TCS to announce Appraisal policy changes along with Hike on April 19 2010

TCS is all set to give some pleasant surprise to its employees very soon, not only the highly anticipated 10-15% hike throughout the board, but some changes in appraisal process too. The process changes are rumored to be aimed at plugging many loopholes in the current system.Also expect some of the previously discontinued benefits to be reinstated.

The policy changes are expected to be announced along with the Quarter and Annual results, as per market watchers the results are expected on Monday 19 April 2010, and typically after market close. The policy changes are aimed at providing relief to much complained aspects of the appraisal. They are listed below

1. Fair review for associates getting release during appraisal, or ones joining new teams just before appraisal. (This is for sure)

2. Fixing a maximum ceiling for higher bands for higher grades in a project ( This is highly doubtful as Senior  management wants middle management to be happy all the time).

This is a bit of information I received from someone who has the know of things, but wasn’t willing to reveal everything, so if anyone has idea please let us know through the comments section.