My Last day with TCS

To all the TCSers reading this..  I have quit after a reasonably long innings (for sector), with this friday I have completed my mandatory 30 day notice period and will be moving on to a newer organisation. Will that be any better than TCS is for anyone's guess.But atleast one solace that Im getting a 60% hike on my current package .

You might wonder why Im sounding  little sad at this, yes just like you I have complained about this company, rejoiced whatever good things they have offered, flaunted the brand name with friends and family and met some really moronic managers  here too. My overall experience has been happy.

People dont leave companies, they leave bosses (supervisors  more adept for )

When I joined TCS as a fresher and after my confirmation I came very close to TCS,  when my PM said “Your technical skills are unquestionable, but you argue a lot with your superiors” and threatened to screw my ratings, he never did and he ended up giving good rating. He taught me a valuable lesson “If u don't question your supervisor, you can be happy”.  I have maintained a silent profile and a decent rapport with all my managers,that is before I got into this account by a twist of fate. Being in a large organisation like TCS  you will one day face people,  looking at whom you might wonder  “How the hell did he come to this position?? “,  I did meet a few err, umm many of them actually. And when you have personal ambitions, want release  etc.. things usually dont work out well with your supervisors. This guy is just the typical supervisor we have seen so many people writing in the comments section, So I guess I dont have to explain the details. After the appraisal discussion, or basically a bargain involving many irrelevant factors, I found that its not in my best interest to stick with this account/Manager, who wasn't ready to leave me easily. And said goodbye to them the very next day.


Our account HR is one of a kind (maybe not), when she joined  our account she met everyone individually and collected the grievances and said she will try to resolve them then  forgot all those like a politician. For every simple question the answer would “First talk to your supervisor”, “We cant do anything about that” or “This is a business decision, I cant do anything”. After sometime she was more like PA for the GL/PM.

Joining TCS again ?

Sure why not, there is all likelihood one might end up having Supervisors just like this guy in any other company. My overall experience in TCS is of a good one. Considering TCS treats its laterals much better than its own , joining TCS  later in the career maynot be  a bad choice at all.

Will we follow TCS here at Dexternights?

We have added 2 new authors who are from TCS, and TCS being close to my heart we will be following all the major changes and your own articles are welcome. your articles/grievances  to .

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  1. Soon it will be my Last day in TCS too.
    having played a long innings in TCS, what i feel is TCS wants to keep call centre /diploma / Non IT employees.
    There is no future here for IT Intellects.

    My simple advice to all, Don’t wait for things to happen here. Else you will be gutted in the internal politics. Move on.

  2. Dear Friend, All the best for your new job. It indeed is sad to leave any comany after you have worked for a long time. Yes, TCS relies more on 20% of the people who do the work. Rest all 80% are just either being driven by few good people or passing their time in TCS. This company seriously needs some good HR persons and HR Policies. All the very best.

  3. //I have quit TCS after a reasonably long innings//

    You didn’t mention how long… I’m assuming 5 or 6 yrs.
    Anyway, I wish you all the best. I don’t feel sad; I feel happy when people quit on TCS. Soon I’ll quit after getting the hike letter.

  4. Best of luck for your new job……One thing I noticed in my experience (12 years) in 3 different companies, is the larger the organization(number of employees > 10000) it treats its employees very poorly. I may be wrong in my assumption. But, the truth is that an employee needs a good Godfather (mentor/supervisor/appraiser) to grow in any organization. There is also a catch in it…ie., Godfather shouldnot feel that he/she is threatened by your career growth.

  5. I wish you all the very best.Wonderful information supplied outside ultimatix till date.Its been 80-90% accurate all the time.

  6. Dexter, Wish you all the best for your future endeavors. May God bless you with a good supervisor and a good career.

    I completely agree with each of your insight, may it be supervisor, and/or his/her bosses, HR etc.

