months is good enough time for us to find another job.

    Could you confirm through your sources?

    Please do confirm.

  37. A news is ………TCS secretly promoted MBAs from Catgory -1 colleges….starting from 1st july 2010.
    Now a rumour…’s planning to promote engineers from IITs and NIITs…soon……any comments ????

  38. Everytime I got release I have got D band.Thank God this time I am having C band.My total year of experience is 6 years.I was expecting my promotion letter this time.But really dissapointed that I have not got the letter this time as well.Can somebody be able to tell me that to whom should I contact or escalate to get the promotion.Please help.

  39. It appears TCS is again cheating its employees and outside world by announcing that they will give complete VA at the time of promotion, but the VA comonent is far less to what it was given earlier.
    people who got C rating and promoted to ITA used to get 6.5 lakhs(21,000 VA per month).Now people even with B rating are only getting 5.9 lakhs (18,000 VA per month ,normally B rating has to get 25,000 permonth).

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