    (For those familiar with Chennai), In recent few years TCS is becoming more like Saravana Stores (of T Nagar), becoming more like of a cheap-stop shop, and you guys know how employees are treated in Saravana Stores.

    Do I blame TCS? No, not completely. The world is also changing that way. All the MNC (who used to outsource to TCS) have set their own shop and they are tagging the technically strong projects, and leaving dish-washing jobs to consulting companies like TCS. This trend will be bigger in coming years.

    Non-visionary, selfish and politically minded middle managers are the curse this organization. Every organization’s appraisal system is designed to take care of these weeds, however in TCS it’s quite the opposite, The weeds are sucking the productive crops.

    So, what your options.. adapt to this culture and live in TCS [or] since TCS is one wonderful place to learn (technically and non-technically), learn as much as possible and leave (when you are satisfied with your contribution and when you hit a dead wall).

    Will I consider joining TCS again.. ? Definitely, for the same reasons outlined by Dexter.

    1. “Non-visionary, selfish and politically minded middle managers are the curse this organization.”

      welcome to the cruel real world,son.looks like you’ve never worked in another companies before. not so much later,you’ll be one of those blood sucking vermin yourself.

      1. This is my third company, and it’s the worst I have seen.

        In other organization, I have seen politics only in deliveries, rest of the time there is no harm, however in TCS it’s in all parts of work.

      2. Nopes. Disagree. I quit TCS after 11 months as a fresher. Its been close to 3 years now and I have been through a lot. But I haven’t ever come close to how bad things were in TCS. So please do not spoil other’s hopes by saying “looks like you’ve never worked in another companies before. “

        1. @Mugen.. I am a fresher at TCS. I wanted to know, if you haven’t faced any problems leaving TCS after 11 months? Because i want to quit too. Do I seriously have to pay the bond money when I quit? please let me know.

  7. All the very best friend.. Very good move…
    I am planning the same… Bored of playing multi functional role in multi technology from Testing to Development to good victim of internal politics..
    I know grass in green on other side.. 🙂
    But atleast going thru all this at some good package would cover everything 🙂
    Take care and njoy the new r0le…

  8. Wow, i couldnt agree more with you. Atleast you had the an HR 1-1, i have not seen/spoken my HR since my confirmation (not to mention they change every month).
    Cheers though!

  9. Dear Dexter,

    It is not TCS but the TATA logo dat im happy to flaunt…

    Today we all curse this company and day after we may all leave it for our futures.

    But in our 8O’s we will proudly say that we started our career with TCS.

    Well, all the best for your future, gossipers like me will miss U 🙂

    1. “But in our 8O’s we will proudly say that we started our career with TCS.”

      Ha ha. Just like military people in their later years recall the tough times in the beginning. Sure thing we will.

  10. Hi Dexter,

    All the best. We will certainly miss your updates further, but 60% hike is worth leaving TCS. Hope u won’t find these kind of issues in other companies. I wish for the same. All the BEST Buddy

  11. I have been given low band in TCS because of the following reasons:-
    1) I have done 2 resources( 2 people) work and it seems that i didn’t inform the management(although informed to my Teamlead) i have been doing 2 person’s work and it was my Big mistake according to the mgt., i.e. giving 200% output work when i had been given only 100% as target is BIGMistake according to the my projectlead as discussed when i disagreed my band.
    2)I haven’t given any ISU level training’s inspite in the initial project start-up work and had been given 200% effort and moreover there are no goals of ISU level training’s mentioned in my goalsheet.

    And still expecting me to work in TCS is a _________ . Just waiting to snatch my apprisal letter & leave TCS ASAP.

  12. Good move man..After having managers like Naresh,Velraj in AIG its a great thing you survived so long.Congrats on your next move

  13. I used to write by name Anand here when i was in TCS till Mar 2010. then i too got a 60% hike and i decided to move. Reasons were not that i was sick of TCS the brand or watever its macro level policies but the sheer amt of work pressure (the more u do the more work u get – as if its a punishment for giving 110%) & neglect towards the mismanaging middle level management inspite of clear signs and its effects on the project and process.
    Anyways one thing i needed to ask to u Mr.Dexter, its good we got 60 % hike but all adviced me against leaving the company in march as all are expecting REAL good hike + the balance VA increment from my promotion in october 09. was i right?

  14. I have never met anyone, but even a single person that is not happy on leaving TCS. As a college professor I met like 500 students a year, and as the big company TCS is here in Uruguay, something like 40 of them are ex-TCSers. None of them, by now around 150 or 180, are unhappy or got a worst job than TCS.

    The problem is not TCS itself, neither the proyects. The problem is that they talk to you as a stupid, robotic person. Also, pay is worst than in other companies.

  15. I am having around 5 years exp. Is it worth joiing TCS with the designation as ITA for the offer of 7.2 Lac?.

  16. I am having around 5 years exp. Is it worth joiing TCS with the designation as ITA for the offer of 7.2 Lac??

    1. Go ahead and join it man. TCS pays a good package to lateral joinees but be aware of the fact that after completing a year, it will be less than 7 lacs. Yes, you heard it rightly………in TCS your salary decreases after confirmation (1 year).

      I am also an ITA with 5+ years of exp. I am getting 6.5 I joined 2 years back with a package of 6

  17. Hi man,

    It is good to hear that you are leaving pathetic company. Currently I am in US on a project, my stupid supervisor wants us to work this Sunday. I did not mention Saturday, for it is already being in practice…

    The same manager talks like a big bull in Townhall meetings, about Ethical and moral things…Shit…

  18. Hi,

    I am working with TCS for the past 3 years,I got an offer from Oracle corporation but my current PM initiated L1 VISA to me,I haven’t been told if there is any immediate position at onsite.Please suggest me if it is better to join Oracle with 7 laksh package.My current CTC is 4.5


  19. Arun,
    It depends on your priority – career or Money.
    In TCS, inititiating a VISA and landing at Onsite are at two dofferent ends…Initiating a VISA doesnt ensure that you will go to onsite. There are different issues on the way…talk to your supervisor straight away and discuss with Visa cell team reg the salary and perks…as get thinhs clear …as what you get in hand at onsite …then decide yourself. Getting a onsite exposure ia always good.
    If iam in your position, and if the job in Oracle is what i want…I would have joined Oracle.
    BTW..iam a 6.5 years exp guy working for the past 5 years in TCS….planning to leave soon.

  20. Arun, How did u get into Oracle..what are your skill sets…Can you give the details….Jobsites/Recruitment firms/Contacts?..Alao you exp there if you have joined.

  21. RealTCSer,


    FedupTCSEr ,

    I am an Oracle DBA with 3.9 years of experience and they got my resume from monster.I haven’t joined Oracle as an onsite oppurtunity was provided here in TCS.

  22. i heard tcs is a good company with onsite opportunities than any other company.
    so if a person is getting onsite than why will he switch here in india.. becoz onsite pay is much more than here even after switch to other company.. wat say people?

  23. Hi,

    I am planning to quit as i got an offer with 65% hike but in a smaller organisation.

    So should I go ahead with new joining or do i wait for q4 results as only 1 month left and good hike is expected… I got B band last year and it is expected C band. So variable pay will decrease but due to annual hike may be i will get more demand in market after one month.

    Please give your views.

  24. Hi,

    Better to Leave this stupid Orginization who don’t care about Employees. It’s a Shame on Tata. Stupid Company, Stupid Policy.

    I am handling a A/c, but still know how we run the employees. just playing a game with there carieer.

    Srry to be here.

  25. Hi,

    I am having 5+ years exp. Is it worth joiing TCS with the designation as ITA for the offer of 7 Lac??
    Also how much package can i expect after my confirmation in TCS? will it decrease or increase?

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